Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking) (UPDATE Jan 17 / New Bio Poll on 1568)



Because of stuff currently happening in politics etc.

Oh, sidenote: went through your comments (not all through yet, but i’ll get to it) :3 Thank you again and I’ll see what I can do


I’m just glad I can help :smiley: and hey, Audley sounds Britishly refined! I like it.


Audley it is then. Thanks everyone :smiley:

Also, I’m nearly done with the next update (finishing up the part with Mr St John at the cafe)


Audley is good.


Yaaaaaassss can’t wait~


I was going to suggest Dorset … but it seems you have already chosen.


Also I enjoyed the “Yet another Chlorokinetic” reference being one myself teamed with Bella Donna and then attacked by thorny vines.


Heh, you’ll laugh, but Dorset’s out of the question as that’s a main NPC in Murder Most Magical

Details like that are to blame for the bonus standing at 30k with code while bing only 2k text…
There’s a couple of these already.
If you don’t mind spoiler, feel free to dive into the code.


I do everything on my phone so I can’t look into the code besides it’s more fun to discover things in game :slight_smile:


Have I to read the bonus? Because I normally don’t read them due crash hard with my character canon. Or this is no longer my character in the bonus?


If you play the bonus you’ll get an additional character.

The bonus take place 10 years before the main game.

So with the bonus you’d be playing three characters:

  • The bonus MC (who might then appear in the main game)
  • The parent in the main game
  • The child in the main game


Okay i will read it then. Also I want romance shampoo asshole my kid I think she likes Camara nerd


If the bonus MC comes into the main story will they be a RO or possibly the parent MC’ s ex spouse


I am toying with the idea at the moment.

They will certainly be mentioned throughout the game, and I’ll try to gave the events of the bonus have some influence on the main game beyond that


How old is the Main Game MC?


Right now the youngest age to later pick from is 37 the oldest 48.


I will be sincere. If I don’t know you and ai were only a possible buyer if I see a bonus content I have to buy separately Affects directly the main game I wouldn’t buy that game. I understand game being more expensive to pay the extra work on it but pay for a dlc separated from the game when it was made same time main game is not something I like.

But Like I know you and market sadly works that way that is preferred method separate a part from it and pay for both than paying for all the just price directly. I am not critize you just sad how market works.

But casuals would maybe give you nasty reviews if they feel main game is teasing too much a content is not there. Is a very complex matter to think about. I will buying both just for support


The bonus is a bonus.
It’s not required to enjoy the full game. You can buy it and get extra stuff that has light effects on the game, but you don’t have to.
There nothing but the potential ‘old mc is new mc’s spouse/kid’s other parent’ that’d be a major change.

Likewise I will not go and add the bonus’ wordcount to the main game’s description (i mean the maingame is shaping up to 1.5 million words with code) or act anywhere in the game as if the bonus is required.
You’ll get the story of what happened in the main game. (It’d be details the bonus changes)


Be extra careful due casuals in stores give bad ratings just because really. You could ask several authors about that lol.


The bad dlc reviews I know of for cog/hg were about the dlc not being worth the money.