Dawn of Heroes (WIP) (Updated 02/01/24)

You can’t say you won’t fight him… Its just no one is strong enough to kick you out of the ship… So you will fight him on the deck of the ship

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Hmm… This may be a bug, but I chose “My abilities come from practicing magic” and realised during the chapter3 scene with genesis that the “HasSpells” Boolean was false?


Thank you, it’ll be fixed in the next major update.

I have optics blast set as flaw but here it says energy gathers in palm.

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Nice wip,I like the variety of the powers,and aside from the short chapters and the powers not being used in some opportunities, it’s one I will be looking forward to each update.


Question,I get lugh being perceived to be supposedly stronger than the mc because he’s some type of god and gains powers from artifacts but why exactly is aegis stronger?
Was she given powers through a special way?
And compared to aegis and lugh, where does an mc with all powers and no flaws scale to them and do ranks matter in the checks against opponents cause I maxed out all my powers ranks and removes flaws yet it seems not to influence the characters effectiveness.

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I wish there was at least 1 save slot. The issue I have is sometimes my progress is forgotten by the browser and then Im stuck starting from scratch… basically, if I cant read it in one setting it needs at least 1 save slot.

On moody you have to sign in and then you get 3 save slots. It’s a bad system but it’s the one we have now

For the same reason that Superman is stronger than Wonder Woman (who is considered a warrior goddess), because Aegis is stronger. Not only is Lugh in a weakened state, but Aegis’ powers granted to her from the storm simply grant her that increased strength.

However it goes further than that. Lugh is a character that is restoring himself. Aegis is a character with all the power to help anyone and the sense of responsibility to do so, but not the desire. Her story and personal issues I feel work best when she is the most powerful. If enough others match or surpass her, it makes her internal turmoil not mean as much.

In this story? Lugh and Aegis will have overall better stats than the MC, when it comes to the basics. The MC can match their stats and in some cases have better stats, but for every stat that matches or rises above, another will not be as good. Later in the series there will be options to play a bigger power fantasy, if the reader so chooses. There is a trade off though, the MC has access to powers at the same time that other do not. Lugh and Aegis cannot use Telekinesis, Forcefield, or Mindreading. Aegis does not have a Blast, while Lugh does. Lugh cannot fly, while Aegis can.

Ranks lift statistics, so, yes they can make a major difference.

Moody has saves if you are logged in.

I’d disagree, a bad system would be no saves. 1-3 Saves is still an okay system to me.

It’s a bad system to me just because of how the saves work, you have to log in, you only have 3 save slots, you can’t name them, you can’t see if anything is in those slots, you can’t tell when they were created, I just don’t think it works anywhere near as well as Dashingdon’s save system, speaking purely from a user perspective.


It’s like asking why mc is stronger than breaker, camouflage, Genesis… She was awaken stronger… It’s as simple as that

Or using the phrase “We’re just built different” though Aegis and Lugh can also use that phrase.

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Basically. It’s just “she built different, storm blessed her, now she the strongest.”

So I have been thinking over slight improvements I could do to some systems to streamline them or make them easier for me to work with in the future. I had the thought of consolidating Strengths and Flaws in the character creation system and calling it: Modifiers.

A history lesion of this project: my power creation system is inspired by TTRPG called Hero System (for older TTRPG players it is AKA Champions). They had divided the modification of base powers into Advantages and Disadvantages (different terms in later additions). I kept the same theme and thought that it still worked given that I had a Super Hero Rank (SHR) which gave you a rough guess of hero strength for the longest time. This would tell you in advance if the modification would raise or lower the score.

Since I am not sure how I am doing that SHR at this time, I’m not sure how relevant it is to keep them seperated. I still like the idea of the SHR, but it is not my focus at the moment. Instead I find that keeping them separate starts throwing up red flags. Some people question why something is a flaw, when they see the benefits of it.

For example: Metal skin or Stone skin both sound like strengths and in some ways, they are, however they both have drawbacks too. Then there is the Strength Immovable, which has a drawback: sometimes it is better to be knocked away from an attack than to be able to take it without moving.

It is because some Strengths have drawbacks and some Flaws have advantages, I’m consider this change.

What are the thoughts on this?

  • Keep it as Strengths and Flaws
  • Combine them and call it Modifiers
  • Combine them, but find a different term
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What is lugh the God of? I know he’s a Celtic god but from googling it goes from God of power to God of skills to just a god lol.

He was a god of different things at different times. I’m using this vagueness to give him most all of his god types eventually. He is mainly known for being a god of skills, if I’m not mistaken. However he was also a Sun god, a Storm god, and a Healing god. He was a warrior and adventurer at the same time.

I don’t think the ancient Celts always looked at their gods like the Greeks or Egyptians: where there was something they had dominion over. However, I’m not a historian so I could be wrong about this. This is just the feel I get from looking up the Celtic gods.


Can you bring back the deeper explanation of stats(the one where they are related to real life scaling)?
Basically what you did for Cathy in the misc. stats.
I like how we can tell the actual weight we can carry and how fast we can move