Dawn of Heroes (WIP) (Updated 05/10/24)

I noticed that even though I picked swinging as my movement power I never actually got a choice that allowed me to use it.

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Still trying to figure how to update my first post. In the mean time:

10.22 Week’s end update

  • Added a save system
  • Updated wording for sexual preference
  • Fixed reported spelling errors
  • Added a 'This is the end of the demo" page
  • Added attribute and skill descriptions to the Show Stats Menu
  • Fix reported gender swap error(s)
  • Added\Requires text for Flight with Requires Earth flaw
  • Fixed Line of Sight appearing as an option on wrong powers bug

Thank you letting me know! This power was added not too much earlier than me posting the demo, so I did not get to placing this in the options. I’ll try to get that updated by next week’s end.


I really cant wait to see how this story unfolds, Im a huge fan of stories such as Hero or Villan, Hero Project, and Fallen Hero: Rebirth. My biggest question so far is if you plan on having limits on players powers for the story or is it up to us? I haven’t yet gotten to reading whats out yet, but will check it out when I have time for sure. Keep up the great work bruv!


Ah ok is that there is also the possibility that the original phenomenon of the powers is explained thanks to something particular that exists in the area either within the natural environment or something particular that the city possesses unlike others in its state or the entire country. If you are curious what possibilities there may be. Talk to me in a private chat to avoid possible spoilers to the rest of your followers.

I have no plans to change any limits on powers. What limits are there now are set to stay. Now when/if I get comfortable with achievements, I may reward for X many flaws or lower SHR completion runs. Otherwise I want readers to enjoy the lead character they want to read. Some people like all powerful, others enjoy the rise of an under dog.

I know exactly what caused it. :slightly_smiling_face: That reveal I will not speak of, but hints will drop in coming chapters.


Hi, yeah will soon get those screen shots was busy with college exams lol. Anyway for…

Yes descriptions on powers it’s capabilities and limitations eg. Lightning elemental: You can create, shape, and manipulate electricity a form of energy resulting from the movement of charged particles.
You can transform into electricity or create minions and weapons of it. You can even generate electricity from yourself. The possibilities are endless. You can even manipulate the weather and create thunderstorms.
Like this a bit more in depth so we know what type of limits or type of Electricity Manipulation it is.

As for what I like most I guess the characters so far the story line most definitely and well the choice for what are character does as well as the choice in what our abilities are, most certainly.

Ok this is understandable then, I guess if that is the reason. Then you should probably keep it as is and only merge chapters once the book goes towards beta testing when you are nearly done with the book.


Repeated lines.

Here I believe it should be: The panic that welled up in me was enough to get my blood pumping and I turned tail back out from where I came.

And here I believe you mean vulnerable. Not venerable.
If I find more I’ll post it.
Also side question if we have mind reading ability shouldn’t we be able to read the kidnappers from the restaurant scenes minds? Or pretty much anyone we talk to really?

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Ive heard a lot about Guyver on this thread. As you can tell by my picture icon, im a fan of Guyver. Will there be an option to get Armour like that in this WIP?

Thank you for spotting all of these, I should have them fixed by week’s end. I greatly appreciate the spot check and report.

Oh boy, Mind Read. This power I am not sure how much I want in the game. It has the potential to break most surprises/plot twists. I felt like mental powers were rather lacking after I took mind control and precognition out of the power sets (because seriously that type of power needs a game to it self). Sure there is telekinesis, but with mind reading that is only two mental powers.

Yes, it should work. Mind reading is a power that will need its own time and dedication to add things to. Right now, to avoid it from breaking too much, I plan to have it do no better than surface thoughts, you can not go searching. However the best way to advance such a power later would be to allow digging and I’m not sure yet if I wish to pick up such a challenge.

I will see if I can add additional mind reading to scenes in the next two weeks.


I know next to nothing about Guyver, but if it is like Jamie’s Blue Beetle I have one major issue with its concept this early in the series: power origin. With how super powers and super natural abilities work, it functions in specific ways that are exploitable. Extra terrestrial is not an option at this point. I plan to leave aliens out of the story even for sequels. I have enough other material that it is not needed.

As stated earlier in the thread, if this game does well enough I will write a sequel(s). By that time I could see something like it maybe created on earth. Alternatively, I might be able to add something like it that as a magical artifact.

What aspects of Blue Beetle and Guyver would you be looking for? What about them is appealing?

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Specifically the way you can transform into your armor. You should be able to check out Guyver on YouTube.

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Will there be other ally to help us apart from the reporter, the police officer and the flying superhero?

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Not sure what this is meant to say or mean…

The should be he; He tries to defend himself…

And here since I’ve got the Force-Field shouldn’t it block something like this from happening since it has auto defend? Also the electric shock shouldn’t hurt if we can manipulate electricity(choose that power) we should be be able to absorb or at the very least be immune or highly resistant to it.
I’ll do a few more play throughs if I found more mistakes I’ll post them for you.

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This is a good game!

Here I believe it should be; if my luck will have it, it’ll be this one.
Or; if my luck will have it, this’ll be the one

her phone, just needs a space.

Might want to put a comma between “information I could, I started” to give a breath so it sounds more natural.
Also I’ve noticed with some powers don’t give stat boosts to characteristics like Enhanced Endurance, shouldn’t that increase our stamina and toughness? Not sure so yeah…

Is possible to give a bit more details about the powers?


Yes, there are several other allies. Chapter 9 is the introduction to several of them. Your choice at the beginning of the chapter will determine which one you interact with this early in the story, but you will meet most of them by the end no matter what. Some allies are other heroes, others are a bit more grounded like the officer and reporter.

I will try to provide a description to powers in future updates!


Thank you for reporting all of these, I should have most of them fixed by end of week!

Auto forcefield, you are right, you should be defended! Thank you for pointing it out. If it was anything else other than the auto-forcefield or a stone body the character is basically caught off guard before they can do anything. In order for a lighting controller to do anything they would have needed to know in advance that they were about to get shocked. If they are not able to move, they can not manipulate the force well enough within the limited time of this scene. I’ll add text for that before weeks end. Thank you again.


No problem, keep up the good work :grin: :+1:

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