Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking) (UPDATE Jan 17 / New Bio Poll on 1568)



The kid is 15 at least. So my point stands


Can I ask you a private question in PMs I don’t have access to send then yet.


Err… of course. Though i dunno if it works if you cant use them yet :confused:


I can receive just not send out yet :slight_smile:


I’m currently making a list of things to overhaul (for clarity and/or continuity) anything in that regard you noticed, people?

Current list:

  • Make it clear(er) as to WHY NOT using the money for yourself anything more than necessary is out of the question
  • Bring up the MCs experience in working at a restaurant earlier? (I’ll be honest, I forgot WHERE it was brought up as of now)
  • Overhaul the interactions with/regarding Francis if you only met him at City Hall but not before/after
  • Add some more family info?

What do you think?


I would definitely love to see some more family stuff! If we had a good relationship with them did we just disappear? Lol


Added the following to Ch1-Act3, when you talk about running a cafe and what the 'most important thing is there:

“But snark aside,” you say, taking a deep breath. “I have worked my fair share in gastronomy stuff. There was that restaurant thing, sure. But I helped Daniel out at his diner when I was younger, and there was that short job at the food truck in L.A. last spring. And for the rest, your aunt Therese taught me a bit about accounting and all that. I think learned a bit more than just the basics about running a cafe.”

You let out a long sigh. “This will not be easy at all, I am not trying to convince anyone otherwise. But I do have my foundation, I’d say. If I focus on what’s most important about running a cafe, the rest should come easier.”
Polly tilts her head with an aura of disbelieve. “Well, what is the most important thing?”

As always, ‘Polly’ is the kid’s placeholder name.

Act 6 will give the player the option to phone/write to their family/friends and fill them in on what happened.


Superhero Game? Count me in.


Have fun.
The bonus, as short as it is atm is more superhero game atm than the maingame, but we’ll get there


Weekly Status Report (Going to do this every other Wednesday from now on, if possible):

Chapter 1 Act 6 (final act for the chapter) is at 1200 words with code now.
You’ve just arrived at the party and have been introduced to Mx Arcs.

Chapter 2 Act 1 (Hairy, hairy, quite contrary) is at 500 words with code, concerning meeting Fern Lady Ariadne, from the station for the first time, as well as heading out to get the kid signed up for school.

Bonus Intro is at 5k words plaintext now, and I will see to finishing the intro for the next update. Right now I am writing sparring with Fearfuel and I hate the a**hole.

On the mechanical side I am fiddling with the battle system, as well as the cooking contest. Latter will make for quite a chunk of text and code, as while the contestants will be the same each time, the outcome is intended to differ from play-through to play-through.

And last but not least:

Reminder about the Art Contest:


I was fiddling with the cc for the bonus chapter and had a thought. How does power nullification/stealing work on a chimeran? More specifically energy hybrids.

Train of thought

Someone like Gaslight’s powers aren’t really any more “super” than a fish’s ability to breathe underwater or a bird’s ability to fly. It seems mostly physiological. But then Powerhouse seems to have electricity powers that allow him to manipulate electricity outside his own body.

It could make nullifiers and thieves either useless against these chimerans or incredibly dangerous.

Assuming it’s not just conditional and I’m not just putting to much thought into it. Which, you know, happens. Fun to do though. I love throwing logic at superpowers, the results are always hilarious(ly bad) or interesting and you find cool, outside the box ways to use them.

Can Mimics/synergists/boosters use or influence chimeran abilities?


Might be that Nullifiers block that special chemical that supers have from being absorbed thus it wouldn’t matter if it’s a physical or non-physical power. That would in a way make them extremely dangerous to anyone since they are able to stop them completely in a fight.


Excellent question <3

Answer is: Chimeran hybrids don’t necessarily possess the powers they are hybrids with.
It’s commonly so, but there are exceptions.

Charcoal for example, is a tree-chimeran with fire-powers but no plant-powers.
He can not be harmed by his own powers, but by other pyrokinetics.
So a chimeran’s hybridization and powers are two things.
However, synergists and mimics can boost/copy minor qualities like protective skin or strength in a small amount. With a lot of training.

And yes, nullifiers do block the chemical while boosters, well, boost it. (There have been cases of people getting high on power in a literal way, though usually boosting never exceeds what the involved parties are suited for. This is why… but that would be spoilers :wink: )


I’ve been gone so long. School has killed my spirit (and free time…). But my excitement for this WIP has never waned! @MeltingPenguins have there been any super significant changes recently?


Well, only what it says in the patchnotes :wink:

Edit: reminder to self to finally finish all the interlude battles in the bonus fcol


Weekly heads-up:

Ch1 - Final act
Is at 1500 words with code. Not much new yet.

Adding in the missing battles in the bonus.

Expanded the guides.

I’m also working on something not meant to hit before ch4.

And I’m looking forward to the contest entries :slight_smile:


i would like to ask something regarding the fanart contest. is there a limit on the number of entries that we could submit?


Three. :slight_smile:


Thanks! i can’t wait to see the upcoming updates (take your time though. don’t rush yourself) and the entries of the fanart contest.


Yours is the first entry. Thank you.