Cyberpolice (Minor Update: 25th of May) (WIP)

Yess that’s so much better ! :smiley:

And dont worry people will see, just remember to change the headliner when you launch the major update. :slight_smile:


No update today.

A bit of writing done. Purposefully did polishing instead of fun stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, how could I forget to change it? :smiley:


No update today.

Bunch of stuff done, mostly eventual new stuff for the major update, but I’ll soon be out of the “new” ideas I refined during the holidays, so I’ll be switching to the polishing whether I like it or not. :smiley:


No update today.

Didn’t have super much time to write today, but every bit counts. No polish today. :stuck_out_tongue:


No update today.

Alright, I’ve now written enough future content to have satisfied my creative fire, so I’ll be polishing current stuff “full time” once again. I’ll do my best to endure it. :japanese_goblin:


No update today.

Decent “full polish” mode all things considered.

Not sure I can get it out this month. I’d love to, since I’m leaving on the first of February for some six days. Unfortunately there’s still much to do(as a mental journey at least, if not in raw work :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Polishing this update really has been exhausting since I’ve had to kinda polish the same stuff again and again to keep things internally consistent. A few changes during polishing to one scene has meant that I’ve had to go through another scene to make sure they aren’t too contradictory, which isn’t terribly motivating. Still, the fact remains that the narrative DOES change a bit depending on the variant, so some things will be “magically” different in some ways, which kinda means maybe I really didn’t have to do all that work in some parts. You’ll see what I mean once the update comes out at some point in the hopefully near future.

Anyway, can’t really start cutting corners now, so there’s still a bunch left to make sure everything is more or less equal enjoyment-wise. :smiley:


No update today.

Alright progress. Should be able to work this weekend too, which is great.


No update today.

Fair amount of polish done. Still, it seems evident that there’s no way I’ll have it ready this month. Sadness. To the ninth month we go, then. :joy:


No update today.

A good amount of “normal text” polished. It’s pretty absurd how much easier it is to polish stuff like a layered dialogue node(like 6 options, then each has 4 options, or so), compared to even a tiny portion of an “action scene” where there’s a zillion of variables and conditions and a recursive choice-loop that alters based on those variables, both in description and options to choose from and then the contents of the options change depending on other variables which in turn changes other variables. Real hard on the brain, that. :smiley:

Fortunately there shouldn’t be too many(or any, really? The other big one I already did long, long ago even before I first made this thread, so that’s nice) segments like this for the rest of the game-story so it should be relatively smooth sailing once all of this is done. There’s a few that are kinda similar, but much lighter and thus easier to make since they’re way more “strict” and limited(self-contained, I suppose?).

Yes, for sure I could’ve done these sorts of scenes in a much easier and lighter way, but it just doesn’t feel right for this project. For future projects I’ll for sure be using a very different way of making stuff like this(except for one project, but that’s either never gonna be made, or is like 5-10 years away :stuck_out_tongue: ).