Dark Angel (WIP)

So, I decided to start working on a CYAG. Basically, it’s about two best friend who gain some badass powers after almost dying in a car accident when they were nine years old, caused by a demon and an angel fighting. The PC gains his powers from merging with the repentant angel and his friend from the demon, whom sees this as an opportunity to get revenge on the angel. However, after the accident, the two discover that their parents died on the way to the hospital and are as such orphaned and sent to a foster house. Cue dramatic fade to black and the two buddies find themselves attacked by demons on the PC’s birthday, discovering their powers (black angel wings for the PC, a tail and claws for the friend and extremely potent healing for both). The game’s going to focus on their struggles againts their (literal) inner demons and the relations with both Hell and Heaven.
I suck at ChoiceScript, so… Help? Also, it may take a while for me to make at least a demo, so, if you like my idea (thanks), and patience (young padawans).
Just had to add a Star Wars reference. :slight_smile:


Sounds interesting, though I’ve a question. …Why a “Dark” Angel? Theres a distinct difference in terminology between a normal one and a Dark one, and their methods, allies, abilities, etc are distinct. Its why they are two seperate terms.

The angel in my story was corrupted by his obsession with catching and killing the demon and thus felt from God’s grace. So, he becamke kind of a ‘rogue’ and gave up the light, taking to the shadows.

…Rather odd in my opinion that he’d utilize the weapons of his enemy, at least in an elemental sense. Just sayin.

Very interesting concept, it’s something different

You said the PC is a male. So is the gender going to be set for this game? I know some authors do set genders for some games but it kind of kills the playability of the games for me as a female I don’t like being forced to play as a male. It’s why I won’t play some video games at all lol

That’s… a very odd viewpoint to me. As a guy, I can fully enjoy playing a game that gender-locks me into playing a girl (Guenevere comes to mind). Why don’t you like to play as a guy? You could play it simply for the story, and often there are legitimate reasons for gender-locking you.

The weapon of my enemy…
Is awesomely perfect to kill my enemy with.

Unless their your enemy because of using that weapon.

If you then use that weapon… Are you any better than your enemy?

Well of your playing as a bloodthirsty person they won’t even notice.
When you fight monsters eventually you become one.

I really don’t know I have just always been that way with games. I skipped the first saints row because you had to play as a male. And I won’t play witcher, even though the story sounds awesome, because of the locked in male PC. I really think it has something to do with my being a control freak. I don’t like having the choices taken from me. There are games that come to mind where I would play a male character but I like to have the option to choose.
I am in the process of taking a young adult novel I wrote and making it into a COG, and even though it was written from the perspective of a straight female, I am including the options to also be a male or binary. And the choice to be straight, gay, bisexual, or asexual. Everyone is different and I believe that even our fantasy worlds should accommodate that.


However, sometimes for the sake of the story and it’s setting, such a thing is impossible. For example, take SoI (Sabres of Infinity) due to the society the story creates you have to play a male of noble birth. It makes sense for the world the story takes place in.

Guen requires you to play the titular Guen, and it wouldn’t make too much sense (and it’d be too much work for Jeantown) to have a male Guen considering Arthurian legend.

this sounds cool can not wait until the demo will we be able to take over heaven or hell?

I understand that not every game can be made to fit everyone’s needs but I believe that the ones that can be made to include other genders should. I just think it cuts out a whole portion of people who would otherwise enjoy the games in question. Who, like me, just can’t bring themselves to identify with a locked in gender.

But sometimes it doesn’t work.
E.G games that require gebder locking like guenivere.
Some stories only work with one gender.

In the end, there’s no pleasing everyone. You make something that you want to make, especially when it comes to these things. And not everyone wants to remake their universes, stories, etc etc in order to appeal to a larger audience. There is no reason for anything to be totally inclusive, and in the end, some things only work with one gender. If it cuts you out of enjoying a game, it clearly wasn’t made for you, which means it doesn’t cut out anyone from the selected audience, people who can live with a genderlock and enjoy the story. Not everyone wants to change their stuff to include extra genders, after all, such as myself with my currently-in-super-alpha-status Choicescript thingy myself. My main character has a locked name and gender.


i agree i prefer playing straight male but hell if i jeantown Guen isnt one of the best COG that i played.

That’s the whole point of the Dark Angel theme. The angel becomes too obsessed with his enemy, turns his back to all he knew and uses every single weapon to destroy him, essentially becoming a villain himself. He only realizes his mistakes when the PC’s and his friend’s family dies and the two of them fight for their lives, so he tries to save the PC’s life in a bid for redemption.

No. I will implement a female/male option for the player, but as previously statsd, I suck at ChoiceScript. So far, I barely managed to make a couple of scenes and add the option to name your character.

I think this is an interesting plot, but the fact that you need to use every single weapon to destroy the enemy… don’t you think is a bit overpowered ? I mean, when you fight monsters you can become one, but to be desperate to kill your enemy, who’s also your best friend ? It’s kinda odd… It’s like you’re playing an overpowered villain in search for vengeance and redemption, but in the end he becomes the hero…Anyway, I like the idea and I’m rooting for you, so when you finally finish the demo please post it, k?