Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking) (UPDATE Jan 17 / New Bio Poll on 1568)



You mean the worningbird or the ai upgrade you could just Google to get the same results?


General. ZE:SH part 2 got some of it too as far as i have seen.
But otherwisein terms of cog/hg…


Oh …weird I thought the dlc for safe haven was fun. Anyway the bonus chapter will definitely be worth the price.


ZESH second wasn’t a dlc was the second part. As the first game is published in parts exactly as Tell tale or life strange.


Okay. Update should come some time next week. The next several days gonna be hella busy for me (appointments and a convention).

So, see you then


I’m back (convention was neat :3 )
No update next week, though, as I’m a bit down with the con-flu Dx

And some major apologies to
@TheGreatIdiot @lovinglydull @DrDolphinrider and @PhilosoTor, @Prism_Stars and @KitsuneGoto

but could you, if you still want to cameo, send me your (characters) details again? I got lost n my pms X_x

Also, I am tempted to open a small fanart-contest for a longer cameo in one of the secret subplots. (it would be a semi important character and you’d have to keep things secret. there’d also be a lot back and forth talking about things)

Anyone up for that?


First off, Welcome back! Secondly, sweet, sounds like something thats right up my alley. Id participate.



Mnn… easiest might be a poll now.

Well then:

Hold a fanart contest for an elaborate cameo/right to name a character?
(Poll will run until friday)

  • Yes
  • No

0 voters


I’m not even an artist and I vote Yes.


SneakPeek for the coming update:

Meet Izzy

“I mean, it’s my first event of that kind,” you say as you go through the outfits.
Polly is about to answer when there’s a rustle from the clothing rack to your right.
“Hey,” a young but weirdly husky voice calls. “Which of these is more ‘Space Pirate garroting the Emperor of New Atlantis’?”
You and Polly turn flummoxed.

Peeking through the array of fabric is a small person about Polly’s age with short, touseled, magenta hair, wearing (as far as you can see) a rather eccentric ensemble with a ruffled blouse, a teal rhinestone-studded leather skirt with suspenders and huge narwhal earrings.
They’re holding up two long coats straight out of some pirate movie.

And look at Polly expectantly.

Polly blinks.
“Eerr… Steam-, Cyber- or Solarpunk New Atlantis?” She manages to ask back.

The other teenager ponders for a moment. “Huh. That’s an excellent question indeed. Hadn’t thought of that. I shall come back to you 'bout that.”

And without any word further they retreat back into the back of the shop.
You slip back into your own clothes and pack the outfit over your arm.
“Now for shoes and…”
“78% Solar. Rest Steam,” the husky voice from before interrupts you, and its owner steps up to you.
You and Polly exchange a baffled glance, and you look the other teenager over for a moment.

They stand maybe 5’5 small.

Correction. Make that 5’2. They’re wearing holo-platform boots with shells, seaweed and plastic fish in the clear soles.
The long blue and green striped socks convince you that the teenager is going for something sea-themed.

“The orange-y one then,” Polly states matter-of-factly.

Note: ‘Polly’ is the placeholder name I use for the kid mc


Ohhh Izzy sounds fun! Looking forward to it~


Well, that’s a definite result.
I’ll post the rules and details on the prizes after a good night of sleep.


Curious Cuisine FanArt Contest

Rules: Contest runs from now to Halloween. Everything CuCu related goes. Scenes, character art, musings about what could happen etc.

  • Duration: Sept 14th to Oct 31st (submissions), Nov 1st to Nov 14th (voting)
  • All kind of CuCu related art is permitted
  • Mediums: digital and traditional


  • First place: Getting your own full-fledged character into the story as NPC (NOTE there will be some limitations (like their role in the story), which I will discuss with the winner via PM/Discord)
  • Second Place: Getting to name a NPC and pick their powers
  • Third place: Getting to name a NPC

How to submit:

  • Either post the pic here, via DM or contact me on discord. I’ll put them into one post for voting then.


Small emergency update as I found a text-eating bug in Act 1 and 5.
It’s been fixed now.
The game now contains a bit more in act 5, but is not yet fully updated (Admittedly I was too lazy to remove the update’s text already in the file after fixing the bugs)


This update’s fantastic! Keep it up; I love every word of it. <3


Quick feedback request:

In the latest scene (returning to the cafe) there are few choices.

Is that alright or did anyone feel like the scene made them more of a spectator?

Edit: especially considering the new npcs

Edit 2:
Also if anyone has name suggestions for heroes/villains, throw them my way.
I currently got about 80 out of 201-268


Harbinger , Catharsis, Green Guardian, Blackbird, Chrononaut, Blue Butterfly, Pain Princess, The Drunk Knight, Rapture, Nomkin, Mistress Minx, Arachnodude, Lost Doll, Candy Queen, Tomie, Volkan.


These sound oddly familiar


Harbinger , Catharsis, Green Guardian, Blackbird, I’ve seen other people talking about

Chrononaut, Blue Butterfly, life is strange has Max with time rewind powers and blue butterfly as a symbol.

Pain Princess, alliteration is fun :slight_smile:

The Drunk Knight, alcohol Powers plus Batman

Rapture, just sounds cool

Nomkin, Mistress Minx, therpgminx and her wife inspired this

Arachnodude, Spiderman knockoff

Lost Doll, the Gregory Horror Show

Candy Queen, candy powers shrug

Tomie, jhorror villain will emotional Manipulation powers and regeneration

Volkan. Like Vulcan the god of fire( or the forge) I phoned it in sorry.


Hey that first group are my character names