Dawn of Heroes (WIP; Alpha Testing)

Oh look at that it is the last Friday of the month. In my head I have one more week. Sorry everyone! Lets get this end of Month Update started:

Hello everyone!

There was some solid forward momentum on things within the last month. I finished the new Chapter 11, did edits on the first three chapters of the IT route, wrote a Genesis route in Chapter 4, and started concepts on a new villain that will be introduced in the new Lugh route.

I also wrote changes to the end of Chapter 14 that better explain the very end of it. Most of that has been added to the alpha playthrough and hopefully I can get it out to everyone here soon.

For the public demo I am not sure if I should be updating it with the current highly limited power options or if I should hold off until I have all of the powers figured out, which is still a ways off. I might run a poll for that in the next few days.

There has also been some ideas and notes for my next project set within this world, but more on that when I start working on that project.

Until Next month!

May’s Month end update

  • Finished New Chapter 11
  • Finished Genesis Route for Chapter 4
  • Finished Genesis Route for Chapter 17
  • Rewrote/edited the first three IT route Chapters
  • Wrote a new end to Chapter 14

Still working on:

  • New Lugh Route
  • New Chapter 22
  • Mechanic Job Route
  • Chapter 25
  • Adding a glossary

Yeah, that’s what I thought too but she didn’t appear in either of the list; that’s why I didn’t save at the current demo end on that save and am gonna wait until that fixes since it might mess up in another way.

I didn’t know there were more power options. Can you tell me what they are or if not, at least how many would be in the public demo if the poll for it was decided on bringing those powers to the public demo? Also, I went to your Patreon page and saw those portraits of those heroes RO on the top of the page and they’re really good. I hope you plan on adding their portraits at some point?

Sorry for the misunderstanding, I should have better explained. In my alpha I have cut back on power options compared to the public demo. The point of it is to take my time in applying the powers into the narrative. There have been times when readers have pointed out missed opportunities for power usages and I’m hoping this approach will help counteract that. I am also reviewing powers to see what all there is to remove and what does not work for the story.

So when I was saying this I was more saying I did not know if I should wait to update once I figured out which powers I was keeping or if I should update the cut back version.

At this time I do not plan on adding portraits. The characters have changed their attire multiple times throughout the story and I have changed the looks of characters between edits of the story. Those images are self modified (I know a little Photoshop) AI generated art. I do hope to one day have the money to pay someone to render artwork on the various characters.

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It would be interesting if we get an option where we can make one of the work RO into a Hero/Vigilante either through a safe experiment that gives them powers or giving them some techs or suit for that.

So… Basically you want 'em to over complicate and clutter the already overly cluttered story.


I’m just greedy. We don’t get a lot of good Super Society games like this, so I’m just a little excited. Y’all don’t have to pay attention to most of the stuffs I say since I’m sure to most people it would just be dumb. Also, got a question for the author. Do you plan on adding any shapeshifting or pet based powers in the future? By pet based, I mean stuffs like taming an combat animal (though it could work as a optional ability outside of the main ones) or building your own drones if you’re tech based. Though I could see an AI option coming in the future to add to your Power Suit if someone wanted to be even more like Iron Man.

What is the story all about anyway?

I’m a little surprised that we have almost all the elemental abilities options that we can choose from but not Shadow for some reason.

Exactly the problem, when I played it the story was too much and with 5 Background choices that has a different substory it became too convoluted

As the saying goes less is more, still I liked certain characters and I can’t wait for the updated result

The Black Box in the Super Tech option. Is it talking about the type of black box like a program that you have installed somewhere on your suit/armor or is it talking about something different? Because every time I pick it, it always says that my character finds some amulet that contains the power instead of her inventing the black box. Is that a bug or something? Also, another question. If you wear standard full body armor, does that cover your whole character? Cause I get confused sometimes when I’m designing my outfit and I get to the final details like hoods, gloves, feet, etc, and I’m not sure if those clothing are going over my armor or under it.

There is a planned power armor hero. The career based RO are meant to be a part of the MCs life separate from their heroic life. While there are plans to mix them slightly going into the climax I do not plan to explore the two halves much until a later story.

This story will not explore those options, but I do have some plans for something shapeshifting-ish in the future. At this time I have too many powers to juggle. I do not plan on making drones available for the MC, there is another character that will already have that schtick.

I’m not against this, but that is a future story thing. I have no room in this story for that.

A person who always wanted to be a superhero getting the opportunity to be one. They then learn that being a hero comes with responsibilities and losses that go beyond their expectations.

Shadow is a very comic book ability for sure, but at this time I am reviewing every power to see how it fits and I already have a lot of them on my plate. Light actually has physical properties while shadows only do when magic is involved, so I did not include it initially. There are also other things inherit to shadow based abilities that I did not want to juggle with; this is a reason I removed gravity powers.

When someone tells me something is convoluted what they are saying is that it is too complicated and because of that it is confusing or hard to follow. I am confused on how 5 backgrounds make the story hard to follow. Would you be able to elaborate on how the backgrounds cause this? Or am I interpreting this wrong?

It might be a bug. I’m not sure if I am going to keep the black box. The only function it does is limit when the powers can be used within the story. It is basically a black box that temporarily grants abilities based on Clarke’s Third Law.

There are two layers to outfits. The armor layer and above that is the flair layer. Flair goes on top of the armor. The point of this is that it will allow me, if I take the time to add those details, to describe parts of the attire being destroyed or damaged.


I feel like the content I will be the most excited for in the future will be using and possibly upgrading my vehicles on my tech anti-heroes and upgrading my suit when I’m playing one of them. Whether it’s a Batman or Iron Man like playstyles. Can’t wait for those arm cannons and laser/plasma swords if they’re gonna be in there. And maybe adding more flair to my outfit on my characters like changing my mask to different types of masks or different types of helmets, getting an outfit that looks similar to Breaker’s suit whether in tech or appearance, changing my power armor appearance to an animal type with some additions or some options similar to the suit options from “Fallen Hero Rebirth” when designing it appearance-wise. I also want to ask the author two things. 1: During the Dock fight, how do I get to the scene where my character can help Breaker and Genesis fight Pykrete? and 2: What requirements are needed to have the option to choose a vehicle during the dock scene? I figured that you would need to not have flight and superspeed maybe. Let me know if I’m wrong about this.

  1. You need to be taken off the ship by Santa Muerte and then not be able to get back to the ship. So you can’t get saved or have flight or water powers that would allow you to just return.

  2. No flight, no teleportation. Superspeed is still allowed because there is still a vehicle that will give the MC flight.

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Because each of the backstories include subplot that is exclusive to the backstory and it made me confused on how this will impact the main story or is this just a side story.

Exactly this game already has a bunch of powers and characters to juggle, why do some people think “huh lets add more” like no sir.

All that does is make the author work more just for minor differences that don’t effect the story and themes.

This is why linear stories are pretty popular. Less is more after all

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One last question. What exactly is Sectional Robotic Exoskeleton? I tried looking up a exoskeleton and it looks kinda lame for someone like my anti-hero to use and idk what it means by “Sectional” in this catagory. It must not look like the robotic exoskeleton I saw on Google seeing as how I still have the option to add a helmet to it or not. Do you think you can post an image of what it’s supposed to look like by your standards? Along with how the power armor looks like is it similar to Iron Man in appearance or the ones in the Fallout series?

Something like in the movies District 9, Edge of Tomorrow or Elysium. That’s how I imagined it, but in the edge it is a little bit of you imagination.

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The Exoskeleton or the Power Armor? Or do you mean both somehow?

The exoskeleton.

The power armor does not have a default look.

If you pick grapple/swinging as a movement powers, left it as inherent and picked the grapple gun flaw option, does your character actually uses it like a grapple gun or do you have to change the power source to something else?