Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking/SliceOfLife WIP)



Thanks alot :smiley:


All lowercase, with a period.


Pronounced like cough? That doesn’t sound like a place I’d want to eat or drink anything at :laughing:


Australian hip slang for coffee.

gr8 m8 no d-b8 I r8 it an 8/8 no h8 but its my f8


Alright, updated the broken part.
Rest to come later. It’s going to be a lot again.


RANDOM-Check: kitchen 1, living 1, bed 2, bath 1

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lay an arm around Her


Gods damn it with the stray !.

As for the other thing:

thats mainly for testing purpose to see if the random bits from the cafe visit carry over correctly


Is there any characterter’s gender decided by my former parter’s gender?


All characters either have their gender set or the game will let you pick.

  • Donkey Do Nuts
  • Sweet Little Thin Little Sweets
  • The Art of So Tasty Yums
  • Cafe Que
  • The Corner Café Almost at the Corner But Not Quite
  • Singular Culinary Art
  • Yum
  • I Could Not Think of a Good Name So I Went With This Instead Which Was Probably Not the Best Idea I Ever Had To Be Honest As It Probably Won’t Make For a Very Good Sign Seeing As It Would Need To Be So Many Characters On It That It Would Be Really Difficult To Read It From Anywhere Other Than Really Close Up



Java Cafe.
Cafe, Not Coffee.
Café With É Because Latim
We Don’t Sell Cups


Thanks. Those should do x3
Now back to the usual feedback xD


1.Don’t be Latte
2.BREW-tiful Cafè
3.Thanks a Latte
5. TEArrific



I love these puns a latte!
I’m sorry please show mercy


Hey, have you seen what puns are already ingame? This is harmless


Based on the floor plan you showed us and picture: The Tiny Nook


Cafetalism or Coffetalism :joy:




First off, the level of effort you put into character and background customization (about stuff that matters too, for background. I don’t mind the game recognizing that my hair is brown, but thanks for giving more than that) is awesome. But you probably don’t need me telling you that. Still, I had a lot of fun just clicking through to check out the possible combinations of backstories.

Also, the way you juggle the player handling two characters keeps things flowing nicely. I’m enjoying building the dynamic between my father and his daughter.

So yeah.


Caught a typo/tense problem with the “I hate my family backstory” when discussing the Safety Deposit Box:

“Well, they’re big enough a bunch of asshole, but this is too absurd to be what’s going on.”


“Tell you what. If that box turns up empty and them being behind it, I’m calling Aunt Gloria and apologize to her.”

Grammatical hiccup at “and them being behind it”. Should be “they’re behind it”/“they end up being behind it” etc.

When looking at the photo album in the hotel:

It weren’t all just bad times.”

An error when trying to watch Spirited Away



Happy to hear you enjoy it. :smiley:
I fixed the error and the sentence in the same scene, but I’ll be going over the other typos once the chapter is finished.