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Yes I have

Dashingdon is not letting me log in. I have submitted my email address to request a new password, and I am receiving nothing in my inbox. I have checked my spam folder. I’m at a loss.

You could contact @dashingdon here on the forums and see if that’ll help. Best of luck!

I’m having the same issue so it seems to be a site issue.

Calling @dashingdon so you know about the issue.

Please private message me here if you have a password issue and I will get it sorted out. Thanks


I can navigate to my game (Not Your Mother’s Shire) via direct link but not through the use of filter from the site directly. Is this normal and/or have I done something horribly wrong? Thanks! @dashingdon

Will the website store achievement progress between sessions?

One way to unlock additional content for future play throughs is to just conditions based on achievements, which won’t work for a WiP if achievement progress is not saved.

Um. I’ve tried to do a password reset and I never got the confirmation email. I’ve tried multiple times


You have to do this.


I’ve just encountered an interesting bug, DashingDon is not reading the first line of my scene files (I think just where that line is a command, specifically in my case, an *if). So, it’s skipping condition checks and printing text it shouldn’t do. Works fine (and as expected) in CSIDE.

Fixed it by just starting each scene on line 2.

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Interesting – I almost always start my scenes either with a *comment line or a *label line, so I never experienced this bug.


Same here.

I took a page out of A Study in Steampunk and have gotten into the habit of describing the contents of a scene file in my first few lines via *comment.


I always leave the first and last line empty. :joy: I carried that habit over from Python, which is also indentation sensitive.


Is dashingdon down??

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I think it went down for about 5min at a time, a couple of times today.

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The terrifying power of Wayhaven


I wonder how many people tried the demo

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Second this. @dashingdon If you have any numbers, I’d be super interested in seeing them! Provided you feel comfortable with that, ofc. :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, I don’t keep any logs on the server besides error logs :confounded:

I have been out the past couple days and didn’t see the ruckus the Wayhaven demo was causing. Looks like it’s settled down and loading fine now, thankfully!

I appreciate the donations, everyone. The server is all paid up for many months to come!



Dungeon and maddness

Attack on Titan

The Villain or hero

dark skies in an invisible day

Medieval game-WiP

These games are not working on the dashingdon website