Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking)

just played through for the first time and really enjoying the scene setting! all the characters seem interesting and I’m excited to see where it goes.

Not sure if these have been caught yet but!


Should be fabric-manipulator not frabic-manipulator

code is visible!

Pretty sure it should be doors not door’s.

Also the paragraphing seems inconsistent? Sometimes there are line breaks between paragraphs and other times it just starts on the next line.

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Thanks for finding these (will fix them with the next update or hotfix)

The paragraphing is something I’m still looking into, but it’ll look better in due time. <3

If you’re looking for more suggestions for Hero/Villian names:

  • Syrena (hypnotist)
    ↳ based from the Greek mythological creature, the Siren

  • Ephemer/a and variations (chronokinesis)
    ↳ based from the word ephemeral

  • Flashback (psychometrist)
    ↳ self-explanatory

  • Estorie (psychometrist)
    ↳ from the etymology of story

  • Averis (power-stealing)
    ↳ pronunciation of the word avarice (greed)

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<3 Oh, these are very nice, thank you
I’m good for the bonus (286 in total including the NPCs) but there’s still some I could need for later on when the kid gets powers

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I know ^^;
I’ll fix it with the next update

Character TidBits (will try to do one every monday now)
Get to know a bit more about the chars: (spoilers ahead)

Francis Montgomery
  • Name : Francis Elias Montgomery
  • Codename : Prestige
  • Gender : Male (cis)
  • Age : 16/17
  • DoB : August 29
  • Race : Mixed (Mother’s black, father’s white)
  • Hair : Blond
  • Eyes : Gray
  • Height : 6’2
  • FaceClaim : Christian Martyn

Francis is the son of Mayor Temitope Montgomery and Arthur Montgomery. It’s not clear what kind of person he is. He can be extremely kind and charming, but switch to moody and secretive, or vicious and condescending at the drop of a hat.

He’s avoids social contacts out of school, often burying himself in his room, studying. His only ‘friends’ seem to be Taylor Redford and his posse, though he seems to have a decent enough relationship with Trudie and Fern.

He seems mortally afraid that his parents might find out about the former.

He’s stubborn as all Hells, often acting without thinking and rushing into action, in and out of custom. His photokinetic powers are well-developed, and he specializes on illusions and small solid light constructs.

He has an ongoing rivalry with Marcus, can’t stand puns or jokes about his height, and is allergic to pollen.

Has a younger sister, Lori.


i wonder if we’re going to meet Lori in the game.

Seeing his height, i’m a little surprised on how gutsy my parent!MC is since Yuri is at least a half foot shorter than Francis is.

And apparently no flowers for Francis, got it. (Sorry, Elli, no bouquet attacks for Francis)

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Damn was Francis always this tall or did he get a lil boost?
I always pictured him bit shorted then that

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well, he was smaller when he was younger, naturally dodges away

Also, @Abe :
Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking) (We're back. With ART)


Francis is mine. None of you can have him. My tall boi :sob::joy:

(I mean my mom MC saved him from certain death so naturally he must now court my daughter. Them’s the rules)


I don’t know if anyone pointed it out before…but
Here is some bug…
It will happen if you blame your wife’s family for the mess …

In the third option, instead of ’ his ’ it will be ’ her '.

I’ll check if this is a bug or just a typo. Thanks.

Hello! Haven’t commented for a while! I was checking out your tumblr when I saw you’re looking for some hero or villain names? Well, here’s a few I could think off at the top of my head.

Nil (Nullifier), Changeling (Morph), Sunburn (pyrokinesis or maybe a fire chimera?), Hyperhaul (strength?), Wiseman (mind/emotion manipulation), and Cascada (aquakinesis)

Could be hero or villain really, hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Hi. Thanks, i might use some in the maingame = D. right now (meaning the name suggestions in the bonus chapter) i’m good though with a total of 268 names

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Just a quick ask, wouldn’t it be better to have a choice as to whether or not you join the show? I mean, I understand it’s an integral part of the story but surely forcing a cooking show on yourself (i.e the MC) is a bit much?
Surely you can show that Frank Haggerty snob that you can make a reputation without a full on cooking show?

This is just a suggestion though, and if I might say it’s an amazing story so far. :slight_smile:

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There will be a bit of talk about this in the beginning of chapter two

The main problem i faced, however, was that the show, as you said, an integral part of the story (beyond just being a cooking contest,spoiler) I had various other scenarios before, but none really worked out.

I will try to address and cover the concerns in ch2 the best I can.


That’s what I’d thought too. I wasn’t exactly sure how the cooking contest would pan out initially, (if you’ll excuse that horrible pun) but I felt as though it could have gone one way or the other.
All in all though, it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out. Hopefully not a food fight. :smile:


New Character TidBit as I feel a cold coming and might not be able to post on Monday:

  • Name : Gabriel Mendoza
  • Codename : FreezeFrame
  • Gender : male (trans)
  • Age : 33
  • DoB : February 18
  • Race : Latino (Puerto Rican)
  • Hair : Black
  • Eyes : Green
  • Height : 5’6
  • FaceClaim : Shalim Ortiz
  • Costume : Black bodysuit with purple piping, purple domino mask, boots with purple laces

FreezeFrame is a skilled chrono- and cryokinetic, and rather foul-mouthed. He takes great pride in being a ‘villain’ even though many that know him would disagree that he is one. He tends to do the ‘right and good’ thing a little ‘too often’, and his villainous efforts are a little… intriguing. He hates when people think of him as a hero, left alone claim that he has the heart in the right place. (Truth be told, he’s still flattered when he thinks no one’s looking)

He is a quick thinker, capable of assessing situations at first or second glance. Unfortunately he is even quicker at acting, often jumping into the fray before the first glance reached his brain. He can be a bit disorganized, sometimes forgetting his powers in the heat of the moment.

He’s a Nightfall veteran, and even before that had an ongoing rivalry going with MetaMorphia, which developed into a consensual, mutual hateship. They hooked up after the great Unmasking.


Currently toying with the idea of making one certain RO a little more… risqué.

Though I don’t know if that’d be good. I mean, it would fit the character, and said char is already a little… peculiar in that regard, but still…



If you feel like that would make the character fit what you envisioned, go for it! I think the most important thing is that you’re happy with the choices you made, not censoring yourself to fit an audience…but that’s just my 2 cents.