Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking) (Mini-Bio Marcus on 1551)



Minor update:
Added a couple of more ‘battles’ to the bonus. only two more + those for DeepBlue to go.
If you have time, please check if these go and look well.

EDIT: If it weren’t for Switchblade, Fearfuel and Odium, all my NPCs would be complete dorks


Push for two reasons:

  1. I need feedback on continuity and consistency
    Right now I am putting the final touches to the longhand version of act 6 and the bonus intro, and I need you to tell me if the characters are consistent in their behavior, speech, etc. Especially in the bonus, considering the various encounter-combinations.

  2. Reminder that the FanArt Contest ends in 10 days


Weekly heads-up for 24th october, as I’ll be busy as heck tomorrow:

No changes to the maingame, but fiddling with the stats. If you are playing right now, please give me your final stats for the MC.

Bonus now contains all encounters, including some correctly coded multireplace. yay.

So far we have 1 (one) contest entry.


Question for the bonus: (Please read)

Right now the bonus mc’s gender is set by which other hero/villain they meet initially.

I’m thinking about changing, which would render the meeting to be

  1. For relationship boost
  2. It would still determine one choice of who to team up with later, which might be rendered fairer then.

To elaborate on 2:

In ch1 of the bonus you get to pick a team of four:
Your choice on who you met any who attacks you sets one team member choice.


Is the bonus story a different character or part of the main


It’s a new character.

The bonus takes place 10 years before the maingame, during the Nightfall battle of The Gloom.

The character you create there will carry over into the maingame in a way and you can potentially meet them.


Thanks for the info


As for the gender choice in the bonus:

I can

  1. separate the gender and companion choice
  2. bold the terms hero/heroine/etc to make it a bit more obvious
  3. Make an author’s note that this is the gender choice (which might break the immersion)


That would make it easier as I was a little confused by the gender selection


I am in favor of a separate gender and companion choice.


Thank you.
I’ll see to it for the next update.

The genderchoice in the maingame is clearee, though?


Yep, the one in the main game is clear. I quite like it to be honest. Extensive, but not confusing.


Thank you :slight_smile: I’ll see what I can do about the bonus


Rather sobering how empty it is," [Child] says with a tone of disappointment.

Missing quotation mark in the beginning

Mr St John looks at you with an air of disdain and shakes his head. “Not why we’re here, isn’t it?”

is it

Of course!
You’d have sworn the lamp had been sitting on the vanity before. Not the windowsill.
No, no, that wasn’t it.
Rather rattled you sit up, hands one your temples. You wreck your brain, but you can’t put your finger on what seems wrong.
You are just certain something’s amiss.
Had someone else been in the house? Who?
And why?
Mayor Montgomery would have told you if someone would have been here today.
Would she?

Happened when the rose-shaped lamp was the correct answer. Got both the text for it being correct and it being false.

You’d have sworn the lamp had been sitting on the vanity before.

Isn’t 'd only used for would, not for could? Should be “You could have sworn…” in that case.
This would need to be fixed in all the variations depending on the item, not just this one.

Rather rattled you sit up, hands one your temples.



Thank you. Seeing to it, will be added with the next update.

@Winter Okay, I went and directly altered the file. could you check again?


Welp, I was halfway through playing the game again (because my saves didn’t work right after the update), but then I remembered that the oddity is assigned randomly. So that might make checking if it works a bit difficult.

Played through it anyway (got the fish frame this time, instead of the lamp) and it worked fine.

But from looking at the code it should all work for the other items as well?

I noticed some other stuff while replaying, too:

*if (oddball <55) #Something to cheer the girl up. Maybe a bit weird, but nevertheless.

Shouldn’t this be >55?

*if (oddball >=50)
“Of quartz,” $!{kid_firstname} responds, smirking.

I never picked a choice that increased “oddball”, but the only option (afaik) that decreased the stat was the kid being mean to Starlight (I think her name was? The kid on the bus near the beginning).

So the stat stayed at 50 despite me never having picked an “oddball” choice.

Maybe change this check to *if (oddball >50) instead of >=50?


Yeah, the issue was that I originally had the *if for all items NOT in the bedroom as

*if (((oddity != "bear") and (oddity != "lamp")) and (oddity != "lamp"))

(or what variable I used for the oddity Dx) and… yeah… copy-paste was not my friend here. I changed it to painting and pillow now.

the first oddball bit there is correct.
The option only pops up if you didn’t pick the choice to increase the stat in a choice before.

As for the second, I have to check again, but I think you are right as so far that it should be


not 50.



Ahh, I see.

No problem, glad I could be of some help :slight_smile:


Would you like (if you have time) to help with alpha-testing once the next update reaches that status?


Oh, that would be cool! Gladly.

I should have enough time on my hands, too.