Cyberpolice (Minor Update: 25th of May 2022) (WIP)

No update today.

Tolerable amount of editing done considering how busy I am.


No update today.

No work done. Also still not sure what my schedule is for next week, which is a bit annoying. In any case, workflow should be a lot better after I get back, however long it is.


No update today.

No work, preparing for trip, and I finally know the schedule too. I’ll be leaving tomorrow relatively early on(so no post here), and coming back on Saturday or Sunday depending on a few things. Probably Saturday, but we’ll see.

In any case, afterwards I’ll have a lot more time to work on the project again, so I’m sure “this month” we’ll finally get the update. :stuck_out_tongue:

See ya all in a week!


Alright, I’m back again!

Should be able to get back to work tomorrow, and the pace will be much better, since I have lots of more time to work on Cyberpolice again.


No update today.

Started with some work again. Can’t say I love returning to the polishing once more, but you gotta do what you gotta do. :stuck_out_tongue:

The sooner I wrap it up, the sooner I can get back to working on the more interesting stuff.

Also, I’ll be going to Japan for a vacation in May for three weeks, and I definitely intend to get a lot of work done before I leave, hopefully a few updates even. Shouldn’t be anything else disrupting my work before that, fortunately. Still, any progress will depend on how quickly I get the current stuff polished, so we’ll see how much I actually get done. Should be done this month, as always. :smiley:


If you ever play Guns of Infinity or Lords of Infinity, there’s an option to work on your memoirs, and the way @Cataphrak describes the various stages reads very much like a meta commentary on the act of creating the games themselves. :smiley:

Suffice to say, I sympathize!


No update today.

Got a tiny bit of work done. It’s always a drag trying to wrap my head around the entirety of the update I’m working on after being away from it for a longer period of time. I really should learn how to structure the files better and use smarter comments/notes so I don’t go “What was this variable referring to again? → proceeds to spend a good deal of time trying to see which choices and branches are relevant to it, etc”.

Heh, I’ll keep an eye for that part. Guns of Infinity(well, Sabres of Infinity too) has been sitting in my Steam library for quite some time, and I’ll definitely play it at some point since it seems quite interesting. The era it’s set in is especially cool since you almost never see anything set in that kinda setting anywhere, whether games or movies or books.


No update today.

Better progress today, in the sense that I once more have an idea as to what the heck I’m doing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably no work tomorrow.


No update today.

As I mentioned yesterday, no work today.


No update today.

Tolerable progress. Would’ve had plenty of more time to work, but it really is mind-melting to edit and polish for a longer period of time so I chose to spend much of the time doing more fun things instead. :stuck_out_tongue:


Does this game have a guide for the romances? thanks

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No update today.

Same as yesterday, bunch of progress but it really ain’t a thing I can do for too long in one sitting, that’s for sure. :smiley:

Well, unfortunately the game doesn’t actually have any romances yet, so no. :stuck_out_tongue:

They’ll be added at a later date. (in practice when the “Minor Update” in the topic changes to “Major Update”).


Shame, not having a romance is a huge turn off for most people and makes the story more lame bro, hope you consider putting one early one so that it makes more significant impact on the story.

Also in the description there’s no update log or list of chapters, hope that gets updated soon.

Keep up the work, hope to read your WIP one day

… srly?:roll_eyes:

Giving an option to heavily flirt/kiss, in the first chapter, doesn’t guarantee a good narration.
Also this is firstly a mysterious story, not a harlequin.
Besides, later in the book, Mc can show interest in others. So, possible Ros has already been exposed.

A well-developed plot line is the most important part of any story; the plot not only affects Mc’s development, it influences every other character’s behavior and their worldview. More importantly, it will determine whether a particular person has enough chemistry with Mc or has spent enough time with Mc to become Ro. If the author decides to drastically change the plot in the middle of the book, relations could not have enough time to naturally develop, and already released chapters will need to be rewritten.

The reader can clearly see which characters have the potential to become ROS, but in this complex narration, fully fledged romance needs a proper introduction. This can’t be forced into the first chapter, just for the sake of having a simple love interest.

So give the author the time that he truly deserves.
This is a futuristic science-fiction story. This genre is very demanding one, it is extremely easy to make the story illogical. And Cyberpolice has incredibly strong plot line, intrigue to be solved and well refined characters. :+1::+1:


Well the author has stated there’s no romance so thats what I’m assuming unless he’s lying lol.

Also romance is important to any story, I never said it should be forced into the first chapter although it may work rather than the characters coming in to late and there’s no time to build it up.

Also yes a good story is the most important part I agree but characters and romance is important, think about how Wayhaven is a fan favourite just behind Fallen Hero but it has a non existent story that is lame but because the romance is good everyone loves it.

Fair enough futuristic sci fi story is demanding I agree but constructive criticism helps the end result.

I can see that for eg The Exile is preferred to I the Forgotten One based on romance and characters alone

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Romance is what sells but some games would be better without it. Hence why often for released game descriptions they put something like play as straight/gay ect ect. Then you end up with lots of mediocre romance thrown into stories.

Not everyone is a romance writer/intends for it to be a romance book.

7 Likes romance ain’t important to all stories it can add to some stories but there are plenty of good stories with no romance and you can’t expect romance in all game if you personally don’t like stories with no romance just find one that has romantic stuff in it

1 Like if you have real criticism that is fine but calling a story lame for not having romance is messed up and not real criticism and it ain’t a fact because that is something people can agree or disagree on I agree that characters are important but not everything have to have romance for characters to be good


Alright, I assume that you are basing your statement on this quote :

There is word " yet ".

If the author decides to implement more advinced romance, thats his decision. The story is already good enough, so i do not see a “deeper” romance as a necessary addition. In the end, it is a story about crime and human morality. What is the cost of the progress and what defines a human being.
But, like I said before, there are already funny flirty dialogue options

like beting if you will win the game, “X” will go on dinner with you or deciding if “X” will win the game, she will take you on dinner .
You can interpretate it as you want to.


True some games would do better without it but I’d argue most would benefit from it, its not a surprise the best loved games feature romance just saying bruh