Dawn of Heroes (WIP) (Updated 06/17/24)

I found a funny short video on Youtube. Does anyone wants me to post the link to watch it?

I dunno i like feminine costume and those already in the story, like gowns and robes.

If I am suggesting something it will be like, Breastplate and armored skirt.


I’ll admit, I didn’t consider that.


Something like Wonder Woman? With the Greek style breastplate and Pteruges?


More like this

Without the pauldrons and cape.

Well wonder woman also cool concept but longer skirt maybe.


What, you don’t like the Pteruges being functionally useless because they don’t even cover the area they were designed to cover? :joy:


Well true that, it’s adds more complication and the armor since it will be MC that made the costume I doubt it will be as durable as wonder woman armor, at least with breastplate and armored skirt it’s still plate of metal armor and easily made or brought like cosplay shop or something, since MC do have many different background choice it’s still make sense and quite stylish.


I have maximum super strength and durability (and immovable) so this fight should have been light work. The bullets shouldn’t have even pierced the skin.


This points out something that I have found interesting with my community of players. It is a lesson that I have been reflecting on and I hope to address this soon which is: reader expectations because of tropes vs my applications of powers.

In this case you have maxed out toughness and based on that logic you should have bullet proof skin. However, I don’t define 100 toughness as bulletproof skin. At 50 toughness I do allow for the bones to become bulletproof because they are naturally made of tougher material. It would be closer to compare someone with 50+ toughness to wolverine. His skin can still be pierced. With the application of metal or stone skin or defenses (like armor) you MC can become bulletproof against conventional firearms like you’re expecting. The logic in that is that lifting the toughness increases the durability of everything, but its the toughest parts (like bone or stone/metal skin) that should first get that advantage.

In Chapter 14 were you warned that the main character wasn’t invulnerable by Huginn? I think I added a line saying that your skinn wasn’t bullet proof.

I can understand why someone would look at 100 and think bullet proof skin and it is in my failure to anticipate this that this issues keeps surfacing. A hubris of mine to expect people to understand my logic in things without explanation and to adjust to the thought of not all powers will work how pop culture defines them. I have a unique way to approach some powers riding a line between pop culture and personal twists. I think a lot of people think that 100 means the best there can be, but it is not the peek of the character, just the peek of this story.

There are a couple reasons why skin is not bulletproof in this story. I wanted to make sure there is room for powers to grow and making skin naturally bulletproof is a good goal to work towards. It makes it so it’ll go beyond simply saying “the MC can take a harder hit”. I am also wanting to allow for some things to still be a threat to some powers. It helps make stone and metal skin stand out as being more than an esthetic choice. There is a balance of strengths and flaws to those two modifiers. In future stories I will expand toughness to allow for bulletproof skin without the use of metal or stone skin.

I am hoping to fix some of this confusion in one of the next two updates. I plan to enter a spot in the story where the main character details the limits of their powers. One of the reasons I didn’t do this sooner is because the MC is still learning their limits. It doesn’t make sense for them to detail those limits when they should still be finding them out. This is why for the longest time before Chapter 13, I would have the main character still avoid bullets even if the character was bulletproof: they don’t know if the bullets would hurt them yet. The main reason the main character now has options to show off being bulletproof earlier is because of reader feedback, even though I feel it breaks the metaknowledge that the MC should have at the time.


I don’t remember seeing that, no, but I might have just missed it.

I understand your reasoning about having the powers grow overtime, and it makes sense. I’ll admit that I was hoping to be a god that trounces everyone like Superman, but that’s clearly not what your vision for this game is (I’ve always wanted to play a superhero game where that scene from JLU where Batman is just “stalling” long enough for Superman to get there plays out, and I roll in and wipe the floor with plebs).

So it’s definitely a misunderstanding on my part about what the powers actually do. Some of it is me wanting to be Superman, some of it is also that there are so many powers and it’s hard to keep track of which ones do what to what level.

That all being said, it feels like the toughness and super strength, in particular, have a hard time translating into the moment to moment and plot sometimes. There are inconsistencies between what I’m able to tank like it’s nothing and what floors me, and similar inconsistencies between what I’m able to punch through and what stops me in my tracks.

My immediate assumption, is that there are simply too many powers, and therefore variables, to keep track of to make sure every power gets used to the amount we would like, and that everything remains consistent.

I’m interested to know what powers people choose and how well they feel like they are represented in the events of the game (according to your specific interpretations).


To be fair there can be power inconsistencies with how strong a character like Superman or a character who heals extremely fast like Deadpool or Wolverine is that is a fact of comics writers and readers translate things to mean different ways regarding powers and strengths doubly so when several powers are in a story like this IF even. I applaud how well the author has written this story it is really good and I can’t wait to see how the next part goes.


You will love this https://dashingdon.com/go/16457

You have complete set of superman powers and they actually appear consistently throughout the story. Like being durable enough to shrug off bullets, flying when you want to go to places, hear ambush from afar. These are not even choices, but something that automatically happens if you choose superman powers. The author actually wrote a route just for superman mc which is very rare in superhero IF.


Very true. It doesn’t help that Superman is so powerful and has so many powers that comic writers constantly have to wrack their brains just for ways to give him an actual challenge lmao. They guy is just so OP.



Weird I never think my MC as Invincible, I think fight on the ship do imply that while MC is powerful there is a limit of what they can do, like point blank shot it’s actually bypass the MC’s forcefield which okay this make sense.


I guess in second book the highest stat limit will become 200

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I would love to write this type of moment from both perspectives, once we get to that type of power set.

Yeah, I’m going to shove the blame of this at different periods of writing for this game. I have been trying to fix things as they are pointed out but I guess I’m still missing things.

This is a cut down version of the powersets I had before.

I feel sensory powers is what I struggle with the most. Often when I do remember, they don’t ammount to much more than a little more insight into things.

I feel the best way to write a challenging Superman story is to make it his morals that are being tested, not his powers. This is a universal way to challenge all heroes. The real issue is that in an IF the player decides the morals and can be as consistent as they wish to me. That makes it a bit harder to write a moral quandary. This is why I have and will continue to try to write trolley problems into my story. In my opinion it is the best way to challenge the morality of the MC and reader.

Should Spider-Man save MJ or the train car full of people? I actually did this in Chapter 13 until someone pointed out that the MC should be able to do both given their speed and they were right. There will be future trolley problems that’ll take that into consideration.

:smile: I’m glad that you agree with this! I wasn’t sure how many readers would. More so since I imply that the forcefield is air tight, so it can’t always be on either because the MC would suffocate.

Actually Part 2 will follow this MC’s sidekick and how the sidekick gains their powers. Part 3 will follow both this MC and the Sidekick.

I’m not fully decided where the cap will be for Part 3. At this time I am leaning to 300 but this is subject to change. This would allow for these greater feats everyone is craving.


Sensory could be more than just that, could also hearing hostage heartbeat, bad guy footsteps or locating children faster on the ship change the result to save some since there is only one MC and there is multiple container.

It could also be used for investigation, eavesdrop conversation, if the sense is acute enough could add into MC battle ability like clicking trigger of the gun or could be used to spot weakness in structure or armor, echolocation could maintain combat awareness while MC is not having visual, super vision could spot fingerprint, etc, there is plenty application for that power, in the story probably could be useful to gain advantage when fighting the masked mercenary.


“He has done a number on groups before.” Winston says before breathing in a fag. “That is one of the reasons we are carrying these big guns with us. If he shows up, we should manage better.”
I think it should be fog.

This will be changed in my next update, I fixed this in my copies about three weeks ago. This is my ignorance showing: I thought fag was a French slang for cigarettes (keep in mine the perspective is from a Frenchman), turns out it is a UK slang. I apologize.