Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking/SliceOfLife WIP)




As of now the plan is it to allow for your former spouse to show up in CoCi if you had a good/decent relationship with them. Same goes for the other biological parents if the kid is the result of an unplanned pregnancy (whether your MC was the part giving birth or not) or an artificial one, if you know the other parent (and are on good/decent terms)



I look forward to child/parent moments,conversations etc. Is our child sad cause they lost their parent? MAMA BEAR TIME! Do they have romance issues? MAMA BEAR TIME! Do they have issues in General? MAMA BEAR TIME! REMEMBER WHEN YOU WERE A BABY AND YOU HAD TO GRAB MY HAND TO FALL ASLEEP? YOU ARE THAT BABY TO ME STILL DIGGIT :sob:
I’m a sucker for those daww :relaxed:
Also how the superpowers play into the story since I plan to play as a parent who is pretty wary of those and wants nothing to do with them and suddenly boom we both have powers lol

If we had a good relationship with our former spouse and they are alive can we get back together? If so I may bring the husband back from the dead lol


And on the contrary, I want to play a parent who’s like “Wow powers cool”


Well, as for the powers: the decisions you make up to a certain point in the story will determine whether or not you got any as parent. so, sorry if you don’t get them every time.


Oh, I though we both get powers but now that I know that our child can be powered and not us I will choose that path. I can see this happening

P: I hate superpowers, people think they can do whatever they want just because they can manipulate the weather or something. Not to mention how dangerous it is! Especially those cryokinetic idiots!
K: apparently I’m a cryokinetic '_'
P: Hell’s bells

I can imagine the child trying to calm the parents down with their powers lol



I am currently reworking the choices and how they affect the counter, so that in the end you’ll have answers that will definitely have you end up with powers, answers that will maybe end in powers maybe not, answers that won’t and answers that will because the universe does not approve of your attitude.


I’d almost be tempted to open a little fanart contest to give out cameo-spots at the cooking contest, but that’d be selfish and crude…
so, who wants to be a contestant?




slowly raises hand


To bad I am horrible at drawing :frowning:


Thats why Im not holding a contest, so itll be fair x3


Oh my! Thought you were being sarcastic hehe :sweat_smile:


why limit to fan art? fanfic!!! fanmade character playlist!!!


Yes, how will you pick?


XD just drop me a PM with name, personality outlines and cooking skills xD
(Also if anyone has fanart, lemme see ;_; )


Tor, You’re in :slight_smile:

So… yeah. I decided to give out 5 (3 left now) spots at the contest, 3 at some subplots for the parent, 4 for the kid, and 4 in general.

So… if you want in, drop me a note or a post with the name you wanna use, looks (animal, machine etc if you wanna be a chimeran) and generally what you’d like to appear as =D.


This is definitely a refreshing take on the superhero genre. I’m enjoying it and looking forward to the next update.


Thank you.
Though, I must ask for details, cause I don’t think I’m anything but a bit old-fashioned with the genre.


Far-fetched idea here, but can we adopt a pet and make it our mascot for the cafe? :thinking: And since we have the different dimensions thing, we could even have super pets. :grin:


I like that idea a lot!