Custom names not working with stat screen (SOLVED)

Hello. I’m having issues. Basically, I’m in the naming stage for my player, and The stat screen doesn’t want to update to what my player chooses or inputs.

Here are my variables in startup.txt
*create health 100
*create Honor 50
*create charisma 1
*create strength 1
*create intelligence 1
*create agility 1
*create wisdom 1
*create recklessness 1
*create reputation 5
*create Renown 0
*create gender 0
*create name " "
*create Brutality 50
*create Finesse 50
*create gold 100

Are you male or female?
		*set gender "male"
		*goto male
		*set gender "female"
		*goto female

*label male

*temp name "Daniel Martinez"
What is your name?
	#Daniel Martinez
		*set name "Daniel Martinez"
	#Henry Johnson
		*set name "Henry Johnson"
	#Fernando Cortez
		*Set name "Fernando Cortez"
	#I don't like any of these
		*goto custom_name

*label female

*temp name "Donna Saphrina"
What is your name?
	#Donna Saphrina
		*set name "Donna Saphrina"
	#Elizabeth Martinez
		*set name "Elizabeth Martinez"
	#Sophia Marina
		*set name "Sophia Marina"
	#I don't like any of these
		*goto custom_name

*label custom_name

please enter a first and last name
*input_text name
Hello, ${name}

And finally here's my Choicescript_stats.txt 


	text name
	text gender
	opposed_pair Honor
	opposed_pair Brutality
	text strength
	text agility
	text charisma
	text intelligence
	text wisdom

So just a side note, my stats screen is perfectly capable of keeping track of the player gender, but not the name, no matter what the choice is…Yup. Oh also, how do i set the players custom name input for variable “name”?

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Why do you have

*temp name “Daniel Martinez”?

You shouldn’t need those *temp commands. If you want a placeholder for name, just stick it in the *create command.

*create name “Gower”

Your *input_text command looks fine to me. Maybe it’s a space thing? Could you paste in your text with the text formatted correctly (using the format command </> above with the other format formatting commands?

Ooh. I wonder if the *temp command is overwriting *create somehow. Try without the *temp.

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Hi, there is no need to do the *temp name

The variable is already created at the top with empty name (at *create name " ")

So just remove those lines and the name will receive the value of the presets you made.

The stats screen you are setting the name as ${name} for it to show right? Because that is how to display variables.

The custom name seems to be set correctly. You had any problem setting it?