Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking/SliceOfLife WIP)



Don’t be like me, study for your finals…

Anyways, I have this head-canon late in the game where the kids play with MMO’s and spend their time together in a virtual world. I find that it’d somehow relieve some problems that the kids have. Trudie can now pick whatever power she wants for her character, Francis can let down the mask he wears without social repercussions, Izzy would probably be happier spending lots of time with Trudie and Marcus. Marcus would enjoy the downtime in general.



In fact... (from etrian odyssey 5. Cause im a dork)


So if we’re a single mother who never had a significant other?


Then your relatives are usually mean b*stards within the story.


It’ll be interesting to see how things play out when there’s no significant other since I imagine the fuckupaplyse involved them.


No, not necessarily. The game accounts for there not having been any SO.


Looking forward to playing the full thing


A note on how romance will work:

You will, as such, not be able to set your romantic or sexual orientation.
If you interact with a character enough it might however happen that they will ask you if you’d like to start dating.
Then you can tell them if you are interested or not.
Also we’re at 7 ROs for the parent now and there might be more.


The way I like it. :blush:

Er, the way of implementing romances, that is, not having 7 ROs at once. :no_mouth:

As long as I can turn them down gently. :slight_smile:


What is this nonsence? We shall turn them down about as gently as a powerbomb from the hulk, that is the only way you should do that to a super. How else are they suppose to experience comic book character development? How are we supposed to develope our Nemesis Folder? :thinking:


It is the way I like it. Maybe even give me a few more. Then near the end I would like to have a hunger games-esque competition where they all fight to the death for my love. :smirk:


Formal Request for Cameo
description, tall, 6’2 black hair, mustache
personality: incredibly sarcastic, think hawkeye pierce or Edmund Blackadder
Potential Powers: Mind reading?


Instead of more romances for the parent could we get some more for the kid?


Everything is relative! :crazy_face:

…aaaaaaaall rightie then! :grimacing:

I do like games where the NPCs are given some semblance of free will, as far as a text-based CYOA can reach (the power of our imaginations is what make fictional text so potent!). As long as they don’t turn into stalkers, take a hint (a la power-bomb above) or something! :blush:


I never said we don’t :wink:


Super glad to hear it.


Kid might get a chimeran RO


When your mind is elsewhere when reading a specific word: (car alert)

Transformers, is that you? :crazy_face:


i only want the best for my kid and this is the best


Chimeran are human-hybrids of various kinds:
animal-hybrids, cyborgs (androids of certain kinds too), dryads, bodiless entities etc.