Dark souls (replaying the first one)


I’m replaying the first game before I get dark souls 3 and I’m now realizing the terrible decision I’ve made. Why couldn’t I just treat myself to Firewatch or Until Dawn instead of watching myself crash, burn, and slashed?
I’m in too deep now. I can’t stop.


I know how you feel, but then one day after the constant dying, I woke up and questioned why am I doing this to myself? So, I took a walk around the park for a bit, grabbed something nice to eat (chili cheese fries) then headed back home. Little did I know somewhere between the time I left home and made it back I happened to stop by Game Stop to pick up Dark Souls 3, little did I know I was already playing the game; little did I know I died on the very first boss. I legit hate this game.


You are a masochist.

That’s why.


You learn something new about yourself every single day!


Praying for you :sob:


I play Dark Souls mostly to troll people.

I love it when other players get so pissed off, they rage and send you a message.

Invading is so much fun.


Please, the biggest trolls were the max level havels and smough waiting for invasion in the forest.

Dark Souls isn’t that bad to be honest except the bed of chaos…


I love the feeling of killing a tough boss or enemy or the feeling of helping a fellow player and favourite is the feeling of winning an honourable duel


Tbh same in so close to finishing the game and I got Dark Souls 3 still in its wrapping :tired_face: