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I think it means all romance in that game story is gay romance… but you’re the one who suggested that tag! :smile:


Well, I was actually trying to get the one that’s called “Romanceable Gay NPC” now… :sweat_smile: I get the feeling that there aren’t going to be many games without any straight characters (even my own…).


Ok I put that one (and others) in last night, so you can use and filter by that tag now.


I mean I wasn’t asking for a tag for games with no straight romances in… (I mean, I’d love such a game, but there probably won’t be any, so it would be a pretty useless tag.)


Ok no worries. I’ll just leave it for now anyway. You never know!


I’m having a bit of trouble logging in. I lost my password, and the create new password function isn’t working.

After pressing the button and waiting a few minutes, I get the "Error: Password has been sent to your email."
Except I can’t see an email in my email.


There should be an option to search a story by Author and Game Title. It would also be neat to sort by Most Popular (as per times clicked).


A small but diffusive update has been made to correct an issue with the weighted values for updates. Previously games that had been marked as updated would be given an unfair boost in the front page listings. I have corrected the issue so that newly-posted games are not overshadowed by this.

You’ll notice the rankings have changed rather drastically on the main page. I want to assure everyone that this is not favoritism or malice. Updated games will be given proper weight but now new games will be given proper consideration as well. If you have a recent update to your game (within the last two weeks or so), I encourage you to use the ‘update’ feature (either through Twitter or a simple update click from your Edit Details page) to give your game proper consideration.

I’m working on a direct search for titles and authors as well, since the number of public games is well over a hundred now.

Please feel free to message me directly if you have any questions or concerns.

Thanks to every author out there taking the time to share their work. I am honored and humbled to provide a service which allows each and every one of you to express yourselves and share with others your creativity and insight.


Love what you’re doing with the site.

Love the tag idea. It definitely makes the site easier to navigate.

Would it be a good idea to let readers suggest tags for a story? I ask because some writers might not be active anymore and thus their stories will never get tagged.


Hey @dashingdon, just wanted to point a thing…

It appears the site still uses the old version of Choice Script. Well, I just wanted to let you know that there’s latest version of CScript available.


Thanks for the heads-up. I’ll look into getting it updated in the next couple days when I get some free time.


Ok the CS files have been updated to the latest version. I did some testing and there do not appear to be any issues. Please let me know here or via PM if you experience any problems with the update. Thanks

EDIT: Scratch that, there is an error being thrown at the initiation of the scripts. I’m looking into it. It appears the games are still perfectly playable after clicking off the initial error message though.

EDIT2: Found the issue and I am now patching it. Unfortunately, it’s a per-game update so it’s going to take me a while but that’s what’s on the agenda for today.

EDIT3: Okay all games should be updated now. I had to go directory to directory but I’m fairly certain I was able to get them all. Please let me know here or in PM if your game is not functioning correctly.

As a side-effect of this update, I have added some new cache-busting to the system that will hopefully force txt files to be downloaded fresh each time. I’ve tried this before with other methods but I think the way I am trying to do it now may just work.


@dashingdon i have selected the easy reader style for my game but it still is showing in classic cs style


Oops fixed. Had made an error with the new assets transfer. Thanks for the heads-up.


@dashingdon: I get the following error every time I try to play a game:

Uncaught TypeError: nav.loadProducts is not a function

I can work around it by restarting the game, but it’s certainly annoying. Do you know how I can fix it?


Odd! I’m not seeing that error anywhere. But it should be fixed now hopefully. Let me know, thanks.


Unfortunately not, I’m afraid. :confused: Is this something that’s only affecting me, because no-one else seems to be complaining about it? If so, is it possibly something wrong on my end?


Hmm can you try a hard refresh? Or private/incognito window? I think it may be a JS file that is not being loaded from the server since the update but is being loaded instead from cache.


Oddly, it works fine now, and I haven’t even done anything… :confused: (I did clear my cookies, but that was before the previous time I tried, when it still didn’t work.)

Thanks. :smile:


@dashingdon is there an API for your site?
I’d like to integrate direct publishing into the new version of Chronicler.