Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking) (MiniBio Powerhouse & Bacchanalia 1514)




Due to the former owner of the cafe sharing the name with the twitter boss (yeah didnt know) i am considering changing the name cause the twitter boss is a fcking fascist.

(Discussions bout this go in the politics thread)




What’s the politic thread? And are you changing the cafe’s name or the former owner’s name?


The owners name. (Dorsey)

I mean it is a good name. It’s not will’s fault the twitter boss is such a twat.


We can choose fictional people’s personality but not real people’s sadly. Anyways I’m not too good with names but how you want the name to sound?


That’s my main problem. I have grown fond of the name that i cant find a replacement


How about just modifying It? Like Doorsey or Dorsei or Dorsley


Naw, that’d not be good. Ah well, I’ll look into it


You can always just switch the name to Darcy



Really folks, this is genuinely stressing me out now, and I’m not too keen on that


That makes sense you let us play thirteen year olds. Though if we’re playing a Villain especially one that has no hope but won’t let others give up on hope. Then us being summoned into a trap means being a kid doesn’t get you any mercy.

As for an alternate name. Why not just name them after an actor/actress/celebrity you respect?


You could change the last name instead


I just started playing this. I’m really enjoying it. You’ve done a great job with the writing. I love having a tag along daughter and the focus on the food.

Keep up the good work. You’re doing a great job.


Dorsey is the last name.
The previous cafe owner’s full name is/was Willard Dorsey


You don’t need to stress about the name, that is why we are here to help. And I understand it is hard to come up with a name that works. The best way I found about coming up with a last name is: first decide where the character comes from. I.E. England, Russia, Japan, etc.
Then google last names from where ever the character’s from. And find one that you think will fit them


Willard Ramsay he’s a distant relative of Gordon Ramsay


Or William Dorsey could work too, right?


it’s Dorsey that bugs me. Willard is fine.

How’s Audley or Thorley sounding as new surname to you people?
(please refrain from audrey or thor jokes, I made them myself)


Oh! But there’s a lot of Dorsey’s stores in my area so I dont see why you should change it but I like Audley


Willard Audley sounds pretty good