Curious Cuisine (WIP) (Hiatus notice on 711. Sorry)



Looks very interesting, @MeltingPenguins! A good long way from the blurb you sent me a while back :smiley: Will read and post comments soon.


:smiley: thank you. Looking forward to all feedback :slight_smile:


I need the communities input again. Major spoilers ahead:

Power overview


Elemental Manipulation

  • Fire (Pyrokinesis)
  • Water (Hydrokinesis)
    • Specializations:
      • Blood Manipulation (Haemokinesis)
      • Weather Manipulation (Meteorokinesis) (requires aero- and elektrokinesis)
  • Ice (Cryokinesis)
  • Earth (Terrakinesis)
  • Air (Aerokinesis)
    • Specializations:
      • Weather Manipulation (Meteorokinesis) (requires hydro- and elektrokinesis)
  • Light (Photokinesis)
  • Shadow (Umbrakinesis)
  • Electricity (Electrokinesis)
    • Specializations:
      • Weather Manipulation (Meteorokinesis) (requires hydro- and aerokinesis)
  • Time (Chronokinesis)
  • Essence (Aetherkinesis)

Organic Manipulation

  • Plants (inlcuding wood) (Chlorokinesis)
  • Food (Cibumkinesis)
    • Specializations:
      • Candy (Cuppediaekinesis)
      • Alcohol (Alcokinesis)
  • Paper (Papyrokinesis)
  • Diseases (Nosokinesis)
    • Specializations:
      • Poisons (Toxikinesis)
      • Healing (Vitakinesis)
      • Epidemics (Epidemiakinesis)
  • Metal (Ferrokinesis)
    • Specializations:
      • Weapon Summoning
  • Fabric (Fabricakinesis)

Mind Manipulation

  • Hypnosis & Mind Control
    • Specializations:
      • Sleep Manipulation (Somnokinesis)
      • Dream Manipulation (Oneirokinesis)
      • Puppeteering
  • Telepathy
  • Telekinesis (counts as enhanced supernatural ability)
  • Empathy & Psychometry (likewise enhanced)
  • Sound Manipulation (Sonokinesis)



  • Animate inanimate objects, Offense

Enhanced abilities


  • Speed
  • Healing
  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Senses
  • Endurance


  • Underwater breathing
  • Body Alteration:
    • Rubberlimbs
    • Limb detaching
    • Shapeshifting
  • Flight
  • Teleportation
  • Multiplication
    • Splitting (creates a single, weaker, but long lasting clone)
    • Cloning (creates multiple, equally strong, but short lasting clones)
  • Power Mimicry
  • Power Theft
  • Communication:
    • Omnilingual
    • Non-human communication (everything that isn’t a verbal/sign language)

These are the powers (so far) that you’ll be able to pick from in the game.
And yes, all will have their application somewhere, so every power changes a game a little bit.
What do you think?
Too much?
Too little?
Ideas? Questions?


I’m a sucker for Umbrakinesis, Chronokinesis, Telekinesis, and Telepathy :blush: while I love the sheer variety of skills, I’m worried that it’ll be too much work to write and code all of them.

How many powers will we get to have?


Ooh, Power Mimicry, the coolest power of all! :sunglasses::+1: But are you sure you can handle writing all of those powers? Writing and coding can be heavy, and having to do scenes over and over doesn’t sound fun to me.


Writing the powers in the story will likely be less of a mess than making this system XD

And up to 3 (plus up to 4 enhanced abilities) : One primary you can specialize, and (possibly) a second- and tertiary.
And there’s a ‘practice’ stat (there’s also one for cooking) that allows you to improve your stuff.

As said, they are scattered over the story. So a scene in which e.g. hydrokinetic powers can be applied will not necessarily allow for pyrokinesis to be used


Ooh, that’s a clever way to go about it. :+1: And with this many powers and specializations each player will have a more unique experience. Awesome!


The absolutely massive slab of powers does seem pretty daunting. I hope you’re not biting off more than you can chew!


As said, writing the powers into the story is pretty easy.
Coming up with the mechanics for a certain element of them was hard.


Fair enough. Still, that’s a massive amount of variables. Good luck!

I definitely see a child with Cibumkinesis helping out in the cafe, being our very own superpowered sous chef. Good thing child labor laws allow exceptions for family owned businesses.


Don’t work too hard. Health comes first. Oh, and if you have any trouble writing superhero stuff, this site is awesome, really helps a lot.


How much swearing is ok in a HG game?
I just finished the scene where you meet the rival for the first time… and let me tell you… there’s some f-bombs getting dropped.


post it and then I tell you if is “too much”.


Pffff there can never be too much swearing


Clever. XD but you will have to wait a little till I’m otherwise done.


That depends. Is it like how Negan uses the F-bomb in The Walking Dead comics? If not then you should be okay.


Counting, there’s more bloody than f$ck. Also no slurs, unless I missed “hag” now being equal with b&tch.

Haggerty is a most irritating person.


Choice of the Deathless has some swearing, including at least two f-bombs, and it’s rated teen in the google play store. As long as it’s not like, idk, half a page of just f-bombs, it should probably be fine

Also for reference, I don’t really know how game ratings work, but in the US, pg-13 movies are allowed one f-bomb (as an explicative, not a verb)


There’s a few more f-bombs.
As mentioned. Haggerty is a most infuriating person.


The best thing to do is to look at the platform requirements where you plan on selling the game.

Apple might tell you tone the useage down, if you classify your game as using few or no intense use of vulgarity … on the other hand, if you say there is intense vulgarity at times then it should pass.

You’re going to have to weigh the benefit of a lower rating vs the freedom of a higher rating for writing expression. If I weighing it, I’d prefer the lower rating so more kids would have access to the app … since kids love super-power games … but its something you’re going to have to figure out yourself.

The worse I have in my game is a “Hells Bells” sprinkled every 5 chapters or so.