Dawn of Heroes (WIP) (Updated 05/10/24)

Nahhhhhh if that’s true that’s nasty work :sob:

I think I get the meaning now since I never heard of “glazing” before. Were you confusing me for Dvalor? At least that’s what I’m understanding from thinking about your reply again.

They’re reading into the fact you said you created multiple profiles as you saying you are dvalor and you created multiple accounts to hype up the game

That’s stupid when you can just scroll up and look at my replies to multiple topics! Especially when some of the replies were to Dvalor!

Thank you very much. I look forward to sharing the remaining chapters soon. As Zarkrai was explaining, the old demo had more options, but it simply became too much for me to try to juggle. However, there are some real flaws in the flow of the original demo’s story, so I’m not saying you should read it.

The Moody website allows for saves if you register and are logged into the website. Unfortunitely I have no control over that.


@Dvalor53 missing tech

Doesn’t make much sense either the chica is ash(very much dead) or just charred…
@Dvalor53 this shouldn’t be possible if I got a helmet on.

Tech has moved from being a skill that is measured like the others to something closer to Martial Arts, you either have it or you don’t. I will see if I can find another way to implement this. :thinking: Or maybe a way to show that something was infact aquired.

The sentence is meant to be hyperbolic, but I can see what I can do. Thank you for your feedback.


Yeah sure… But it must be a coincidence that both of you bear the same name…

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How do we bear the same name?


Gmail? It literally puts your actual name by your replies and both of you have the same name, I am not referring to the common username everyone sees when they look at your messages

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You can take it up with the moderators or admins or whatever if you want. I’m not Dvalor. Idk why you keep insisting on that. Just don’t blame me when it’s found out how wrong you were later on. Cause this is kind of a serious accusations you’re making right now.


My bad if you say so.
Maybe your messages were put together, which made me assume that.

The way I get the e-mail notifications, is that the messages in the same forum topic get grouped, and while the separate messages name only that specific message’s writer, the group (thread? Chain? Anyway, the part in your inbox that shows the group) lists them all.

(Also, it seems to me it’s using the “Name” field of user profile which, although not the same as username, is equally publicly visible. You’ll just need to open the user’s profile to see it. It doesn’t show whatever is the name on your e-mail account. Since the sender is the forum - you can see that if you check the actual sender’s address - and not the user’s e-mail service, it would be really weird if used the e-mail’s name. It would be even weirder if it showed your actual name if it’s not what you’re using on forum or e-mail, which is a perfectly plausible scenario. Could depend on what you use as login I suppose, but that’s another story.)


Hello everyone!

Another month is coming to a close so I thought I’d post about progress over the last month and my plans for the future. I have written more for Chapter 18 and have decided to add an additional chapter that will be inserted after Chapter 20. This means the new Chapter count will go up to Chapter 26 (or Chapter 27 if you have a date night).

This new Chapter 21 is almost done and once it is done I will set up to update the demo with the new content. This next update is still probably a half a month away but should include all of the romance options into the demo. While there is not as much romance as I was hoping for, I feel if I include more it would be forced. I have to remond myself that this is not a romance story, RO are subplots.

Once this Chapter has been writen I will be waiting on feedback before I make corrections. I’m not sure that it has been stated here, but I hired someone close to me to edit my work. Suprise I have an editor! I hired them a couple of months ago, but because of things happening in their personal life edits have been very slow. I will start to enter these edits once they get further along, but in the mean time it will become a waiting game. Once I am done with the edits I think it will finally be time to submit this game!

This means I will be working on artwork more soon and start taking in suggestions for small additions to the game (like different costumes), but I’m not ready to take that feedback yet. I’ll still continue to release content about once a month for a little bit while waiting for the edits to be finished. I’ll probably keep it up for a little bit before submitting it.

Until next month!

March Month end update
Still working on:

  • Adding a new Chapter 21
  • Reintroducing Romances

Thats what Im waiting on to go thru again, ROs.

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I have updated the demo to version 4.07. If it is not showing v4.07 please refresh your cache.

New Demo update (04/14/2024):

  • Added Lugh and Jacox scenes.
  • Added Chapter 21 and 22
  • Fixed Reported bugs

Not sure if anyone has mentioned it but at the start of chapter 1 you shifted from 2nd to 1st person after the opening paragraph.


Mine is showing 4.07 but saying that you have only updated to chapter 21,is that true or lack of update on the amount of chapters written

I can’t save

No, there should be 22 Chapters. Is it giving an error message?

That is the site, I do not have control of that, sorry.

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