Dawn of Heroes (WIP) (Updated 05/10/24)

No I just read it, it’s complete but on another topic,when camouflage kicks behind our leg why do we go down if we have maxed out tough skin cause she doesn’t seem like someone who has nothing more than slightly above human level strength.
Also is it just mind reading that the mc can have because they address the dude that tried mind controlling lugh like they’ve tried mind controlling lugh before but weren’t allowed

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At some point we can talk with Lugh about his spear. He than say that he comunicate with it telepathicly. And that he fight it bloodlust. Somewhere in that sceene MC muses that he understands why he couldn’t read his mind. We didn’t try to control only read. In the last fight mindcontroller tried to do it and got a headache. Than we can go back to that moment and muse a bit more wondering that if we tried to read deeper we also could get a a headache.

I’m assuming you mean that all of the chapters are now showing?

The back of the knee tends to be a weak spot for most people, though I might change that text if the MC has the hard to move modification.

Yes, it is only surface level mind reading, for now. Mind control is simply too powerful for me to allow the MC to have.

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There will be more that comes up about Lugh and his spear as the story continues, but no the MC will not directly ask questions about it by the end of this story. If there is a good opportunity to bring it up, I’ll do that.

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Sorry i’m writing on the phone which is not realy comfortable.

I remember talking to Lugh on the ship but maybe it was in the older version.

And thanks for the welcome im long time lurker.

Yh and thanks

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Moody is dead. Technically, Dashingdon is dead too. But Dashingdon actually works and allows the author to add saves.

There’s currently a very lovely user working on recreating Dashingdon’s sites (that’s the guy’s name as well, who ran both dash and moody) but that’s a work in progress currently.


I have a quick question.

Is the MC able to find/make/use a sword?

I’m making a Eldritch Knight style character and I have been unable to find a sword. Am I stat blocked from it or something?

I found it a little odd that you can have a knight style superhero costume but no sword.

It’s perfectly ok if not, I was just wondering if I was missing something.


Weapons were in the old demo but they’re not in the new demo currently. Dvalor is considering bringing back weapons again in the future, which is starting to seem like a high possibility. The only problem with them (at least as far as I know) is Dvalor is wondering how to factor in ranged weapons since if they only added in guns then they would’ve went with unlimited ammo but they’re thinking on adding bows too and they want the ammunition for those to make sense.

You are not missing anything. As Zarkrai explained weapons are in the older demo, but I decided to cut back on options as I worked on the demo so for now they are gone. I might bring them back, but if I do it’ll be later as I need to adjust a few things to make them work properly. The costumes are almost place holders right now, so I might remove that one until a point that weapons would be introduced, if it happens.


I came back and the story is still a mess, so many powers didn’t appear and it’s understandable since we are still in the first book. But what could have been done is to slowly introduce the mc gaining powers as the story goes by and not cram it all at beginning where we are supposed to be weaker, because so many things that happened to the plot could have been avoided if the mc’s powers actually work.


I’m sorry to hear that you did not enjoy the story.

Which powers have not appeared in the story? Examples could always be useful. :slight_smile:

:thinking: Yes, while I can see the appeal to that I had two issues with that approach.

The first is that with so many power options, writing the introduction of each power would be rather time consuming (in story let alone the time it would take to write). The thought of plotting out story to happen as powers develop for the first time and trying to make sure to give opportunity for every power I think would be a nightmare. If I had set powers or a much smaller pool, that sounds feesable.

The second reason is for some elements of the story to work for me, I really felt like a time jump was needed for set up and wanted to get right into things. My original demo moved slower, but it felt like it moved too slow.

What do you feel the powers should have been able to fix that they did not?

Thank you for the feedback! I continue to look to improve this game.


Why does an MC with max Durability have to hide from bullets?

If you have a custom costume of alloy or etc, you automatically get the option to be in direct vicinity of bullet fire.


When is this?

When on the first Breaker mission and on the supermarket robbery mission with Lugh and Genesis. A max Durability MC hides from the bullets someway, but a custom alloy, custom costume, etc hero goes straight through.


Ah, that is because max toughness does not give bulletproof skin, just bullet proof bones. Skin and internal orgins are still a risk for damage. I had thought I explained it at some point, but I will work on explaining that better. Metal or stone skin with enough defense would allow for this same reaction as the bulletproof armor.

Bulletproof skin in something I plan on including in a later story. I can understand the frustration, but am looking to give some powers room to grow.


Thats nice.I make my character like Superman. It feels great that his powers get stronger over time.



Do you have any plans to take your newer demo back over to Dashingdon to allows saves until the next iteration comes along?

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Dashing done and Moody both use an outdated version of CS. DashingDon’s is an even older version than Moody’s. Because of this the new demo does not work on it. After getting several chapters in it’ll give you an error that would require me to change my code to get it to work.

So no, I’ll not be moving it back to DashingDon.


That’s too bad, but understandable. No worries.

Just keep in mind that both are dying. Dashingdon “just works” while Moody will randomly kill people’s accounts (logging in will give an error that can’t be fixed). I had to make a new account using my second email and it works for now, but my original account was murdered. Also, no password resets. If ya forget it, its gone.

But at the end of the day, both are going to be replaced.

Just keep it in mind! :slight_smile: