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Hi @dashingdon, was just wondering, I tried to get into my account today but my password isn’t working (I haven’t logged in for a bit so not sure if I’m messing the password up or it’s changed). Anyway, I requested a new password and got the message “There was an error: A new password has been sent to your email address.” I’m not sure if there’s an error with the password reset as it doesn’t seem to have sent a new password (requested about 15 mins ago). No hurry but thought I’d ask. Thanks :slight_smile:


Hmm I wasn’t aware that deleting a game prevented you from making a game with the same title again. It shouldn’t work that way. I’ll have to look into it.

Also I will be working to provide a way to delete files, but it’s a big security issue so I have to make sure it’s foolproof and water-tight.

Let me know if you want me to clear out a game and allow for a title to be reused. I can manually remove the DB entries to facilitate that for now.


Sorry to hear that. The email may have went to your spam, perhaps? If not, you can send your new password to me (via PM or to don@donelliston.com) and I will update the password for your account.


Yeah, it makes sense that would be a pretty big security issue. When I try to create a game with the same name as one I’ve deleted, I get the error: “Failed to create folders…”

If you just cleared the files on ‘The Seventeenth Spy’ for me, that’d be great! (my dashingdon username is just Alexandra, too)


Ok cleared them out for that game :grin:


Thanks! I’ll be more careful about what I upload in future :blush:


@dashingdon You’re right, went to my spam folder, should’ve checked that. (Last time I did a password request it went to my main email box sorry!) All fixed thanks :slight_smile:


Is it possible for you to just delete an individual file on request, even outside of adding it as a feature?


Each time you do that, the number of your wishes will reduce.
I only have 1 more.



Yes of course! Just PM me here with your request.

And @Szaal is correct… you will only have two wishes left! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@dashingdon I have caught a bug

This is the code

And this is how it’s showing


  1. Misplaced " character "
  2. Misplaced " traits "

Stat help?

I think this might be a bug with CS itself; I’ve had problems with it off dashingdon. Adding a *line_break before the *stat_chart fixed it for me


Umm so should I take this bug to @dfabulich


What’s the actual size for the dashpic image? When I upload something that’s exactly 360x195 pixels it gets cropped smaller…


The actual size is 360x195 but the image may be cropped on the sides depending on screen resolution since the site is responsive (for mobile/tablet etc). So it’s best to kind of put your main title/subject in the middle of the image and leave some buffer on the sides because of this.

I’m planning on revamping the front page one day soonish to remedy the cropping issue and a few other things (like a proper search function).


Rather large update to https://dashingdon.com – if you experience any issues or have questions please PM me here on the board. Thanks.


It’s gorgeous! I really like the new look. It’s very clean, easy to navigate, and quite nice looking as well. Thanks so much for everything you do to provide hosting for us myriad WiPers.

The ‘Filter Games By Category’ button doesn’t seem to be working for me; it just changes the url to https://dashingdon.com/#. I’m on Firefox on a Mac, latest versions of both.


very nice change in the layout…Love it, keep up all the great work you do.


Thanks for the heads-up. Should be fixed now after adjustments.

Thanks. :relieved: That’s what I was shooting for with this update.

Thank you. Appreciate it very muchly.


Yes, all fixed now! And glorious to boot, very convenient. I love that tags are even organised according to their own categories; that’s amazing. My librarian’s mind is happy.

Edit: Does selecting a tag automatically check all five pages? I end up with this, for instance, after selecting the ‘nonbinary-lock’ tag (I realise it’s because there are no games that qualify):

But then if I switch pages to page one or three, my tag is reset. So I was curious if it searches all pages of games, or just the page that happens to be on display. Thank you again!