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Just another thought (sorry): would it make sense to have tags like “Exclusive Gay Romance”?


And definitely the reverse, too, would be a boon. “Gay Romance Option” as a tag would be a filter I’d use a lot… I’ve already glanced at Hosted Games’ codes before reading them just in order to check if they were straight-locked…


Ok, I’ve added some romance tags as well. Let me know if there should be others or if there is a way to better clarify the existing tags.


How do we add tags? I’ve looked on the Edit Game Details page and there doesn’t seem to be an option.


In the Edit Game Details you should see a “Story Category Tags” title text and a link beneath it to show all the tags. Since there are so many (and growing) I didn’t want them to clutter up the page by default. If it’s not clear I can figure out another way to ensure authors know where the tag options are.


I see that link, but nothing happens when I click it.


Nonbinary romance option, I suppose?

Would people see “asexual romance” as meaning that an asexual romance will be possible, or that there’s at least one romance option who is only asexual?


Odd. What OS/browser are you using? Maybe I can figure out why the jQuery isn’t working for you.

Ok added. And clarified “asexual romance” as “asexual romance option”


Windows 8, Firefox
(and 20 characters)


Presumably then “Gay Romance Option” and “Heterosexual Romance Option” mean that individual ROs are gay or straight, not that gay or straight romances are supported?


Not sure what the issue could be, so I just left it open by default now. I suppose it’s fine like that. A bit of scrolling never hurt anyone.

I’m not sure… it gets confusing trying to convey what refers to the PC and what refers to the other characters. There’s probably a better way to word it, though. I’ll have to think on it and figure something out.


Huh, I interpreted it the latter way, but mostly just because I was hoping for a filter that would allow me to exclude games that didn’t include an opportunity for a gay romance.


I’ve been considering it. How about the following:

Gay Romance Relationship Option
Hetero Romance Relationship Option
Non-Binary Romance Relationship Option
Asexual Romance Relationship Option

Does that clarify that the supporting characters are available for these romantic relationships regardless of the PC’s orientation?


What about “Romanceable Gay NPC” and so on? Because while I definitely want gay options, I also want gay characters, and would like a tg for such (if it’s not too much trouble).


So let us change my suggestions to:

Romanceable Gay NPC
Romanceable Hetero NPC
Romanceable Non-Binary NPC
Romanceable Asexual NPC

Does that make more sense?


Is there a label for (romanceable) gender-fluid npc’s already? I couldn’t see the list of tags on my computer. Yesterday, at least. (Also on Windows 8, latest build of Firefox)


No, not yet. We are still discussing on how to tag romanceable options. I do think gender-fluid NPCs should be added to the discussions, of course. Do you think that ‘Romanceable Gender-Fluid NPC’ will be appropriate for addition to the current suggestions?

Also, as for the problem with seeing the list of tags, I have removed the jQuery ‘show’ option and displayed them by default so hopefully that helps. Let me know if you have any issues seeing the category/tag content. Thanks.


I can see the tags now.

Can there be a tag for animal PC? (I have a story where the PC is a cat). I guess it falls under non-human as well, but that makes me think of fantasy races more than about animals.


Oh, and can there be a tag for Romanceable Bisexual NPC as well? I think that one’s still missing.


Added both suggestions. Thanks for pointing them out!


I’m afraid I’m still a bit confused: does “Exclusive gay romance” mean that all romances are gay? (And if not, how does it differ from “Romanceable Gay NPC”?)