Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking) (UPDATE 11/17) (Bio for Francis on 1447)



Exciting news:

with one of the upcoming updates a story letting you play as one of the Powered Individuals fighting at The Gloom will go live alongside the game.


I can’t fucking wait for this game


Some details on this:

  • play as male, female, cis, trans, nonbinary, genderfluid or agender
  • as straight, gay/lesbian, bi/pan or ace/aro/aroace
  • play as fully human or as chimeran.
  • be a Hero or a Villain
  • chose from over 60 superpowers
  • unlock one of at least 5 different endings
  • shape your legancy for certain other characters to discover 10 year later

It will be at least 100k words and will be referenced in the maingame, unlocking events otherwise not accessible


I’m so ready


This is awesome news!

Btw, i made sketch for my PCs (Yuri and Elliott). i hope you like it, @MeltingPenguins.

Yuri and Elliott Marquez (abe's PCs)


D’awwwwwwwwww :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Edit: also… current shoutouts to CoG/HG games (see if you can spot them all)

  • CCH: 3
  • Hero Unmasked: 3
  • HR/THP: 2
  • people from the fandom: 3

Happy hunting


Is the other game being written by another author or are you doing it as a side project?


Ugh I keep looking for these shoutouts…and nothing. I’m blind, I guess.
I’m determined to find them though so I’ll keep at it.

Also, super excited for that update :grin:


? Oh, no, I’m doing the thing


Was just curious becaise it just seemed like an enormous project


It happens.
Well, truth be told it’s not all my work (apologies for wording it like it is Dx). @Jessicanity and @zionmantis are helping greatly as we play out that story as an RP :smiley:


It’s still like 90% MP’s work whatever she says~ :heart:


Naught is absolutely @zionmantis’ work and I’m grateful for the blessing he is


New partial update (APORIA: Art Hall Exhibition) is up now, as well as some minor fixes.
Feedback required, thank you.


went to the Art Gallery and i’m glad that you gave further explanation to Marcus’ power and a little more lore to the superheroics in the story.


Hope everything made sense and didn’t feel rushed.


If its possible to answer this wats a chimeran


A chimeran, in the context of this game, is a hybrid between human and… other stuff. It can be the classical human-animal hybrid (like the porcupine receptionist at city hall), a human-plant hybrid, energy hybrids etc.
You can unlock the visitor’s guide at APORIA for ingame info. :slight_smile:
I’ll check over the code again to make sure I didn’t use terms one might be unfamiliar with if the guide is not yet unlocked.


Oh I love Gourmet Hound!!

Never! XD I wonder if I can find all the references/shoutouts, hehe.

Ahh, they’re so cute!!


glares at the superpowers list Stop changing your number, ffs.