Cyberpolice (Major Update: Not Yet - Minor Update: 24th of July) (WIP)

No update today.

Didn’t get too much work done, but hey, at least I didn’t play Rimworld too much, it was other stuff that got in the way. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tomorrow, I hope.


No update today.

I spent most of my work time thinking rather than doing, but this might be important for the future. As I was writing, I distinctly felt like I’m using way too much effort on certain things that could be done more efficiently without too much loss(or indeed in some cases an increase) in quality.

This mostly relates to dialogue and character interaction. That stuff is detailed for sure, but extremely inefficient to make and I spend way more time on it than I’d like to which makes everything bog down(especially for introductions as I discussed a while back). As such, I’ll probably make/polish future scenes in a somewhat different fashion that focuses less on dialogue and more on other things. (the Gargoyle stuff will still be done in the old method).

It’s not as bad as it might sound. Dialogue and the like will still be present, but won’t be as detailed for future characters(unless everyone hates the new method of course). However, if things work out like I’m envisioning it won’t feel like a complete tonal whiplash and will mesh tolerably with the prior stuff rather than being a massive downgrade.

It’s kinda hard to give an example of it, but you’ll see it in action soon enough once the interrogations are finished and we move on to other stuff. If it works it’ll make it way faster for me to finish everything. If it doesn’t and I have to do everything in the time consuming way, at least I tried it out. :slight_smile: (the fact is that text-wise the majority of the game is dialogue which makes progress slow and this aims to crack down on that)

As for the Gargoyle stuff, it’ll be ready tomorrow for sure, since I’m going on a short trip from Sunday to Sunday and I’d really like to get it out before that(which will give me a real deadline that I usually need to really work :wink: ). Fortunately I’ll be able to write stuff during this trip, but probably not upload anything, so once I get back I’ll hopefully have something ready anyway so it shouldn’t delay anything in practice(especially since it seems I’ve recently fallen into the habit of weekly updates :stuck_out_tongue: ).


Good luck with implementing this change - it sounds like a difficult thing to pull off this late into a project, but I’ve faith in you! For what it’s worth, I’m interested to see what else/how quickly you can produce in terms of content when the summary-of-the-case scenes are cut down on (I presume that’s what you intend, to some degree?).
However, this WiP has become and remained the only WiP which manages such an interesting and delicate balance of action and dialogue that i have not yet skipped through a dialogue heavy scene and I have never felt bored of reading one (although I admit mild surprise at times - Ms. Badr can really run her mouth when she wants to!).

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Updated with next file.

Contains: Gargoyle interrogation.

Current average playthrough:

  • Total average: 96,500 (was 93,500, 3,000 increase. All in all the Gargoyle interrogation is 17,000 words or so, so a fair amount of variance but also length.)

Finally got it out. Mostly due to personal laziness and poor timing of stuff, rather than it being super laborious or anything. It really should’ve been ready on Tuesday as planned, there’s no real excuse. :smiley:

The scene is decent in my opinion. Could be better, I guess, but it serves it’s purpose as far as I’m concerned. Opinions(and data) are welcome, as always, whether positive or negative. Can’t fix something if I don’t know it needs fixing.

I guess the only problem with it is that the variable choices that you might or might not see are either a bit too common or a bit too rare, it’s kinda weird. Some are spawned by really obscure past stuff, some come from super obvious stuff. There aren’t really that many middle of the road options. But that’s mostly a “creator nitpick” I’d guess, rather than a real problem. But we’ll see.

As for the stuff I mentioned in the previous post about the new idea for dialogue and character interaction, you’ll see what I mean once we get to some new stuff(visit to City Hall or revisit to ABGS headquarters depending on your path). In short the point is kinda to make use of “quick cuts” more than a long-winded scene. Sort of editing out of much of the “pointless” stuff that I always put in because I feel it “needs” to be there even though it doesn’t(mostly relating to character interaction). It’s a bit tough to explain, much easier to show in practice.

Next up is Zoe interrogation, regardless, which won’t be affected by it. It’s not intended to be especially long either, at least compared to the Potira and Gargoyle stuff.

In other news, as I mentioned earlier, I won’t be able to upload stuff for a bit over a week now(next upload roughly the second of August?).

The good news is that I’ll probably be able to get some work done despite not being able to upload, so once I get back I’ll hopefully have something right away.


I hope it won’t be difficult, since if it is it’s definitely a bummer. :smiley:

Not entirely sure what you mean by this, so it’s kinda hard to give an answer, but I think the answer is “maybe?” :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you mean by “summary-of-the-case scenes” exactly? And is the end of the sentence cut short or do I just have poor reading comprehension? I can’t quite understand “…are cut down on”, feels like it’s missing a word or three.

Thanks for the praise. It’s always nice to hear that I’ve managed to create something good or even great. It’s certainly a fear of mine that some parts are boring to some readers, especially if no one posts about it yet everyone thinks it. Too much positivity with too little criticism can lead to staleness and I’d hate if my work is stale just because no one dares/bothers/wants to say that a thing or two could use some(or major) improvements. It’s really tough to see whether something’s dry or not as the creator, for me at least.

People running their mouths is a personal bane of mine as far as writing style goes, I just can’t make them shut up enough! (which is exactly what the new style of writing is supposed to combat. Whether it succeeds or not remains to be seen, of course, but I hope it’ll cut down some of the excessive text without taking away the charm).

PS See you in a week, everyone!


I think I probably just word vomited a bit, if you’ll forgive my coarseness. Essentially, I meant to say that I’m curious to see how the new writing style will mesh with the old. Extensive dialogue seemed, till now, to be the way in which you conveyed all the details of a scene (for example, what to consider when deciding how much media coverage to give the case) to the reader. If you refrain from writing this much dialogue in the future, I’m curious as to how you will get all the details across!


Ah, so that’s what you meant. In retrospect it makes perfect sense now. That’s what I get for reading a post when it’s 2am. :yawning_face:

As for cutting down on the dialogue… I’m curious as to how I’ll do it too. :smiley:

I have some ideas, but they might be applicable only to certain scenes, not all. It remains to be seen.

It’ll definitely be a challenge, but I don’t think it’s an insurmountable one. If it is, well, I’ll just change back to the old style. Hopefully I’ll find a new way, though, since I really spend way too many words to say something that could be done in way, way fewer words.

I’d say that for the most part the heavy exposition is done and in the future it’ll be more of a case of implications and for the player to figure out via context and the like, but who knows.

Anyway, sleep now and tomorrow the railway. Unless there’s something I need to address in the morning, my next post will be a week in the future.


The interrogation was pretty fun

What an impressive game you’ve got so far! I have to say, when it said 1-2 hours of playtime, I was a bit sceptical - but I was proven wrong.

I’m not usually one for police/detective style games/stories, but this definitely like a departure from what you’d expect; most games of this type of genre usually have a bit too much of an emphasis on stats for my taste, but this definitely feels like a bit departure from that. There’s definitely more of an emphasis on the story, characters, worldbuilding - all the kind of things that I greatly prefer in the games that I play. There’s obviously a case that still needs to be solved, but it seems as if my choices, rather my stats, are what’s going to determine the outcome of the story which I love.

The story’s intriguing, the characters are interesting and multi-layered, and the world you’ve created is fascinating (one which I’m so eager to explore and find out more about). I think the best part of this game is the number of different ways you can seemingly roleplay your character, and I’m eager to find out how our choices (big or small) are going to affect the story, our relationships with other characters, and the world around us.

Overall, I think this a great game already, and I can’t say that I have too much to really complain about from what I’ve played so far. The only sort of criticism I would aim at the game at the moment is that sometimes (to me at least), there’s a bit too many walls of text. Even for someone like myself who loves what I’m reading, it can be hard to maintain concentration for a long time when it seems like after reading one massive page of text, there’s another . . . and then another. I never thought I’d say this, but maybe you could break some of this up by adding in a few more ‘fake’ choices here and there - or maybe allow the MC to have a moment to themselves in their mind, reflecting on the current situation? IDK.