Cyberpolice (Major Update: Not Yet - Minor Update: 19th of September) (WIP)

Yes! Thank you! (Says the person whose primary character is a seen-it-all lab rat, but eh.)

I’ll get you some numbers later, been too busy to test properly.

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I feel like its more: some choices seem more obvious to work than others.

Could 3 interrogation choices be the reason why it seems easy in your eyes as the creator? Is the end result scale able in changing it to 2? Although that would limit some scenes that people would want to see who wouldnt want to have to restart in the published version.

Disreguard all that ^^^^^^ loaded myself into the start of the interrogation and there are hella choices which makes it tricky

I forget the choice it was, but when the lawyer had to earphone us on it not being legal/needing to backtrack and explain to her why what we just said cant apply :hushed:

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First of all, thank you for the responce and sorry if I’m not clear sometimes, english isn’t my first language so expressing unclear feelings I get sometimes gets a bit confusing.

Any particular reason you felt it was confusing? Was the setup itself strange, were the dialogue options confusing, was it how the characters reacted, or some of the descriptions, or what?

I sometimes had trouble deciding if option was going to increase fear, guilt or cooperation. If there are options that go for more than one stat (and I can see a few being that) then they’re also making me a bit unsure. Not to mention, after picking a gialogue option, I have follow-up option that sometimes feels like completely different variant: for example mentioning how her actions might affect the Global Posse then followups being “Are you sure it won’t” and “Maybe it will” … like, what’s the difference between those two vague options?

I’ll see if I can put conditions like “you need less than 7 Fear to use this option” on some of the interrogation options. After all, they don’t all need to have them necessarily, just some of them. Having a few of them gray out might be tolerable. Might even make the interrogation feel more special if the player sees the options changing as it goes on.

This is one of the options I’d like, would also help to make this interrogation more tactical and thoughtful, starting with lowball questions and slowly ramping up pressure and picking more serious options.

As for the confusion aspect, do you think it’d help if I spaced out the progress of the interrogation a bit? What I mean is, after each question there’s a short description that the interrogation goes on for some ten minutes where Stillwater talks to her before you, the player, get the chance to choose another “important” topic of conversation?

It does sound good. Will make interrogation feel long, plus, maybe, some kind of play up between you two? For example, I totally expected to be able to play up “Good Cop Bad Cop” routine - Stillwater works both as a good cop, law incarnate against out-of-town loose cannon, or hardass law pressure vs crooked outsider who can grease the wheels to make her get out, if she gives him something. We have background “corrupt cop” that could be put to amazing use here! Or “war vet” that can play into strong intimidation factor.


No update today.

Was a bit busy so less progress than expected. Probably tomorrow.

Heh, I think it’s important to cater to a fair number of different approaches. I try to have some broad options and some specific ones so people can pick and choose the style they want. Ain’t always easy to keep them consistent, though.

Numbers are very welcome for sure, but don’t feel any pressure from it. Also, there’s no particular need to rush for them either, as such, since the Gargoyle scene has something similar, but not really numbers as such, and I want some feedback on it as well. :slight_smile:

Heh. The choices you see are also dependant on your media stance, corporate stance, and some are hidden unless you chose some very specific choices with Walther.

The choice you’re referring to is the ankle-tag threat. It’s one of the best ways to get higher Cooperation.

Don’t worry about it, you’re doing great!

The intent is for it to be partially vague, at least as far as Potira’s response goes. Even if you hope to achieve a higher Cooperation, it might backfire and cause it to lower instead. This is especially true in the few places where I have conditional responses(like, if Potira’s Fear is higher than 6, increase Cooperation, if it’s lower, decrease it).

If the changes were obvious to the player, then I think it’d be less exciting(just my opinion though, would love to have feedback on it). And as I mentioned above, sometimes the choices get special responses which means I couldn’t make it “too obvious” no matter what.

As for the difference between the Globe Posse’s “Are you sure it won’t” and “Maybe it will” options… there’s none, mechanically. Flavor wise there’s a slightly different reply from Potira, but it isn’t all that different. I suppose I felt like I should have 4 options for the player to choose from no matter what, which lead into those two. It’s true that they’re essentially the same. I should probably make them more different.

I guess I should go through the follow-up options again to make sure they make sense.

Alright, I’ll see what I can do. The changes will be implemented once I upload the Gargoyle stuff.

Alright, I’ll make some changes to make the scene feel more lengthy. I guess I could also include some back-and-forth between the player and Stillwater too between each question.

The “Good Cop Bad Cop” stuff is something I considered, but I kinda made the situation too strict in a sense. The system in place in Neo-Terminus kinda prevents something like that from happening, especially with a minor like Potira. I know it’d be a cool thing to have, but I couldn’t think for the life of me how to implement it without compromising the setting itself. Intimidating(threats and the like) suspects or lying to them or such is against the system of law I’ve envisioned in the city which made it really hard to put stuff like that in so I scrapped it for the moment. Since her lawyer and the Chief Prosecutor are in the mirror room, it ain’t easy. :smiley:

Hmm, perhaps I could let the player whisper some stuff to Potira in private or such, or imply things more vaguely? Stuff like that is a staple in cop stories and I’m sure lots of people would want it as an option, but if I do put it in it has to be done properly so it doesn’t feel out of place, and that might be hard. :sunglasses:

Great idea about the backgrounds being put to use. I like it. I’ll just have to think of a way to implement it in a way that feels right.


Since we’re all about interrogations rn I need to drop this masterpiece of a scene from one of the greatest tv shows ever.


Here are some numbers

Take 1

Potira’s Guilt: 6

Potira’s Fear: 6

Potira’s Cooperation: 6

Potira was ultimately: Persuaded to make a deal with the prosecution.

Take 2

I didn’t get the numbers at all for some reason? But the interrogation ended with Potira crying, so I’m going to assume she didn’t take the deal.

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No update today.

Had more stuff piled up after my vacation than I expected. That’s dealt with now. Should be able to focus on the game more tomorrow. I hope. :expressionless:

Pretty cool, never watched that show. I’ll see if I can put something subtle like that in the scene. Might not be easy though since it requires a lot of cleverness. :smiley:


As for what happened in Take 2, she indeed did not take the deal but was instead jailed, which made the game read some code that had a minor mistake in it that made it skip the numbers part entirely. :smiley:

But it’s fine, from it I can deduce that your Cooperation was 5 or less and your Fear was 5 or less, since otherwise you wouldn’t have gone to that particular piece of code, so it’s still useful information to a degree.

The fix will be included once I post an update.


It will be nice if the update date is listed in the title. That way it will be easier to check for updates

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No update.

Almost ready, should be posted tomorrow. I’ve implemented a bunch of new options on the Potira scene too, plus fine tuned the numbers and changed a bit of the responses. Overall the slow progress is mostly laziness, though. :smiley:

The idea of using restrictions like “If fear is lower than 7, grey this option out” isn’t so easy to implement as I hoped. I put most of the options behind such things, but the problem is that they’re pretty much always available due to the restrictions I chose. For instance, they’re usually either greyed out if one of the three scores is too high or too low, and as such they’re almost always available at the beginning, only going out after a few choices. This in turn means the change is almost irrelevant(at least from my point of view). Obviously I could change the restrictions, but then it wouldn’t make any sense at all since the dialogue options were originally meant to be pretty all-purpose. Anyway, once I post the update it’d be cool to have some input from them, especially from people who already played through it to see if the change matters or not.

I suppose, but I’m loath to do so until I do the second polishing run on everything, especially since I’ve promised that once I update the title everything is in place as it should be. I guess I could just put “Minor Update: Day X Month Y” instead. Yeah, I guess that’ll work. I’ll try it out tomorrow if I remember.


Laziness my old friend

Mmm yes waiting patiently~ good luck~

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(Minor) Updated with next file.

Unfortunately just the update on the Potira scene, no Gargoyle scene yet. Still, it’s 6,000 new words in it and a bunch of mechanical changes on how the numbers and so on are generated. If you tried it already, give it another spin and tell me how it feels compared to the first iteration.

(Gargoyle version should be out tomorrow, as always :stuck_out_tongue: )

(Also, I changed the title of the thread as was suggested. The Major Update part will be changed once I get the Big Second Pass done on some beautiful day, while I’ll change the Minor Update text whenever I put something like this out. I’ll also try to use stuff like (Minor) before the “Updated with next file” phrase to signify the relative contents of the update).

Current average playthrough:

  • Total average: 93,500 (was 93,500. Added 6,000 words to the Potira Interrogation which is 21,000 now.)

Okay, so I guess I didn’t get the Gargoyle stuff out today after all. Spent quite a bit of time on the Potira stuff, and had to write/rewrite a lengthy part for the Gargoyle stuff I didn’t realize was missing(Harmsworth variant based on whether you had the Potira interrogation before or not).

All in all I hope I’ll get it out tomorrow, but who knows. Figured I should post something today after such a long time of nothing, and the Potira stuff was relatively beefy all things considered, so why not post it by itself?

Perhaps posting an update will also motivate me to post one tomorrow as well. :slight_smile:

As for the changes to the scene, I added a bunch of background options(one for each of Grey War, Corrupt, Hero, Unnotable), plus I added some new Stillwater stuff between the questions, and fiddled with the numbers(to make it slightly harder to get the deal, but that really depends on the options you choose).

Theoretically some options will be greyed out at times, but from my testing it was probably way too rare and only happened sometimes, rather than much of the time(I couldn’t really figure out the proper numbers to use so I left it as is). As such it wasn’t really exciting or strategic, but rather arbitrary, it seemed to me. Opinions are welcome, especially from those who already tried the scene out, would be good to know if it’s improved now.

There’s also a bunch of less important changes that I mostly forgot about already. Minor improvements mostly, I think. I did rewrite some of the more boring second depth sub-options, but they’re not super important either.

I put the Good cop/Bad cop suggestion in the back-burner for now since I want to proceed with the Gargoyle stuff for real, so I’ll revisit it in the fabled second polishing pass at some point.

PS I made some changes to the opening post in the topic to make it slightly more palatable. Is it, or is it just more confusing now?

Laziness is both my oldest friend and my biggest enemy. The duality is often quite frustrating. Without rest things would be torturous, but with too much rest nothing gets done.

Thank you for your patience, but just a bit more before I get some new stuff out for real. :wink:


No update today.

Change of plan. The Gargoyle scene will be delayed until probably Tuesday, since I decided to rewrite it a bit.

It’s currently at 10,000 words and will need maybe 5-10k more words until it’s ready in its new form. At present it’s quite a bit different from the Potira stuff, so hopefully it’ll also feel very different altogether. Had to rewrite it since I felt it was a bit too repetitive in comparison(the previous version that you haven’t even seen, that is :smiley: ).

Hopefully this will prove to be a good idea in the long run, even if it’s frustrating in the short term. In general I’m not too comfortable stapling two similar scenes back to back, so I should’ve known that it had to be done in the first place. Perhaps in the future I won’t do the same mistake.


No update today.

That’s all.


I’m loving so far what you have written and I must say that this book gives off huge Cyberpunk vibes even through just text. Keep doing what you’re doing and I wish you the best of luck for the future. Can’t wait for the full release.


When you’re still so disappointed in Cyberpunk 2077 that you decided to play this demo multiple times

Overall I am very surprised at how fast you’re working on this project! Kudos to you, buddy - and take care of yourself :)))


No update today.

Gargoyle interrogation will probably be ready tomorrow, but given how optimistic I always am(especially with the final fine tuning of the scenes!), take it with a grain of salt. :smiley:

Thanks! Great to hear that you’re enjoying it, it’s always good for my motivation. I can’t wait for the full release either. :smiley:

Haha! Nice to know that my work is good enough to be a replacement for some of the hope lost of Cyberpunk 2077. :sunglasses:

Funny how speed is a matter of perspective. My own view on the matter is that I’m awfully slow since I’m way behind my original schedule and all that. I suppose most WIPs progress slower, then?


No update today.

Had less time to work than expected, plus the final touches are taking longer than I hoped they might(as usual). Still, should be ready tomorrow.


No update today.

Reason: I really shouldn’t have bought the new Rimworld DLC/expansion.

“I’ll just try it out for a few minutes,” I thought.

Then many an hour later: “…drat. Guess I just spent the entirety of my free time playing it instead of working, huh?”

Got zero work done. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tomorrow I’ll summon the remnants of my will and try to finally finish the Gargoyle stuff instead of playing Rimworld again. :pray:


It is wort it for 16.80€. Cuz I’m uncertain to wait for a future sale and buy it.

(Rimworld stuff, off topic :wink: )

That depends what you want from it.

I personally really love the ideologies I can make with it, since it changes up gameplay massively in the sense that I’m “forced” to follow the tenets whether I like it or not. (Can’t eat meat, can’t cut trees, and such for the bigger ones, or you can eat fungus or insect stuff better, and so on)

Yet, if you’re the type of person that can roleplay during the game without much trouble and don’t need in-game rules, then it doesn’t really add that much as you can just pretend you’re following strict rules. (On the other hand, the different choices do come with mood modifiers that definitely have a gameplay effect).

Haven’t seen the new dryad tree stuff since I’ve started a new game like 4 times so no comment on that one.

There’s also a few miscellaneous things like enslaving people and forcing them to fight gladiatorial duels, but whether that’s worth anything or not obviously depends on whether you’d do it or not.

I guess it more or less delivers what it promised, it seems to me. Just read what it contains and if you think it’s nice and would like to play Rimworld with some new content, go for it. If not, just wait. It’s pretty much the same as with the Royalty update, I’d say, as far as changing the game goes.