Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking/SliceOfLife WIP)



i want to say yes please make her an ro as long as there’s no sexual content but, uh, there’s eternal discourse about relationship thing so you could get varying answer from each muslim, so ummmm how about making her the kid’s bestie???


I was thinking about making her ace, while making Izzy gyneromantic (hope i got the term right) as it was already very awkward having both gf chars be ace.



I agree with @blob. The romance should be the same as any other. Unless your planning on very “adult” scenes. Otherwise there shouldn’t be a problem. The only thing I can think of (if you want to be stereotypical) is to make her family unhappy with the relationship. Not necessary to do that though.


I think the only ‘adult’ thing for the kid’s ROs is

really clumsy and awkward kissing with Trudie… and (major spoilers ahead)

catching marcus and francis in flagrante if you managed to hook them up


Well, none of those have to do with her right? So it should be fine. I think you just have to decide if you want her to be a very conservative character or not. The same as any other character.

Sorry, one of my closest friends is Muslim and she is exactly like me when it comes to romance and dating. I do not practice a religion. Her family is just very conservative but then so is mine and we don’t always do what are families want us to. Just your typical 20 somethings.


I think there’s not a single conservative character in all of CoCi, so…
Well… i’ll get the next update out and then we’ll see


i really like this idea
but there might be complaints
but i said go for it!!!


Regarding Sugarcoat, I agree that her romance should largely depend on her and what she personally believes. If she’s really devout/faithful/religious, then she wouldn’t want to date around (and her family would be against it too if they’re religious as well). Not saying our child can’t court her, it would just be a really chaste affair afaik. If she isn’t all that conservative, I don’t see see any problems about her religion cropping up. And if being ace is already an integral part of her as a character/person, then I say go full speed ahead.

Oh and the rival scene might be more fleshed out if we had more options on how we deal with them. Maybe being more passive agressive options or the silent treatment will do the trick.

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Being muslim really shouldn’t effect the character when it comes to matters of romance, or even fairly steamy love scenes. The real question is how conservative the character is. There are conservative parts of every religion in the world that have serious restrictions when it comes to sex and romance, and there are parts of all of those religions that are as wild and as sexually liberated as…well as liberated as you can get away with and still have your game sold on the app store.


It shouldn’t (and there are historical sources that contain more tolerant interpretations of the religion) but unfortunately it does tend to. The mainstream of Islam is in general even worse than mainstream or often even conservative Christians when it comes to gay tolerance, let alone rights and acceptance at present.
Even disregarding the concentration camps for gays in Chechnya or the lynch mobs in Bangladesh, just look at the situation in countries like Azerbaijan or the rapidly worsening situation in sultan Erdogan’s Turkey. :unamused:


I forgot to consider the multiple reality melting pot that is CoCi. @MeltingPenguins, is the branch of Islam that Sugarcoat practices similar to any branch of it in our world?


im guessing it’s more tolerant, since it’s CoCi


i’m muslim… but please take my words with a grain of salt. its depends on her devoutness. most muslim girls i know in real life seems okay with "going-out" relationship, though it’s a common sense to avoid kissing (mouth to mouth), and no over-touching (they’re okay with holding hands, hugs, and such but try to avoid something more intense) and obviously no sex before they are officially married couple. and dont forget there is also some girls who try to avoid going-out with the boys (and obviously they aren’t lesbian) before they’re certain they will spend the rest of their life with the boy who ask her out.
feel free to correct me :v:


Similar yes, but as you said, CoCi is a melting pot.
Now, Sugarcoat (how does Maryam Ahmedi work as name?) Would be… i don’t know if one can say ‘averagely devot’…


im not so sure… im not familiar with Ahmedi as a girl name (though “Ahmad” does ring a bell as a male name) and in my country the name “Maryam” is kind of old-fashioned (im sorry for any Maryam in the world, i didn’t mean to ridiculing your name :grimacing:). how about Fitri (which mean Holy) for her first name, coz its pretty common name (i have more than 4 friends with Fitri as their first name (Fitri Sonia, Fitria Veronica, Fitri Handayani, Fitri Nur, etc) oh Suci (indonesian) also mean Holy. and “Nur” mean Light, and… hmmm, what else… can’t come up with more names atm…


Thank you :slight_smile: This helps a lot
And thanks to everyone else, too, of course :smiley: ;_; I’m so happy you folks are lending a helping hand.


i think it’s nice. do you intend for “Ahmedi” to be her family name or?


Yes. I’m admittedly rather at a loss with family names. Sorry.


You’re from Indonesia right? I feel for you, considering the absolutely atrocious way the Islamic “family values” crowd is considering revising your penal code to enable more and more persecution of LGBT people. :unamused:


Maryam Ahmedi sounds like a good name.

I guess averagely devout (reasonably devout?) means that she at least follows a majority of the tenets of her faith.