Daria: A Kingdom Simulator (WIP)


Can there be Neutral Gods?


Do the enemy social infraestructure are taking account? For instance, I want poison water source. It is not same a tribal well that a society with a water net like Rome. The effects and difficult should be differents


Ahhh. No, the terrain isn’t considered. No poison either, sorry @poison_Mara

Most of the gameplay is centered on building resources and building things/units.

The combat is in waves and uses the troop composition as advantages/disadvantages.


Actually, the Darian gods exist and there is a little bit of specialization, but it’s minor.


Ask how does the weather affect the game?
The rain delays the constructions but generates more food? If it rains for 3 days you lose half of the harvest? Moral decrease if it rains in a battle and you do not have defenses?

Can we conquer the continent? Because after all it will be separated and this game belongs to the same timeline as your other games (I imagine how they killed me MC conqueror hahaha)

Good luck with the game :kissing_heart:


Asking the real questions here


I will conquer with an army of orcs. For the Horde!


I will slay all the goblins.


Just like you said. There are many random events that pop up. Some give you things and some take things away.

Yes. You form Daria from nothing, so you will conquer all that will be known as Daria. :slight_smile:

Luckily this game takes place so long ago that it can’t be used for specific historical accuracy, although it will tell the story of the major events in Daria’s past and creation. :slight_smile:


Could player be really evil? I say that because Mara Daria universe only could be evil founded in base Shadi powers. It just make sense. Like all my main in your games are Shadi evil workshippers So logic could imagine Daria was founded by a dark side user. I am not a rainbow warrior o boredom type of player so dark unities could be really super fun


Or it could be built by…

Praise the Sun! Daria shall be built by the light


This is not like other games. I think the reasons behind why/how you build the kingdom can still be up to you, so yes, good or evil thoughts can still lead you to the same end.


I was thinking more in cosmetic changes in names in base evil good. Dark knights vs paladins and cosmetic stuff. It is if I get goodie names for units y lost immersion I don’t care goodie units


How is this game coming along?


Very well. I’m just wrapping up the last 2 chapters and then I need to test a little before starting beta testing. Moving along nicely, thanks!


Awesome! That’s great to hear, I anxiously await its arrival


I’m now into the final chapter!


Oh… Wow! I’ve been waiting for you to say that. That’s so great to know. As always I am absolutely sure that this new game would be as great as any of your other games. And this one seems even more interesting. You’re always a pioneer and I know this will be excellent.


Thanks for the vote of confidence. I’m more nervous about the reception of this game than others. I almost want to start the game by asking if the reader plays other resource management style games. :slight_smile:

I’ll finish it and release it either way. I know I enjoy this type of game, so I know others will like it. It’ll get some mixed reviews though, because it’s much different than others. :slight_smile:


Who knows. Maybe it will, or maybe it will become a top rated personally I love resource management games as well as the other main stream CYOA, and I can’t explain how excited I am to see the two in one place. Basically you are blending the two together and in my opinion you are creating a road to something new and blending the two together. Maybe our COG/HG will get many new fans who until now we’re reluctant to try.