Cyberpolice (Major Update: Not Yet - Minor Update: 9th of November) (WIP)

Updated with next file.

Contains: Final segment of Fun Tuesday added, aka the pool/billiards game with Carrington and the others.

Current average playthrough:

  • Total average: 120,000(vague estimate) (This segment is currently around 75,000 words compared to the 65,000 words it was previously, so 10,000 added to this, I think? Unless my previous estimate was off, which is possible since I don’t think it was quite 10,000 that I added? Hard to say, maybe it was.)

Alright, Fun Tuesday is officially done now. Please give it a try if you haven’t, and if you have, give it a try to see whether the added stuff is good enough in your opinion.

Since I want some data on it, it’d be nice if you could answer the following two polls below:

Is there a sub-scene that needs more work in the current segment?

  • No, they’re all good.
  • The poker game needs work.
  • The pool game needs work.
  • The TV watching needs work.
  • The arcade game needs work.

0 voters

Should I let the player go through all four options, or is just two a good balance?

  • All four please.
  • Two is a good balance.

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Anyway, starting tomorrow we’ll move on to other stuff.

Depending on what you’ve chosen previously, it might include a visit to the hospital or other such things.

We’re also at the part of the story where I’ll be skipping forward a bit due to the as-of-yet-not-implemented subplots, so don’t be shocked if the third day is over in a flash(since it’s mostly subplot related).

The fourth day will consist of a relatively hefty set of scenes, and we’ll be spending a bunch of time there.

After that we’re almost done with the ‘basic’ stuff, meaning we’ll be skipping forward a day or two again due to sub-plots, and I’ll implement the ‘cut-off-point’, which is a party of sorts. It signifies that I’ll be doing the much talked about “second polishing run” to make sure everything makes sense before we continue. Essentially I’ll implement the subplots as well as some other relatively minor but as of yet missing ‘basic’ scenes, and other such things, which may very well take a while. After that there’s a bunch of more stuff before the finales, but it’s hard to estimate how much it actually is since things can change a lot compared to my original plans.


No update today.

Kinda hard to decide on a cut-off point for the next update, since due to the lack of the sub-plots there’s a bunch of skipping around in time and place. I might just make a few scenes and post them regardless of whether they can be considered a “segment” or not.

Also a bunch of them are available only on certain branches and all that. I’d prefer that there was some ‘default’ content in each update for everyone, but the only “real”/sizeable part that does is a bit further along. Which makes it tough, since I’d rather not post the “minor update day xyz” thing if only a handful of people are going to actually get new content each time for the next few updates. As such, I’d prefer to do most of them in one or two bigger updates before we get to the default stuff again.

On the other hand it’d be nice to get stuff done in small sets since recently I’ve been making massive chunks, and I’d really like it if they didn’t bloat. Whenever I post an update stuff is sort of “locked” and I rarely bloat it afterwards, but if I ‘finish’ a scene but don’t post it, there’s always a chance I decide to ‘upgrade’ it before posting it and that usually leads to bloat and delays. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I’ll probably figure it out soon enough and post an update.

Big thanks to everyone for voting on the polls, didn’t expect nearly as many votes as there were. Apparently there’s quite a few lurkers around. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

By the looks of it, it seems that the arcade game is the only segment that I might need to take another look at, so I’ll make a note of it for the second polishing pass.

I’ll also unlock the option for the player to go through all of the four options for Fun Tuesday should they so choose, but if you want you can exit the segment after you’ve gone through two of them. Thus, anything between 2-4 is okay.

Maybe I should do polls more often, they were pretty useful.


No update today.

Work progresses steadily.

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Was asked to post this on the forum, hope it helps:

As always it'd be nice if you could post this stuff on the forum:

To avoid spoilers, I'm using weird code words for some of the variables.

Full press statement.

Code 1A.

Code 2B.

Code 3B.

Code 4A.

Code 5C.

Gargoyle's Cooperation was at: 7

Gargoyle's Fear was at: 8

Special stuff:

Potira deal.

Joey Crime org.

Joey Boss.





Grey War.
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No update today.

Again, work proceeds decently. No idea on when an update will be out due to aforementioned situation on scene variability etc.

Thanks! It’s always good to see this stuff, so I can fine-tune the chance of people getting certain outcomes.


No update today.

A bit less progress than before, but it’s still progress.


No update today.

Forgot to mention that I couldn’t work yesterday. Oh well.

I should be able to post something this week. Depending on your previous choices and so on, it might be super short or not.


The day we don’t get a daily update is the day I’ll be truly petrified lol


No update today.

Not much to comment on I guess.

Heh, I’d prefer a real update each day to me just reporting on nothing. :stuck_out_tongue:


No update today.

Hopefully something on Sunday.


No update today.

Didn’t get super much done today, but Sunday should still be on schedule.


No update today.

Sunday seems feasible since I should be able to work this weekend.


No update today.

Ought be ready tomorrow, but as always, we’ll see. :stuck_out_tongue:


No update today.

Once again I just can’t seem to estimate the time it takes to make the final touches properly. :frowning:

In other news, I’ll be away from Wednesday to Sunday. I’ll get the update out before I leave if at all possible.


No update today.

Didn’t get too much done today. Fortunately I’ll actually be leaving on Thursday, so I still have plenty of time.


No update today.

Might not get everything I wanted ready by tomorrow, so it’s possible I’ll only post a chunk of what I intended. The good part is that I should be able to post the rest pretty soon after I get back. We’ll see how it goes.


No update today.

Yeah, I really should’ve expected that I’d have no time to do anything the day before I leave since I’m leaving early on and had to get everything ready today. :stuck_out_tongue:

In other words, I grossly underestimated the prep-time, which means I couldn’t get enough ‘default’ stuff polished for it to make sense to update. I’d say sorry for bringing your hopes up, but I’m sure everyone’s used to this type of thing already. :smiley: (though it does pain me quite a bit to not be able to do it after saying I would)

In any case, I’ll be back on Monday, so next post will be up on Tuesday I expect. I’ll probably do the bigger chunk since there’s no point to post the smaller one anymore, but it shouldn’t take all that long anymore, plenty of it is finalized already(just need some more stuff on the ‘default’ path). But you know how inaccurate my estimates are, so…

(at least it should be easy enough to continue working once I’m back since I have to leave a bunch of stuff ‘right in the middle of things’. I’ve noticed that it’s way easier to get back to work when I simply ‘continue the flow’ of something I’ve already worked on, rather than starting on a new segment(whether just polish or raw creation), and I do often have problems with getting back to work after a few days of not-working)

Anyway, see you when I’m back!


Alright folks, I’m back, everything went well.

Theoretically work continues tomorrow, and if it does, an update should happen in a day or two


No update today.

Not the best re-start, but it’s something I guess. Tomorrow will hopefully be more productive.


No update today.

Today wasn’t more productive. :frowning:

I really am a slave to habit and routine, it’s really shows when it gets broken. So hard to get back up.