Cyberpolice (Major Update: Not Yet - Minor Update: 24th of September) (WIP)

No update today.

Had less time to work today than predicted. I’ll try to finish one or two of the sections tomorrow. Should be able to do at least one.

That would be a good compromise, I think. Unless it starts arguments among you readers. :slight_smile:

I’ll probably do a bunch of polls then, like what branches people entered, what big choices they made, etc. I’m very interested in that stuff.

But first I’ll have to finish this, don’t I? :smiley:


No update today.

Finalized another section. Two more to go. Hopefully I’ll get them done tomorrow since the rest of the weekend will be very busy. This certainly has taken so much more time than I expected that it isn’t even funny. :stuck_out_tongue:


I prefer Still’s Synth charms with both my mc’s actually…but only my younger one may be looking for a relationship that goes beyond partners with benefits. :wink:

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No update today.

Unfortunately couldn’t finish it today. Which means Monday at earliest. See you then.

I’m sure it’ll feel really good to finally put this segment to rest next week. :stuck_out_tongue:

I certainly didn’t think it’d take almost a month to make this. A week was my original idea and even that was kinda ‘too much’ for what it is. Oh well.

PS It’s at 50,000 words at the moment, although some of that is comments and other stuff the player won’t see(as well as code, of course).

The final amount will probably be around 45,000 since I’ll be deleting some of the stuff once it’s of no use. (plans, obsolete stuff I decided not to use, etc)

The end result might not be as impressive as the word count might make it seem, though! :smiley: (Or it might, I guess we’ll have to wait and see! It’s always really hard to say from this side of the screen)

One thing’s for sure, I’ve DEFINITELY learned my lesson about bloat this time. :woozy_face:

Well, hopefully I’ll have the skill to deliver on that! (as well as the other relationship variants like friends, rivals, etc :wink: )


Somehow I already know who will see you as a rival easily.

Cough… Cough… Carrington… Cought…

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