Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking) (UPDATE 11/17) (Contest winners on 1426)



Interesting, I just might keep my eye on this.


Oh, also: If you peeps play the bonus chapter, please say if things were clear, how you envision your hero/villain and introduce them to us?

EDIT: Also, sidenote: thanks for the note on the haunted mannequin factory, that was excatly the bit of inspiration I needed for either Izzy’s or Fern’s route (or both)


Glad to help :slight_smile: now time to replay the game see what’s new.

I read the description of shapeshifter and thought there’d be an option to turn your limbs into weapons like the T1000 or carnage ;p


That’s weapon summoning in combo with shapeshifting


Gotta try that but for my first time umbra-kinetic sounds fun


heh. hold up, minor updating the bit, as I managed to not copy-paste exactly that bit >_>


I choose the one bit you didn’t get talk about lucky. Ok I’ll retry as someone else. Hmm gotta think about my favorite fictional characters


? Huh? :confused: (20 chars)


“as I managed to not copy-paste exactly that bit >_>”


ahhh :3
well, it’d been no big deal


Ahh okay I’m going to look through the powers and find the most interesting combination brb

Alcokinetic 13 year old is the top contender so far


Glad this is back and glad you’re doing better! I’m really liking the revamp and the bonus chapter! also my brain wouldn’t shut up about this during work but like

is the hero/villain potentially the parent mc’s spouse??? like i know the spouse thing is optional my brain just kept going “what if tho”

I’m not gonna lie, when i saw weapon summoner as one of the powers in the bonus chapter my mind immediately went to archer from fate stay night


I found a picture of Miss Lane



She’s happily married, and has a seven year old daughter.

What, you’re not rebuilding PG?


Which PG do you mean?


which ones are you thinking of?


Power Girl
That some how you meant Prodigal or you mixed up DG dirty girl with PG… Pretty girl? Shrug


Welcome back. <3 Glad to see the update.


Prodigal in this case, though truth be told, I think one can recreate a couple of NPCs from other superhero games in the library.


Prodigal a lesbian psychopathic Dominatrix ( lesbian in my play through)
Dirty Girl a druggie sex fiend

I’m playing a thirteen year old. ( Because this bonus Character probably dies and that’s extra sad to lose one so young) and I don’t think either of those two would be appropriate for this game :stuck_out_tongue: