Dawn of Heroes (WIP) (Updated 05/10/24)

I need help please. How do I fight at the docks and not on the ship?

I think you have to lose with Santa Muerte.

If fighting at the docks, who is the MC fighting with?

I’m starting to feel like this WIP needs a FAQ or Walkthrough…

Don’t fly, don’t have Combat Instincts, and you’ll have a fair shot of showing up on the docks.

Assuming you fight anyone (as there is a way to skip the fights), the same person as on the ship. However, it is a different fight, different heroes to help.

Definitely. Now that I think about it, it’s a little surprising that most IF games doesn’t have FAQ or Walkthroughs.

FAQ I can see, but walkthroughs might decrease the number of bugs caught (or just the amount of feedback on different branches), if everyone starts picking the same choices, thus nobody tests the more obscure (or just the failed-the-check) paths.