Dawn of Heroes (WIP) (Updated 05/10/24)

Thanks for considering it,and I would say you could phrase it similarly to how strength is. Like maybe you could phrase it as the mc being able to only be able to handle up to only one grenade explosion or what you want to phrase it as.

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Well that gets a bit gray too. Like what does more damage: a grenade, a flame thrower, or a bullet? To me it depends on the defense. They are designed to do damage in different ways and thus require different defenses, so if I say “they can take a grenade” do you think people would be upset if an armor piecing round hurts them? Or if a flame thrower hurts them? Or what about being electrocuted?

I might be over thinking this, but sometimes I feel the media makes people under think and lump things together.


If you choose to save Aegis, do they address your broken hand as you wake up, or does regeneration make it seem as if it didn’t happen at all?

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By the time the MC wakes up in Chapter 14, it has been attended to. However this does bring up that I almost never meantion injuries in the actual story. It is completely possible to keep some injuries for about half of the story depending on what Modifications you have, some of them increase recovery time for injuries. I should probably meantion them from time to time.

I should probably


So I noticed that you can pick a bodysuit and cape as an outfit option, but if you try to customize further, there is no option to pick a bodysuit. I’m trying to go for a “superman with a hood and cool mask” look. Is there a way to add that back in? How would you do that? Have it in just the chest? Both chest and legs?

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Trying to help pull the police officer from the window.

It says it is equal to 20? So (P1Strength/20) + 1 = 20

(P1Strength/20) + 1 = 20

P1Strength/20 = 19

P1Strength = 380

100 is the cap. Are you modifying the stats? That will at times break the game.


Shockingly, no. I mess with published games all the time through steam, but I don’t know how to do that with WIPs. No, what I did was maximize my strength at every opportunity in the beginning so I could be super muscular, then I maxed out my super strength and toughness in the power selection. I guess that combo just put it over the edge or something.

Has Breaker’s route yet to be implemented?

Dvalor is currently working on that one. Patience.

Just asking because I wasn’t sure which routes were implemented, thanks.

Interseting. If you have a save file with that and could send it to me, that might help.

No, that can’t push it higher than 100. I couldn’t tell you how many times I did the math on that.

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I’m not sure how to send you a save file from Moody, but I took some screenshots.

It looks like most of my stats are above 100. :person_shrugging:

I have finally been able to reproduce it! The issue is from Moody’s save system. I notice it with Slot 2, I’m not sure if the others were having the same issue in that slot number or different slots.

And just for the laughs of how strong this actually is:


I have placed a hotfix to fight against that glitch with the Moody save system. While it will not stop the inflating numbers, I hope that it will stop it from going over 100s and stop breaking the game.


I came across this if a couple days ago and I gotta say I love it. The sheer amount of choices when it comes to powers, the well-written characters, the mc themselves, and the great, great the action scenes…All in all, good work!


I think you should try out the original demo before you start talking about the “amount of choices in powers” part. But you’re right. It’s still a great game in my opinion. I wouldn’t have made all of those profiles if I didn’t like it that much. Actually this is the only IF games where I made profiles now that I think about it…


i have a question how can i save the game? i played the game like 3 times and each time i finish like 8 to 9 chapters i do something else and i exit but the game restart me is there an option to keep my progress?

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You have to make an account on moody to unlock the save/load option.


What are you talking about?

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