Daria: A Kingdom Simulator (Released Apr 4, 2024)

Steam is the only platform that gives you a specific release time, from what I remember, it’ll come out when it comes out for the rest of us

Personal expirienge in finlads timezone they usually come around evening

Steam doesn’t give a specific release time either - it’s only approximating. On release day, a CoG/HG staff member uploads the game to each platform individually, so when it becomes available depends on that person’s schedule and whether there are any issues on any of the platforms. As a general rule, people in the continental U.S. can expect to see games become available at approximately 6-9 AM depending on time zone. But that’s definitely give or take.


Can’t wait, played through the demo and loved it. This is an instant purchase for me.


Steam doesn’t give a specific time for release but I do believe their timezone is Pacific and they update at 10 am.

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It’s release day!

Yes, the fun of searching through the platforms and seeing them show up.


It’s out on the omnibus app!

I’m waiting for it to hit Steam so I can buy it there.


It’s released on Steam for me!


Just bought it there! Congratulations on the release!

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Got my copy! Congrats Mike

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Its out now!!

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How do you get bronze?

The Encyclopedic Help menu, under processed resources says:

Bronze Ingots (You have 0)

Used for: Bronze Tools

—5 Tin Ore
—5 Copper Ore
—5 Wood

Hope that helps.


How do you get the bloomer’s plans?

Edit: I looked at the encyclopedia do you just have to continue the story? Or it their an event after training enough

And I think the recruiting system might need to be reviewed I have 2 inkeepers and 4 tavernkeepers so on average I have 10 people and I’ve Ben getting 1 new recruit and the recruiter I’ve had 2 multiple days in a row go and get no one when I have housing space and spiritual guidance so I don’t know if it’s the code or I just have horrible luck

If you think any of this could be considered spoilers let me know and I’ll hide it I don’t think their is but I could be wrong

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When I postpone an expedition to conquer neighbouring tribes my entire army just disappears

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I think you had some bad luck, but I’ll keep an eye open.

I made a thread for you! (And for other errors :slight_smile: )

I’d love to hear details about this error. When, where, and all other details you can remember, especially if you can reproduce it.

As for hints and help, I encourage people to help each other out. I don’t usually help. Combination of being busy, letting others share their finds, and forgetting the answers myself. :slight_smile: Nine games later, only so much room in there. :smiley:


This was a lot of fun to try out. Nice work!

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I don’t know if I’ve just been extremely unlucky or it’s bugged out for me but the game is literally unplayable on hard, starting on day 3 and everyday after that a person leaves because I don’t have a shaman, the issue being that if I rush to get a shaman, I have someone die because I haven’t built a hut yet, if I rush to build a hut, people leave because I don’t have a shaman, if I sacrifice food to try to do both, someone starves to death. I’ve tried 9 times so far and the farthest I’ve made it is day 12 because I keep getting soft locked by people leaving and then not having enough people to actually gather the resources required to stop from hemorrhaging people lol

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Yes, starting is especially difficult on Hard, but possible.

I’ve seen it everywhere except Google Play so far.

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