Darren Shan's Zom-B series


any1 read the darren shan’s zom b books i am thinking of buying them i loved all his books so far but would like to know if these r worth buying though i am pretty sure they r amazing


I really liked the vampire books i havn’t read the zom-b books of him yet.
Maby you could look for one in the library (if there is one)


no there isnt did u read the demonata series they r sick best books ever


i LOVED darren shans vampire books. i hope the zombie one is good,


did any1 read the demon books of darren shan??


I read the first book of the dementia series. But couldn’t. Read the others smoke stole them from the library. I liked the book sorta dry here and there but I likely d it but loved the circ de. Freak books better tore through the series in a week


well every1 has different favs i loved the demonata series cause of all the gore and action i did like the cirque du freak but not as much as demonata


There is a movie of the vampire books but they put three books in one movie but it is still fun to watch


After I read your first post, I downloaded Zom-B and read it in under 3 hrs. It’s short, the first in a planned 12-book series. I like zombies, but not Darren Shan (I stopped reading the first Cirque du Freak halfway through).

I seems Shan fans love Zom-B just fine. I personally thought it was too preachy, the main character was too unlikable (though presumably will mature through the series), and one of the big twists Shan is so proud of is pretty cheap. But, if you like yourself some zombie gore and have enjoyed Shan’s other stuff, I expect you’ll like Zom-B just fine. (Strictly speaking, they are not zombies, as they can run, and other stuff).