Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking) (UPDATE 11/17) (We have a tumblr now)



Depends. Do you need sleep?



But really I just want to know my kid is either home or at a friend’s house before I go to bed


Wow you are really controlling mother. I mean she is really almost an adult so i will trust her respect a proper schedule


I think mine is the youngest option so not almost an adult. Also overprotective mom thanks


Sorry for the father thing I always fails in that. Still i trust in my daughter


I trust her to not be doing drugs or blowing things up but she’s got a strange personality she might try to spend a night in the haunted mannequin factory for all I know.


That’d be line 7 from the Market to Hallow’s Rest at 10:40


I’d that the factory that is haunted that makes mannequins or the factory that makes haunted mannequins?


(20 characters)


I expect she call me to go the factory we want be super heroes together…


Mom doesn’t need superpowers. But definitely up for haunted adventure


We are super moms in a pocket dimension


Are there plans to have it where we can just do 1 point of view or do we have to do both


It’s always both as the stories intertwine.
Technically three if you get the bonus.

Edit: talking about: really looking forward to the feedback for the new stuff :slight_smile:


Some classic Italians or Japanese food would be nice and since this is 2018, and everything has to be fusion these days let’s put some fusion cooking in too. I know were running a cafe and all, but maybe we can have an after dark time for the cafe and serve up some nice alcoholic drink.


I am Spanish and here Cafeteria serves alcoholic beverages. I prefer the sweets hot chocolate and that due i see it as cheaper and easier of maintain and i want Bohemian art a d goes well with caffeine


WB :penguin:!

I’m sure your :plate_with_cutlery: will be as fun and engaging as it ever was.

I look forward to all the rumors and teasers I heard about - such as playing as my own child at one point.

I’m pretty sure @poison_mara and others will be fully supportive of your efforts :slight_smile:


I’m glad this back! I love this WIP. I played the bonus chapter, and it’s awesome! I love all the customizable things in. Great work :smiley:


Oh yis, this is back. It’s been a few months since I last played the demo and I didn’t even know there was a bonus chapter. :smile: (Definitely playing that after going through the main game again)

The revamped intro’s much improved from the old version, I especially like the new bits with Heatsroke. Also glad to see the customization of our MC’s background is still detailed, and I liked its incorporation with the back and forth with Jennifer in the train. Good update overall :grin:

Some typos




The bonus is new.
It’ll be an in-app purchase and influence some bits in the main game.