Cyberpolice (November 2020. 1-2 hours playtime) (WIP)

Ah, okay, thanks for the clarification. The only thing I did for now was to chop that one particular block of text into smaller paragraphs. It’s a bit hard to tell how small a paragraph should be for it to be “optimal” for readability, since I have to take some other things to consideration too(like how the text flows within the paragraphs and all that stuff). Hope it’s better now.

In general I don’t like chopping up the dialogue(or in this case monologue) of a single speaker into several paragraphs in a row, as it’s a bit confusing given that I often don’t mention who’s talking(when two or more are involved in a conversation). I guess I could just not put that “” around the text but still make them into paragraphs. Hmmh.

I might put in some more page_breaks too, but I’d rather keep them tied to a “theme” whenever possible(such as “info-dump from Mari Badr” ;)).

Anyway, I’ve corrected some of the small changes and uploaded the files again.

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Small bug.