Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking) (UPDATE 11/17) (Bio for Francis on 1447)



Could have sworn this was back on hiatus again last time i looked… I must not be here enough


I’d like to apologise to everyone who likes Marcus and/or Francis for the upcoming update.



Jk, can’t wait! I’m sure it’ll be great! :smile:



:face_with_hand_over_mouth: heh


Is this part of Chapter 3?


Nope. Still chapter 1.


MP, what did you do THIS time? I already have enough angst in my life.


You’ll see.
But neither will be too well by the end of day 2

EDIT: Let me put it like this: You know CCH’s Downfall? APORIA has a teacher like that too, much to Marcus’ dismay



I was just playing CCH actually. Though I can’t afford 2


which one is that? I never actually played the full game.


play it, if you mean CCH.

as for the teacher in CuCu: You can get a glimpse of him in the arthall path at APORIA as well as the Hall of Fame path. (it’s Switchblade)


I’ve been chilling on this wip for a long time and I really love it! tbh there should be more games that let you play as a parent. But anyways this has been really great so far and I can’t wait to see where it leads!

now if only I could get started on my own wip grumbles


Thank you.
And take your time. There’s many great tools and tutorials to help one get started, and while the code might look intimidating at first, it’s a really nice and comfortable programming language.


Yep, I bought the game a while back and haven’t gotten around to actually finishing it so I don’t have a great grasp of who all the characters are.

bug when choosing unplanned pregnancy (carrying and causing respectively)


Fixed it, thank you.
shakes fist at quick- and randomtest

The APORIA visit is complete now, Feedback on it urgently requested. Thank you.


Went to the Training Center path and man, that was a whirlwind. i am full of worry from both in the eyes of Yuri and Elliott.

Nitpicks: during the attack scene on Marcus, a good chuck of text was italicized.


Fixed the formatting, thank you.

The city path I’m working on is equally stressful.


During the elevator scene with Trudie, found a bit of a weird text break.


Trudie sighs. “Maybe, but he’s not supposed to do that. I know some people say that as a level 2 picturakinetic he’s
not much of a threat but…” She whimpers softly. “He’s a good guy, really, but he’s totally reckless. And after Prestige passed his test for level 4 with flying colors, he’s really miffed.”
You look at Norah again, who gives you a look indicating she is thinking what you’re thinking.
“Trudie?” You say, voice full of determination, “Which way to the pool?”


Thanks. Fixed.
A *line_break snuck in where it didn’t belong


When choosing the option to check out Ice manipulation, it jumps to pyrokinetics.