Daria: A Kingdom Simulator (WIP)


When you do choose to put up the beta, will it be a dashingdon link? I’m always on mobile so Dropbox doesn’t work


Yes, I’ll test on Dashingdon.

I plan to hold a mid-game beta test very soon which I’ll offer to my Patreon peeps first (www.patreon.com/LucidsGames) I’ll then open a very small closed beta to a few people here. I’ll need some people with rose-tinted glasses. :slight_smile: They need to be patient and able to see through the somewhat barebones of the game to what it’ll be when it’s done.

Then I’ll finish it and open the beta testing everyone eventually, in waves.


I hope we can use necromancy and create an army of undead or even workers who do not need to eat or rest


Awesome! Cant wait! :grin:


Daria was only split into 4 duchies with 4 rulers after Zuzak took control in TLH1. Daria a kingdom simulator could be split into 4 different areas of resources after Daria has grown a lot e.g metal and warriors in the Norgan, merchants in Tornassa etc. Also would be cool to split it into 4 duchies and choose rulers for each one


This game explores Daria’s origins, so it’s long before Lost Heir and the duchies.


Ah Daria we still remember the demon queen, her Wife, daughter, and mute bodyguard good times.


Future instalments will recall the Demon ruler of Daria, for sure!! :slight_smile:


I look forward to the save where my mute badass bodyguard daughter was Queen. Or my daughter by magic and her Corvo Attano sister


Can you marry other races to ally you with factions (if you can even get married that is)


This has more to do with resource management, so no, you won’t be marrying, :slight_smile:


But… isn’t marriage all about resource management? :wink:


Maybe get married at the end to settle down and keep the kingdom strong? We’ll need an heir, won’t we?


No heirs mean civil war after death. Or maybe a paid marriage/romance DLC.


Will this be endless game?


My only thought is it will be one hell of a grind to replay the game.


The worst is in those super long games (like War if the West) and you’ve put in like 3-4 hours and you make a stupid mistake or misclick and die :sob:


That’s really a common thing in most games. I’m having checkpoints optional myself, but I imagine War for the West has to keep up with lots of variables.


Yes, it’ll be endless. Although you can lose all your peeps and lose, As long as you’ve got some followers, mistakes can be recovered and played onwards. And although the plot will give you an end, it can be played afterward.


Doesn’t that game have saves?