Daria: A Kingdom Simulator Beta Test (OPEN!)

Link to Discussion: Daria: A Kingdom Simulator (WIP)

If you haven’t done a Beta Test with me in the past, you may find my system to be a little different than others. I’ll be using multiple waves to test this game, which was started with my Patreon supporters first: https://www.patreon.com/LucidsGames

Edit: At this time, I think I can take everyone who asks.

Please email me at: lucid519 AT gmail DOT com
Be sure to tell me your Forum Name and/or Patreon name so I know who you are. I’ll reply with beta testing instructions and a link to the game. Please do NOT use forum messages or anything else to give me feedback.

This multiple-wave system allows me to spread out my testers. Instead of having 100 people sending me the same errors/ideas, I can fix the errors and get new, fresh eyes to find the next batch of problems/enhancements. I encourage early-wave testers to keep playing and continue sending me feedback even as I invite new waves of testers.

Thanks in advance for your help. I really hope you enjoy this unique game.

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Daria Cover 480x320 with title


This is not a book. It’s a resource management game with a good story.

The idea of building a thriving kingdom from nothing appeals to me.

Began in 2018 but should finish in 2023. I hope people enjoy my new game.


  • Equip and specialize your character (good cleric, evil cleric, fighter, or wizard)
  • Complex yet easy-to-learn battle system using troop compositions and strategies.
  • Random events and weather-related events.
  • Challenge to grow from nothing, sustain a thriving kingdom, and build a legacy.
  • Rival kingdoms with diplomacy, warfare, and possible subjugation.
  • Endless tournament mode for when the main story has been completed.
  • A full story about the founding of the great Kingdom of Daria.


Food, Wood, Stone, Carcasses, Clay, Stone Tools, Bronze Tools, Iron Tools, Copper Ore, Copper Ingots, Tin Ore, Tin Ingots, Bronze Ingots, Iron Ore, Iron Ingots, Coins, Paper, Books, Horses, Pottery, Leather, Wooden Goods, Tin Goods, Copper Goods, Exotic Goods, Icons, Spears, Bow and Arrows


Food Gatherers, Stone Gatherers, Wood Gatherers, Farmers, Skilled Farmers, Horsebreeders, Stone Toolmakers, Papermakers, Carpenters, Coppersmiths, Tinsmiths, Bronzesmiths, Blacksmiths, Spearmakers, Bowyers, Potters, Tanners, Miners, Smelters, Lumberjacks, Scholars, Shamans, Priests, Innkeepers, Tavernkeepers, Engineers, Merchants, Recruiters, Hunters, Skilled Hunters, Spearmen, Archers, Bronze Warriors, Swordsmen, Cavalry, Knights, Wizards, Catapults, Heroes, Nobles


Huts, Houses, Farms, Barracks, Churches, Kilns, Tanneries, Stables, Paper Mills, Smelteries, Forges, Workshops, Stores, Inns, Taverns, The Bloomery, The College, The Grand Cathedral, Academy of Wizards, Upgradeable Keep and Castle


Special heroes can be found and collected that will help you grow and defend your kingdom.

  • Yourself, the ruler, may specialize (Good Cleric, Evil Cleric, Fighter, or Wizard)
  • Boranthia: The elven huntress.
  • Grimden: The dwarf prince.
  • Roggi: The halfling weapon master.
  • Archmage Alussar: First archmage of Daria.
  • Bishop Otavic: First bishop of the Light.
  • Marta, the former leader of the tribes.
  • Gaul, the former leader of the Norgan.
  • Lucy, the former Senator of Laslonia.
  • Celeste, disgraced Empress of Jilal.
  • Trupoc, former orc warleader.


Draft patents of nobility to create nobles to help you rule:

  • Office of Agriculture
  • Office of Finance
  • Office of Housing
  • Office of Production
  • Office of Resources
  • Office of War

Battle Strategy:

  • Defensive Structure Advantage: If you are fighting from your keep or castle, you will have an advantage in battle.

  • Magical Advantage: Wizards who have nobody countering their spells gain an advantage in battle. Effect: Each unopposed wizard gains 5 extra power.

  • Magical Vulnerability: Wizards with no infantry to support them will have a disadvantage in battle. Effect: Each unsupported wizard loses 15 power.

  • Mounted Advantage: Mounted units are able to charge archers and are difficult to hit with their arrows. Effect: Each archer opposed by a mounted unit loses 4 power.

  • Mounted Vulnerability: Mounted units have trouble attacking spearmen, since they will set the buts of their weapons into the ground to stop their charges. Effect: Each opposed mounted unit loses 4 power.

  • Ranged Advantage: Archers can strike infantry from a distance. Effect: Each opposed infantry unit loses 4 power.

  • Siege Warfare Advantage: If a side has catapults they will have an advantage in battle. Effect: Catapults do very good damage.

  • Siege Warfare Vulnerability: If a side has catapults, they must have at least 3 infantry to guard and operate it. Effect: If a catapult is left unguarded, it will be destroyed.

  • Heroic Advantage: Whichever side has the most knights will gain this advantage. Effect: The side with more knights will gain +1 power for every unit they have.

Infantry includes militia, hunters, skilled hunters, spearmen, bronze warriors, and swordsmen.

Mounted units include cavalry and knights.

Note: Skilled hunters are counted as infantry and not archers because their tactics and training are for short-ranged killing.

Help Menus:

A full dictionary of all resources, people, buildings and game concepts is found in the stats menu.

A “advice from the people” option suggests what to do next.

The following stages make great achievements and further guidance for new players:

  • Stage 1: Survive. Shelter and Food
  • Stage 2: Thrive. Lumberjacks, Miners, and Farmers.
  • Stage 3: Bronze Age. Develop bronze tools.
  • Stage 4: Grow. Assign an innkeeper and tavernkeeper.
  • Stage 5: Taxation. Hire a merchant and earn some gold coins.
  • Stage 6: Iron Age. Develop iron tools.
  • Stage 7: Nobility: Elevate six nobles.

Difficulty Settings:

Easy, Normal, Hard

  • Number of starting citizens. (9, 6, 3)
  • Aggressiveness of enemy AI. (Low, Normal, High)
  • Amount lost after surrender or defeat (25%, 50%, 75%)
  • Hero Recovery Times (2, 3, or 4 days)
  • Time/Size until discovered by enemy nations.
  • Various chances of freezing to death, exposure, and desertion due to starvation.
  • And more!

unfortunately I can’t participate at the moment, but I will be looking forward to the open beta.
Looks like a great project wish you the best of luck .


Thanks, everyone. That’s a good wave. I’ll open it again soon.


Going great!

I’ll be away this weekend. If you’ve sent me feedback, I’ll respond, so don’t think I’m ignoring you. :slight_smile:

I’ll fix this stuff up and let in the next wave on Monday.


Damn, this is what I get for not being terminally online, looks like I missed the first wave, but I’m eager to check it out when you open up again

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I’ve uploaded the latest version. At this moment, I have replied to everyone who has emailed me. If you haven’t gotten a response, please let me know.

Edit: Full again for now, thanks!

1.11 Changelog

  • Hid “enlist all unassigned” if you have no citizens.
  • Renamed “Horses” to “Riderless Horses”
  • Fixed several crashing weather events
  • Dragon, horse feeding, set to 15 (said it was 10)
  • Drafting soldiers now displays resources used.
  • Summoning elementals has better spacing
  • Line 9695 already returned from gosub error, fixed, I hope.
  • Made it possible to get kingdom with gold crown, even if you skipped mining copper for the copper crown.
  • Removed the death achievements, now they’re all positives.
  • Removed the hidden achievement, so completionists aren’t tortured.
  • Made immigration by gold coins instant instead of next day arrival, that’s a perk of using gold.
  • Horaq battle, no attack now reads properly.
  • Leaving battle without attacking is now a “Retreat without attacking”, with attack is “Retreat.”
  • Postponing or retreating before attack in arena no longer counts as the daily tourney fight.
  • Dragon attacks on easy difficulty no longer kills citizens.
  • Greyed out gift giving, if already gave it that day.
  • Giving a gift no longer kicks out out of nation talk, so you can make peace that same day now.
  • Fixed bug that let you make peace treaty when you already had one.

Version 1.12 - August 22, 2023

  • Added beta testing guide in stats menu.
  • Added a quick toggle for beta_testing.
  • Removed the # from Unlocked Training Grounds in "#Advice, Heros…
  • Tidied and fixed Coins in help menu.
  • Fixed the doubled Versus display when base is attacked.
  • Reworded Boranthia’s “glad to see that you are still alive”
  • Aligned Gaul’s description to include twin swords.
  • Displayed dragon power growing.
  • Tidied up some other dragon sighting events too.
  • Emptying workers from missing buildings now says the building that is lacking.
  • Fixed a nasty bug where troops were lost if you postponed the expedition with troops assembled.
  • Similar to above, also fixed postoning and getting the BETA error.

I’m ready for a good wave of testers!

Once again, I’d prefer people who will give me feedback in the next day or two, since I have time to work on the game.

Read the first message in this thread and follow the instructions found there.


Version 1.13 - August 27th, 2023

  • Advice, with farms, won’t recommend food gatherers.
  • Many word choice edits.
  • Magda’s final army now shows in the choice to summon. Cleaned dialog here too.
  • Peace Unit Percent wasn’t rounding, fixed.
  • Fixed a Barracks space error when assigning troops or multiple troops
  • Bumped catapult power up to 30, wizards are 25. Catapults need infantry and time to build, so this helps.

And the beta test is still open!

I’m making a big push on this game this week while I have the time to write. So, read that first post.

I’ve responded to every message sent to me at this time and I’m all caught up with my feedback/errors.


Sent u a email already would love to play test hope the game is good honestly been wanted to play it a long time ago didn’t actually think u would open this game up to the public’s ever but we appreciate u and the time and effort u must have put into making this game one that we the fans can all really enjoy #quality

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Also I really enjoyed your other games I didn’t even know u wrote life of a wizard that’s a good game u should add a cheat menu to it I’m kinda still new to wip games and stuff like that but so far I’ve been enjoying them more and more so thank u for providing that experience for me good look :+1:


Man, I’d actually love to see a cheat mode added to games like life of a wizard at some point in the future. That would be the move of The century. It wouldn’t have to be a complicated cheat mode either, just a quick on and off toggle at the start of the game which will allow you to max your stats. Besides the obvious fact that we’ll be passing all checks, it would actually allow our characters to do exactly whatever they want. We wouldn’t need to follow a certain pattern in order to get to a certain point, or worry about the mathematics involved. My final point is that, whether you like such a mode or not, it provides the player with extra choice anyway. It could even be an in app purchase and I would still buy it, just like I did the legacy mode for the lost heir. Anyway, it’s a longshot but one can always dream, right? :joy_cat:


I agree with mostly what u saying it’s ultimately up to the author but Cheat Mode 4 The :trophy:


I’ve had a lot of mixed feelings and thoughts about cheat modes over the years.

When I made the Legacy Advantage for Lost Heir, I wanted to be sure that I was giving the players some new story, some new fun, and something more than just a stat bump.

I don’t think I’ll ever go back to Life of a Wizard. It’s over 10 years old now.

Finding the perfect balance that gives the players a challenge is difficult.

Speaking of balancing the game so the power comes out correctly, I’ve made some changes:

Version 1.14 - August 29th, 2023

  • Reworded the early game over.
  • Raised Normal difficulty starting citizens from 5 to 7
  • Raised Normal start food from 40 to 50 and Easy from 50 to 60.
  • Enhanced stat menu with days, name, title, etc.
  • Pushed back the first orc attack by 3 days.
  • Removed the mistaken shaman from starting on hard.

I’ve played on Easy Mode twice, finishing the main plot of Day 149 and Day 136. I went to play on Normal, and died on Day 9! :slight_smile:

So, I’ve given Normal Mode more people and more food and pushed back the first orc attack. I’m hoping that will allow them to not worry if they lose a couple of citizens before meeting basic survival needs. Some backup labour. I’m considering giving them a carcass and removing Boranthia’s yields on Hard Mode. Make them get hunters for shamans in the early game.

I really like having the 3 difficulties.

Oh, and I found this funny. I put the game through Random Test. The computer didn’t do well and died on Day 7 while playing on Normal. :slight_smile:


Random test isn’t exactly made for this type of game, so on the one hand, yeah, not all that surprising, on the other hand, still funny


Will there be a public beta for this?. What I mean is if there will be a posted link of the game here in the forum

Honestly, I’m not sure what good that would do. If a person won’t email me for the link, they sure won’t email me with feedback.

Also, I’m falling behind! I have a few emails to respond to and work on. When I’m fully caught up again, I may change my mind on this, but right now I’m working hard on current feedback.


Update Version 1.15, September 4, 2023

  • Rewrote the help for inns, taverns, innkeepers, and tavernkeepers.
  • Added Visitors to the help menu.
  • Added a warning when building a Tavern to tell them about Inns.
  • Gave Normal difficulty enough Wood for 1 hut, changed starting citizens on Normal from 7 to 6.
  • First orc attack now gives 10 Food and 2 Spears as reward.
  • Buildings won’t deteriorate before Day 10 now.
  • Beautiful Day and Hot Day no longer runs together.
  • Stone transmutation random event now allows you to transform half, instead of all or none.
  • Added automatic barracks building to Office of War.

At this point I have responded to every email I have received. Great feedback! Keep on sending. :smiley:


Update Version 1.16 - September 13th, 2023

  • Added wood/stone/pottery/unassigned people/coins to Office of Housing menu.
  • Changed “citizens needing orders” to “unassigned citizens” to match style.
  • Enlist 1 spearman, now shows barrack space.
  • Typo: “as an proud orc warrior” fixed.
  • Retreating before attacking on raids and invades no longer count as attacking for that day.
  • Office of Housing, automated housing now builds multiple houses, if needed.
  • Office of Agriculture, automated food, now builds multiple farms and assigns multiple farmers, if needed.
  • Office of War, automated barracks, now builds multiple barracks, if needed.
  • Office of Housing, automated faith now builds multiple churches and assigns multiple priests, if needed.
  • Added peaceful days between attacks when at war (Hard allows war attacks on next day, Normal gives you a day between attacks, Easy gives you 2 days between attacks.)
  • Increased War Attack Percent from 2 to 4 percent (for easy), left it at 10% on normal and 20% on hard.
  • Normal mode now starts with a carcass (in order to get a Shaman)
  • Increased Hut size to 7 (Houses still 15) (Starting pops are Easy:9,Normal:6,Hard:3, with ruler is Easy:10,Normal:7,Hard:4, so first hut covers everyone on normal)
  • No starvation of faithless desertions until Day 3.

Busy days for me, but I’m still working hard to keep up with feedback and errors.

Great time for new beta testers. Read the first post to see how to join.


Version 1.17 - September 16th, 2023

  • Lost Archers now correctly displays the return of their Leather armor.
  • Fixed the double attacks from tundra wolves and rogue barbarians.
  • Fixed the game-ending error of annexxing the Laslonians before getting Roggi.
  • Added more Exotic Goods as rewards for invasion and raiding.
  • Unassigning Shaman typo fixed.
  • Fixed MANY errors occuring when the player wipes out all nations before main quest.

Phew! That was a big one, but it certainly needed to be done.

As of this point, I have responded to every email sent to me and I have fixed every known error.

I’m still looking for beta testers. Check the first post in this thread for instructions.