Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking/SliceOfLife WIP)



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Edit: on that note… i should warn people that

one of the parent ROs is a genderfluid (?)
Cyborg and one of the kid ros is a shapeshifting slime creature…


Usually I’d be looking for the most interesting potential Romance and spending all my free time. Examples from non CYOA games ( since I’ve made those obvious time and time again.

Dragon Age 2; Merrill
Dragon Age Inquisition: Sera
Mass effect 2: Tali or Jack
Mass Effect Andromeda: Peebee
Oxenfree: Clarissa ( I know she dated our brother shut up!)
Night in the Woods: Bea
Life is Strange : Pricefield

But mama ain’t got time for dating.


So, uh, a slime like the girl from monster musume?

This (slime) girl



Yep. Like that.
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Okay. Anyone got questions about the ROs (heavens some have changed DRASTICALLY since I added them to the overview)?


who are the ROs for the parent and the kid? I think the number increased :sweat_smile:

Parent's RO

Valentine Patenaud Heatstroke

Valentine is a very headstrong woman with a caring heart. She runs a food stand at the local station from morning to midday, where she puts her pyrokinetic (fire manipulation) powers to good use.
The general impression to get of Valentine is that she’s boisterous and caring, latter especially towards the new generation of masked individuals.
She’s part of the so-called ‘Unmasked Generation’, and has fought at Nightfall.

The latter left her with a limp… and a broken heart?

Ian Rattray

Ian is regarded as the best historian in all of CoCi, a walking encyclopedia, and what in general might be called a gentle giant. Standing almost seven feet tall (all muscles), Ian is a gentle, curious and shy soul and would be soft spoken, if he wouldn’t tend to talk like a waterfall.

He’s easily alienated if he’s told to shut up, and might retreat in on himself for a while afterwards.

Spending most of his time at the libraries of the city Ian got the reputation to feel more comfortable around books than around humans.
He is determined to uncover the secrets of The Gloom.

Lesley Arcs
(Genderfluid, afab)

Lesley are aspiring reporter at the Chronicler (and thus having a bit of friendly rivalry going on with Arthur Montgomery), they’re always hunting for a good story.

They are the epitome of the intrepid reporter, with all its setbacks, much to their dismay, and they seem to be looking for their very own hero to save their bacon from the fire.

Fay/Frank Haggerty
(female/male (gender switches))

One of the judges at the cooking contest, and as Current head of one of CoCi’s oldest and richest families, one of its main sponsors. They seem to be out for you for some unknown reasons, and will stop at nothing to win.

They are cold, condescending and care only for themselves.

Or do they?

Massive Spoilers below

Willard Dorsey
(male, cyborg parts allow to ‘switch’ )
The former owner of the Café you’ve been given, who has vanished about 12 years ago. Turn out he worked to bridge the gap between human and machine and became what can best be called a cyborg. He has been helping machine-chimerans over in the Tesla Coil district, and been ‘creating’ further cyborgs ‘from’ people asking for it.
He’s rather distant, but a valuable friend after a while.

Winnifred Poole (aka Miss Gotten)
Owner of a thrift shop in Old Town, moonlights as the dreaded Miss Gotten, a cat burglar giving the superpowered heroes of CoCi a run for their money.

Kid's RO

Francis Montgomery aka Prestige
Francis, in one word, is a douche. He’s rude, selfish and cares little for others, preferably surrounding himself with people who will boost his ego. Being the son of CoCi’s #1 powered couple (La Mode and Stormrider), with his mother being the current mayor he grew up in a world were your fame alone opened all kinds of doors for you, and he knows that.

As Prestige, a light manipulator and illusion summoner, he is gallant though a bit rakish, and much less full of himself.
Now, which is the mask and which isn’t?
In either case, both sides of him have a rivalry going on with Marcus.

Marcus Hayes aka SnapShot
Live has not been kind to Marcus. Those that know him and Francis will easily say Marcus got all the misfortune for each piece of Francis’ luck in life. In general people would say Marcus is the opposite of Francis.
He’s kind, upbeat, and caring, and will fight tooth and nail to protect those dear to him. Major downside many see in him is his tendency to pepper his speech with physically painful puns,
He’s living with his mother, former hero Butterfly, in the poorest district of town, caring greatly for her since the sudden disappearance of his father ten years ago sent her into a nervous breakdown and depression.
Marcus is convinced his father had been non other than CoCi’s top hero Eclipse, who also went missing ten years ago.

His powers as SnapShot consist of summoning items and creatures of pictures, and animating them to a degree.

Trudie Doherty aka Starlight

Trudie is an orphan living with her elderly foster mom and Fluff, a tiny schafpudel. Trudie is notoriously shy and insecure, deeming herself to have completely lost the power lottery, but nevertheless aims to become a hero people can look up to. Can show a lot of bravado when ‘on the job’ or excited or angry (really angry) about something, but it usually fades too quickly once she starts second guessing herself.
Tends to break into tears very easily due to the insecurities.

Izzy Bishop aka Ace Of Spades
(genderfluid, afab)

Izzy are a rather eccentric terrakinetic (earth and mineral manipulation) and one of Marcus’ oldest friends. As eccentric as they are, as sober and snarky they can be, on account of having witnessed the death of their mother several years back. They now live with their wealthy aunt, and work the skin off their hands to find the driver that ran over their mom.

Fern Andreas aka Lady Ariadne
Daughter of Madame Tarantula and DemoLasher Can summon and control ropes at will. (More to come)

(male presenting)
??? is a slime chimeran. He’s unfortunately on the ‘slimy’ side through and through. (more to come)


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