Dawn of Heroes (WIP) (Updated 06/17/24)

Welcome to Dawn of Heroes!

This IF follows a Main Character that always wanted to be a superhero in a world without superpowers. Then one day they get their wish. This is a work in progress and characters, events, and full chapters are still subject to change.

Currently the demo about 92% done, 24 Chapters in, with a total word count for the demo is around 392k so far.

While Moody is transferring over to new ownership I have uploaded the demo back on DashinDon. I’m not sure how well it’ll run. I moved to Moody because of an error that would keep coming up that did not happen with Moody. Lets find out if the error is happening with my current version of the game. Desperate times for us all.

Dawn of Heroes (might have errors): DashingDon v4.09
Working COGDemos/Moody Link: CogDemos/Moody V4.09

Earth. Modern Day. The world continues to view superheroes as comic book or movie characters. The abilities of those extraordinary individuals are not possible in this universe. This will soon change. A story is about to begin as someone steps forward to inspire this dawn of heroes. All heroes have a beginning. This one begins in Ryker City. A small city with a big town mentality. Select your character’s gender, sexuality, profession, and powers. Start a romance, or not. Save a city or fail to. The choices are yours; the consequences are impactful. Welcome to the Dawn of Heroes.

New Demo Changes (06/17/2024):

  • Added Chapter 24

  • Fixed Reported bugs


Note: Romance options (that are not work romances) are not limited to a given route. It is possible to romance any of the heroes outside of their respective route. Their route will give more insight and make things easier. Some come with bonuses when romancing, but it is not required.

The Team
  • Aegis: Superheroine that is strong, tough, and fast. She believes that heroes need to stand as examples for the rest of humanity. Romanceable for males.

  • Breaker: A street level vigilante with a costume that acts as a taser. She is searching for the last man to have seen her missing sister. Romanceable for females.

  • Camouflage: A cat burglar whose costume allows her to go invisible. She enjoys a good chase and finds the Main Character and their ideals interesting. Romanceable for all.

  • Genesis: A mage that is looking to prove themselves to the team and society. Romanceable for all.

  • Huginn: Breaker’s guy-in-the-chair (Voice with the Internet). Always looking out for his friend to make sure that she is safe and informed. Romanceable for males.

  • Kilchii Jacox: Police Officer with the Ryker City Police Department. He is a man of the law and is opposed to vigilante justice. Romanceable for all.

  • Lugh: A god from the Celtic Pantheon. With his trusty but blood thirsty spear the god is looking to find out why he has returned to the realm of mortals. Romanceable for females.

  • Rowen O’Reilly: A billionaire that brings the team together in hopes of making a better and safer city.

  • Antiquity: A woman looking to recover a magical artifact and will do whatever it takes to obtain it.

  • Dante: Second in charge of the Twelve Cycles. A main who values respect and keeping your word only after family.

  • Providence: A powered armor villain who is uniting the gangs for an unknown goal.

  • Pykrete: Leader of the Ninth Street Angels. A superhuman with superhuman strength and toughness. Has control of fire or ice depending on skill color.

  • Santa Muerte: Dante’s bodyguard and assassin. A woman of few words but highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

  • Sight: Twin to Sound. A villainess that has control over people’s sight.

  • Sound: Twin to Sight. She can control what people are able to hear.

  • Torque: A speedster working for Providence.

Other Important Characters
  • Malcolm Schwartz: CEO of Unified Industry Standards LLC. A businessman and technical genius in robotics.
  • Valentina/Valentin: CCO of Global Energy Management Solutions. Romanceable for all.

  • Kyra: Female lawyer to Global Energy Management Solutions. Romanceable for all.

  • Aurora/Austin: IT helpdesk tech of Global Energy Management Solutions. Romanceable for all.

  • Kyra: Female lawyer to Global Energy Management Solutions. Romanceable for all.

Factory Worker
  • Ya-han/Yeong-Gi: A spirited coworker who has dreamed to work with airplanes. Prone to let their curiosity led to rash actions. Romanceable for all.

  • Vinny: A father-like coworker who is always looking out for others.

  • Sai: A coworker that is into conspiracy theories.

Original Demo

The original Demo is here: https://dashingdon.com/go/8607

Deadlink(s) kept for tracking clicks

Demo Link is Down: https://moody.ink/go/2810

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• a save system is always useful.
• could we get a list of names for the MC to choose from?
• the bisexual option being “dating a man and woman at the same time” seems stereotypical.
• I prefer a second person POV to a first person POV in interactive fiction, but that’s just my preference
• the power selection is confusing. What are sensory powers? “Miscalanious” ones (assuming you meant miscellaneous)?
• the chapters are quite short, I’d consider merging some of them - in many of them, there seems to be no motivation for the chapter to end.
• it would be nice to have more options for customising the costume - a monochrome version? A glittery one? A shining one? Who’s going to stop a superhero?
• just to make things cleaner, I’d end each choice with a full stop.


Question, may you please add a description of each stat please? I have no idea what Shrewd is or does.


Sounds interesting, I have some questions

In the future, will there be character customization? Hair… Eyes… Or customize clothing or armor?

Will I be able to be a hero, villain or anti-hero? Will I be able to be a powerless person, but a very smart or strategic person? (Example batman or iron man)


Generally, what kind of enemies do we face? (No need for spoiler)

Sounds interesting so far

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  • Save system fixed! Sorry about that.
  • Yes, I wanted to add that. I will make sure to do it by days end.
  • I think you’re right, I will change the wording on this. Thank you for the feedback!
  • I can understand the power creation system being confusing. I will try to add more explanations and break everything down better.
  • I will consider merging chapters and do better on motivations.
  • I definitely want to add more options for the costume! I may even overhaul that section in the future.
  • Thank you for all your feedback!

Yes, I do plan to implement character physical customization including adding more options for the actual hero outfit.

There is no option for being a villain. I find it requires reworking too much and would take away from the story. However, Hero and Anti-hero options will be in. I will try to add that to the description of the story.

If you are powerless or not is up to you. Explore the game/story with the character that you are wanting. That’s why there is not point-buy system, I was just wanting people to have fun with the character they want as the lead.


It will start with small generic powerless bad guys. As the story progresses you will start to interact with super powered individuals, not all criminals, but many opposed to the main character.


Do we get to make our gadgets if we go down the tech route?

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At this time the plan is to be handed devices. I’m not against creating them, I just need to figure out a good way of implementing it.

I updated the demo with name options.


And apart from villains, will there also be evil organizations? (it does not matter if it is headed by an individual with power or not)


Well if the job we work at actually pays us we could use the money to buy components to make gadgets and weapons and your stats can help decide if you fail or not while trying to make a device I got the idea from hero or villain Genesis maybe you should look up his code it could help give you ideas if you want to I forgot the name of the guy who made the game sorry about that.


One more thing I forgot to tell you if you do decide to go down the handing devices Route make sure that this person has the clout to give me these gadgets because I don’t know about you but I’m not putting my life on the line bye using gadgets made from some guys basement workshop unless it’s my basement workshop because if my gadgets fail then at least I could say it’s my fault Plus I think it might be a waste of the technical skills we seem to have.

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I have placed a definition section in the stats screen.

I don’t want get into spoilers, but there is an organization, you will have to figure out if you would call it “evil”.


havent finished it yet but found this

found another one

My hero! Fixed.

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Okay the armored hero path surprised me.

I was thinking a Guyver / Blue Beetle sort of thing. No mention of growing an exoskeleton.

Was the idea something like Unbreakable, a character with enhanced resistance to injury?

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I can’t seem to go beyond the power selection for the customization route. Have you not gotten to that part yet, or is there some issue here?

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Armored Hero? The only premade route with an exoskeleton was the tech device route, no natural powers. The exoskeleton is part of a power armor, not natural. I’ll try to better convey that.

To exit the custom powers menu select the option “Done With Powers”. This is on the main menu, the screen that lists the different powers types (Offensive, Movement, etc.)