Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking) (UPDATE 11/17) (Contest winners on 1426)



Can I just mention that I simultaneously love and hate writing Switchblade?
So far he’s responsible for about 5k words with code of the bonus intro and by now has

almost killed each of the possible companion heroes in the respective encounters… gleefully.


Just out of curiosity when will the next update be? I would like to continue both the main story and bonus chapter. :thinking:


When it’s done.
I know that’s not a good answer, but especially the bonus takes a lot of time coding atm (luckily some copypasting is fully justified at some bits here)


i love that you’re giving us a lot of choices as well as the bonus. i just hope you’re not burning yourself out.


Just the usual screaming at the code.
My fingers are itching to add codename choices to the bonus, which means coming up with 235 names…


You could always ask us to submit lists based on criteria that fits your needs and choose the best.


I could, but I shan’t :smiley:


Whatever works best for you :slight_smile:


For those wondering:

The current status of the next update is:
Bonus: 6800 words with code of approximately 8k (resulting in 200-400 words more… welcome to flavortext HELL)
MainGame: 1k with code of 9k-14k (this will take a while).

I can update things separately or in one go.


Take your time to do it the way that makes you the most proud of it.


Well, I can say for certain that the Introfile of the bonus will be over 30k words with code, so there’s that.


Partially updated the Bonus.
It’s not much (9k words with code, upping the ‘playthrough’ to 2k average, I’m not finished, but I feel a little burned out. Happy with what I got so far, though)


Take s break have some mojitos and watch some… I don’t have any recommendations I don’t know what you enjoy. But was that relax. Burnout sucks.


Muppets Treasure Island, and having an ipanema.


I got a question about the bonus chapter for the fully fledged animal hybrid option for the nonhuman trait thing, what does that mean? is like ears, tails, claws, fangs, all that? or like uhhhh animal that walks around like a human


Well the fully plant option is Groot or terrifying nightmare creature out of HR giger. So probably like anthros?


Yep. Full hybrid means anthropomorphic animals in terms of anmials. Though even fullfledged differs.

E.g. the receptionist at city hall has a porcupine face and quill hair, but human hands (well, more human)
There’s a secretary bird librarian in town who looks straight out of zootopia.

Some bird hybrids havr wings on their back in addition to arms, others have just regular wings


ok, thanks for clearing it up, also take your time and don’t rush we’re patient people so don’t worry :slight_smile:


My gosh I am so happy to see this back up! I am still currently not finished with reading the demo but GenecoInheritor is correct, I’d love to see you chill and not overwork yourself. I am supporting your work either way! And I’ll definitely give some insight once I’ve finished the chapter :slight_smile:

Though I must say I love the additions to the prologue recently, it really is more natural than the previous prologue and it is more handy how you handled the pronouns! Slight suggestion though, maybe add a handy He/She option whenever we pick Spouse when talking about our child’s other parent? It really isn’t needed by me, it’s just kinda as tedious as before since I do know that some non binaries go with traditional pronouns. But like I said, I’m just kinda lazy to type sometimes so it’s ok if ny suggestion isn’t a priority. :smiley:

So yeah! Glad you’re back and as I always say, keep enjoying writing! :wink:


I’ll put that on the to-do list. Though don’t expect it to come in before the final beta.