Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking) (UPDATE 11/17) (Contest winners on 1426)



A question could we have poison powers and poisoning our rivals food? please :sob: I want to be Poison the cooking villain that makes best cakes


It depends on your skulduggery path. Though remember, if one of the judges gets sick, thy might have to cancel the show. Do you really want to do that to Mrs Lane?


Maybe… Depending of How much wants to “affect” me or help … Is just poisoning and cause good bonus in food seems as a perfect power for a cooker lol


Definitely liking the Bonus, there’s an impressive amount of stuff we can customize given it’s not the main game. The little introductions we can get with all the characters are wonderful, too. (I’m already attached, please send help.) The only real exception would be switchblade, dude’s kinda an ass. My favorites, though are probably Heatstroke and MetaMorphia, they both seem sweet.

What exactly are Odium’s crawlers? My first instinct was like creepy vines or something but they seem like they might be actual creatures? Not really sure about anything other than they seem ominous and people are scared of them.

will we be seeing our hero/ villain at all in the main game or are we one of the casualties?

The new stuff for the main game was interesting both the strange “we’re being watched” comment
(Since Mr. Prince seems to be interested in us for some reason) and Mr. St. John’s brief introduction. He seemed a tiny bit grumpy but given the place The Timeless Cafe seems to have in locals’ hearts the skepticism is a bit understandable.

All in all very hyped for both the main game and the bonus chapter.

Quick continuity thing

In the main game Ian says Odium appeared and Mr.Dorsey disappered shortly beforehand 12 years ago and Odium’s reign lasted two years. In the bonus Kaleydoscope says they had to endure reign for half of their life at 24 years old.

some quotes, though I might have missed some

cafe over in the Old Town that has been abandoned for about twelve years now.

“You see, due to the fact that Dorsey disappeared shortly before Odium appeared, it led many to believe that the young man who had owned the cafe and this dreadful villain are the same being.”

Their reign lasted two dark years, and then… Nightfall happened.

There’s also at least one mention of twelve years being a long time

And then

Aren’t you like 24 or something

not to mention I had to endure Odium’s reign for half my life.


I was about to say whoops (so yeah, it was a continuity mistake on my end). but then again, it’s kaleydoscope. They are prone to complete exaggerate basically everything, so… that was accidentally very in-character for them. I’ll add a little bit acknowledging it with the coming update.

Thanks :smiley:

As for the crawlers
(note the following is early draft, so it might change)

No one knows if they are actually alive and if yes, what they are.
Vaguely humanoid shapes having fingers and limbs just a little too lone, a little too thin, with bending just not exactly the right way.
Only ever seen from the corner of your eyes, moving just a little too fast, a little too jagged, and never there when you turn to look.

As for the hero/villain (massive spoilers)

It depends on how you play. The bonus has, as of now, 5 possible endings, all of them influencing some elements in the maingame (e.g. you will be able to check your old character at APORIA’s hero/villain exhibition)


That last bit is going to be my favorite part.


Question I could be really a villain and have a good ending or is will be villain = automatically bad ending


:wink: wait and see what I have in store


teaser :wink: No, really I am tired of games that say villain =automatically bad ending buu loser play likea pony if you wanna bang. But I trust you you let me shoot a shampoo to face the guy i want romance lol


The endings are open to both heroes and villains


In the CC universe there’s nothing t really much difference between the former and the lateter so far.


Just cause so far you’ve only met those that decided to register with APORIA…

Wait till you meet The EMPeror or Automatona. Or Miss Eerie. Or Arquear.


Aquarear? Talk about a bubble butt


That sound like porno lol. I think I will go with The name Poison glitter



He’s an atomkinetic specializing in living organisms…


That sounds like a cch zenith level villain. Brutal.


Adikia-Level by APORIA’s power scale, Omega-level threat.


If that’s anything like X-Men maybe I should make the bonus character a power nullifier.


It’s all in the guide you can get at APORIA in the maingame


I’ll have to stop by next playthrough