Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking/SliceOfLife WIP)



In Edible Escapades, maybe, if it works with the flow.

EDIT: Sidenote: current wordcount with code (but without bonus material and stats) is at 86k
We are aaaaalmost at the high society party now…


So you’re planning on this being a multipart series? Is the second game going to be called Edible Escapades?


I found there way the plot proceeded called for two installments. Sorry


I like the titles.
I love alliteration :blush:


Thanks for answering.

coughs I mean, that’s something I’ll definitely be looking forward to.


Ohhh, Is there still a place left? I wanna be in the contest! Will we be fighting with or without our rings?

Edit: Also, if you’re not pulling my leg here, are we allowed to enter previously shown fanart? :thinking:


There’s no ‘entering’ x3 just drop me a note with physical description, name, personality and potential powers :smiley:

Cameo Spots: (updated 02/08/2018)

  • Contest (ALL TAKEN)
  • Parent Subplots (3 total, 2 left)
  • Kid Subplots (4 total, 2 left)
  • General (4 total, 3 left)

Also… rings???

Cameo Overview Spoilers

Contest: TheGreatIdiot, lovinglydull, DrDolphinrider, PhilosoTor
Parent Subplot: Fiogan
Kid Subplot: Prism_Star, KitsuneGoto
General: War_Doctor

EDIT (02/13): list updated


Serious note for a moment:
As I am currently polishing what we have so far, I’d like for people to semi-beta things and tell me (via DM) what they think should be altered, removed or expanded.

Thank you.


I’m late to the game, so can someone clue me in–is there a mean a private beta or the story just the demo in post 1?


Just the demo.
We are far, far from the real beta, but I prefer having everything smoothed out now to reduce the work for me and the final beta testers to a minimum :slight_smile:


Turns out, I’m going to be cramming these next few weeks since I JUST found out I had mid terms starting Monday. So here’s a pretty unfinished Valentine’s comic with the 2 cutest muffins.
Just in case, HAPPY (advance) VALENTINES DAY to you all!


D’awwwwwwwww :star_struck:
(Though one thing I should have noted before: Francis will always address the people (his age) around him by their last name (or first part of a double last name xD)


Sorry but given that like 50% procent of your posts (or at least those I’ve seen) are criticizing Sergi and his writing, this one was just something I couldn’t help that notice: those superpowers sound a lot like the original MCs superpowers Heroes Rise, and the part about the writer sounded exactly like something you said several times about Sergi. Now I don’t want to start a fight here. But I have to say that when I’ve read this part I thought “Seriously? Even here? Is this really necessary?”

Other than this I liked your game maybe even this part wouldn’t bother me so much if idk… maybe you could change it into something less harsh sounding? Actually I’m not even sure if it bothers anyone else or it’s just me. Also once again I don’t want to start a fight here so I’ll just drop it right after I’ve sent this post.


It’s already been changed for the coming update. :slight_smile:

“No. I got advanced hovering and leaping, and sorta energy manipulation. I know some folks think it’s a great thing, I mean you see it in comics all the time, but it’s…”

It was more a general criticism of many superhero writers (but yes, sergi falls into this category too by expansion) who have all these powers to chose from yet go for undefined energy-blasts and flight.

Starlight will also explain a little how most Powered Individuals start out with undefined energy/ hovering like that before it settles into a power/power set or movement type (flight, teleportation etc), and she’s shaken 'cause hers just refuse to become defined.


It sounds perfect this way: it still shows how Starlight doesn’t like her own powers, but it doesn’t feels like an attack against anyone. Thanks for not taking my complaint in a bad way.


No worries. Feedback like this is needed to improve :smiley:

Bit on Starlight

Starlight is plagued with self-doubt. She’s usually a very cheerful young girl and always there for her friends, but when it comes to herself… You know the kind of artists who measure themself against others, more experienced artists?
She’s 15, for crying out loud, and already has her level 4 hero clearance, but she looks at herself as if she failed completely. This expands to how she sees the people around her: She refuses to think of them as ‘friends’ as she’s convinced she’s not good enough.

Edit: also, @Cari-san if you, or anyone, really, find things like this, as said, let me know.
Better I fix them sooner than later.




You alright there? :frowning:


im sad for starlight


Huh. That’s why Starlight reminds me of Starfire (besides the name). facepalms Granted, other than that, they’re very different people.