Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking/SliceOfLife WIP)



well, i hate to admit it… most of indonesian people are kind of “excessive” (i dont know if i use a correct english) when its about other people privacy… they love to stick their head in other people personal life (especially its corrupt politics, they love to hide their misgiving --corruption and what not-- by diverting people attention with unnecessary law) and the most effective one is usually about other people sex life… we know the risk of having sex before marriage, so there is no need for making a law about it :expressionless: let people decide how they live their life. I LOVE my country, but i hate its political.

and seriously, Islam is a peaceful religion, but indonesian people will make a big deal about it… example : islam teach us about haram and halal food (i take this example coz its seems related with this game), so when a muslim need to buy a food in restaurant they just need to avoid haram food from their menu, its as simple as that… but no, some “excessive” people will make a big deal about it when they find out the restaurant they had visit has a haram food in their menu… they will rally more people and make the restaurant looks like they want to attack their religion by selling haram food and at the end they wouldn’t be satisfied before the restaurant go out of bussiness… seriosly dude, Islam didn’t ask you to be that extreme, let them sell haram food for non muslim people, while you can enjoy your own halal food… be considerate, there is not many place that sell pork for someone who love it.

EDIT : sorry for my overuse of “haram food” coz i dont know how to called it in english)


People will always abuse religion, race, etc to make themselves out to be better than others.

Though on a related note concerning the game:
The next update will involve a party and a lot of food.
Anyone got some nifty little halal, kosher, vegan and vegetarian party snack recipes?


cant come up with anything… and i dont know much about vegan or vegetarian, but didn’t they avoid eating meat? (correct me if im wrong), so i guess its pretty save with any menu as long as it didn’t include pork, and alcohol) :thinking:


Only thing that comes on my mind is greek and caesar salads


hmmm… Yummy, the pict looks delicious :heart_eyes:


Vegetatian party food:


Halal dude

Party food I dunno which diet they belong

  • Swedish meatballs
  • spicy chicken wings
  • tiramisu
  • lemon pie
  • chips n dip
  • chicken pie
  • sausage pie
  • pudding
  • mini burgers

Looks like we visited the same websites lol @Curious_Boy


and now im hungry :rofl: after looking at those menu and picture


Thanks everyone x3.
This will help a lot.
Still pondering putting the recipes of every dish mentioned in the bonus material


I can’t speak to halal, but there really isn’t a specifically “kosher” set of recipes. There certainly are dishes that are traditional to Jewish communities in different parts of the world- Yemeni Jews would have very different dishes than Eastern European ones, for example.

I’m going to oversimplify here, but what makes something kosher or not is whether it contains forbidden ingredients (one of the unclean animals, like pork or shellfish), whether it combines milk and meat products (note that fish is not classified as meat, which is why smoked salmon and cream cheese is an acceptable combination, while a cheeseburger is not), and whether it was prepared in a kosher kitchen. Also, meat must be slaughtered and processed under the rules of kashrut as well. The rules of kashrut for kitchens get really, really, complicated, but it means having completely separate equipment, utensils, dishes and preparation areas for milk and meat. You can’t prepare meat with a dairy cutting board, pan, or oven. (That potentially has implications for a character wanting to run a kosher restaurant: they’d either have to remodel the kitchen to add a second oven, sink, refrigerator, etc., or decide to serve only meat or only dairy dishes; dairy-only seems more common.) Passover adds a whole new level of complications, which you’ll probably want to avoid altogether.

As I think about it, those rules have implications for kosher-keeping MCs in the game in general. They’d be very reluctant to eat at any restaurant that wasn’t a kosher one. I really doubt that they’d eat anything from the snack bar at the train station, for example, unless it were a packaged food that was certified kosher.

Note that the prohibition on combining milk and meat extends to the whole meal, not just individual dishes. If you’re eating a meal with meat in it, you can’t have butter on your bread or ice cream for dessert. If you decide to have the character serve the turkey meatballs that cookiemonsta linked above, nothing else that they serve can have dairy in it.


My brother worked at a “fast food” type place here that his friend owned. We live in a university town so there are many people of different nationalities and religions. Because of the demand of some of the customers they had to end up buying a separate grill and utensils for cooking. They served pita style sandwiches in a open kitchen, similar to subway. A lot of the time when vegetarian customer or ones who did not eat pork came in, they had to wash the special utensils and grill (even though they were not used on pork) in front of the customers. Which would then make any customers in line angry at the wait time. Haha it’s just a very fine line.

Thought I would just share that bit. I respect all religions and I know they have a right as any other to eat at a restaurant. I just did not envy my brother his job. :grin:


okay… this is what i forgot to mention (simply because i hardly encounter a restaurant that serve both kosher and not-kosher food) :sweat_smile:


Will it be alright if I leave out the in-depth details though when writing? ;_;
Edit: there will probably be a nod when you enter the contest though.


Yes, I’d think so. Most of that can be assumed or go unmentioned. It’s worth knowing the basic rules, though, because there are a lot of errors you can make if you don’t have a general sense of them in the back of your mind. Say, having the character serve both a milk and a meat dish as part of the same meal or at the same party. You don’t want to look at a list of kosher party snacks, for example, and have the character serve both turkey meatballs and, say, miniature cheese pies at the same party. They’re both (potentially) kosher, but you can’t serve them together. If there’s a list of possible kosher dishes that are chosen in sequence, you need to make sure that there are no times that you offer, say, a dairy first course and then only meat main courses.

You also can’t just have the character order a kosher meal at a non-kosher restaurant (unless they don’t observe kosher strictly, and there are Jews who don’t, as well as those who don’t observe it at all). The example of the pita restaurant, for example, would not work for someone who seriously observes kashrut. If the character participates in a cooking contest, would they have a kosher working area? Would they be expected to taste their (non-kosher) opponents’ dishes?


I shall later post the dialogue before the show you’ll get concerning that.
Also, with sincere apologies, i think one will have to assume the mc and the kid don’t observe things strictly. Sorry.


If you’re going for non-strict observance, then you’ll likely want to limit the food options cooked by others to non-meat ones, and likely non-dairy ones too. (Eggs and fish are fine). My general sense (keep in mind that I don’t keep kosher at all myself), is that those who maintain a loose degree of observance may be willing to eat pareve stuff cooked by others, but would probably not trust meat.

Such a person would not, however, advertise their restaurant as kosher, however. People who do keep kosher strictly would expect that higher level of strictness, and would consider it to be false representation.


I’ll keep all of these in mind.
But it will be up to you folks to tell me if I did well.
Thanks again :slight_smile:

On a previous note:
Right now the bonus material looks like this:

  • Glossary of APORIA (Superpower classification and levels)
  • Who’s Who
  • Selected Recipes

The wordcount of this won’t go into the final wordcount, but question is:
Keep stuff or not?
What do you look forward to, if anything?



observing the gloom (can we?)


Sorta. You WILL visit it in the first chapter from the kid’s PoV, and later again towards the end. There’s a lot of info about it scattered throughout the side-plots you get from building up relationships.


Will we ever have scenes where our ro gets tom meet our spouse?


By which I mean former spouse