Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking) (Indefinite Hiatus)



The plot is really intriguing and the ‘play as two characters’ thing got me really hooked, especially with all the gender options. As a trans guy, it feels freeing to have the option of having a non cis kid with a completely accepting parent who can also not be cis! So thanks for that!
Thrilled to read more of this!


Vote Time, people:

I’m currently at the point where you can meet the rival character (Helen/Jonathan) for the first time. And I am pondering if I should go with the classic ‘let the player pick their gender’ route, or go with a ‘let the gender be random per playthrough’.

Which does sound better to you?

  • Let the player pick who they see
  • Let it be random
  • Base it on a different factor (comment please)

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What about like in Hollywood Visionary, you’re given the option to choose if you’d like to pick character’s names or have them be given random ones. You could have something like that, let the players decide if they’d rather pick a character’s gender or have it be randomly generated :smiley:


Yeah, I agree with @Leem.


Since for the parent the rival also sounds like the most intriguing RO, it’s kind of important that he’d be male for me. :sweat_smile:
For the kid I’m currently so torn between Marcus and Francis, it’s nigh impossible to decide who I’d want to romance first (and canonically in my head). :heart_eyes_cat:

I also see our restaurant used to be a cafe, so that means we can rebuild it in the tradition of the Grand Cafe, which means that coffee (ugh!) and tea (yay!) as well as the bar and the alcoholic beverages can potentially play a greater role then they would in a straight up restaurant.:grin:

I wonder if we can get it to do at least reasonably well if we could offer Marcus some sort of job, poor kid seems he needs to money even more then the mc does.

They’re both so cute, but since I’m already leaning so heavily towards Jonathan for the parent, I guess I am already slightly favouring Marcus for the kid, cause one difficult impossible to deal with rich guy in their lives seems like it would be more than enough.

Yeah, but a female rival just wouldn’t work in terms of romance for my mc because he simply isn’t attracted to women.


As said, next update will have you run into Marcus and Francis again, maybe that helps making a decision.

The poll is majorly leaning towards ‘let the player pick’, but I like Leem’s suggestion too.
I’ll leave the poll open, but will, likely try Leem’s suggestion first in the next update see what you folks say :slight_smile:

As Ian said, though, it’d require an additional license.

Oh, he does have a job :slight_smile: You’ll learn about it next update.

As said, I have sorta an idea and let’s see how it works out with the next update (also, if I can’t find a satisfying way to word the choice, I’ll roll with the picking)


I aim for either the parent or the child to romance a nice guy (either Ian or Marcus) and a rival/misunderstood(?) douche (Francis or Johnny boy) lol


Then I hope we can obtain that in-game. The Grand Cafe concept is both the most versatile dining establishment (coffee/tea and baked goods/breakfast in the morning, progressing to lunch and high tea and then relative simple dinners, I’ve never seen a Grand Cafe offer more then three course dinners max. In addition some progress into lounge bars with live music dancing during the late evening/night) where I come from and consequently the one I like best.
Then again I pretty much only go to dedicated restaurants when dragged their by friends, family or for business purposes, while I do frequent the grand cafes on occasion they are also useful to meet with prosecutors, potential witnesses and even clients who do not want to or cannot meet in the more formal (but also more secure) office setting.
They are open most of the day, tend to have the best ambiance, imho, and some even have a stage for live music and a space for dancing.
However I think it is also absolutely imperative that restaurants be allowed to serve wine with dinner.
As for my mc I think he would rather like to have a place where people can just casually walk in then one of those snooty “foodie” places where you need to reserve everything at least 3 months in advance.
Of course I guess for the people who do want that it might be an option.


The hotel scene was great. My child shall move up from breaking vases to breaking pots - the next step to being a hero.

Something weird in the hotel route


lunch? Snack?


You are correct. It should be lunch. I think I made the same mistake in the restaurant route ^^;
Goes to show that english isn’t my first language.


Don’t let yourself stress over it. “Dinner” is a surprisingly vague term, at least in American English. It generally refers to the “main” or largest meal of the day… which is going to vary from region to region, and even from family to family. Some may eat “dinner” as their noon-time meal, while others will eat it as their evening meal. As long as you’re using it for the “big” meal of the day, rather than a snack or lighter meal, you’re fine. (In the American use of the term, anyway. I won’t speak for the Commonwealth.)


@Minnow is correct, some of us call midday meals dinner and night time meals supper. The rest of America is weird for not following us :wink:


I’m more amused at myself, really, as I will (and did) manage to say ‘it’s lunchtime’ yet still call it dinner.


Oops, sorry about that. As a non-American, I just found out about this whole dinner thing. My bad :sweat_smile:


As an American I just found out about this whole dinner thing. And here I thought supper was just the fancy dinner.


So it’s a Cascadian :lesotho: (yeah I know the emoji is Lesotho just imagine it with a pine tree and that’s Casacadia since Discourse apparently doesn’t do possible future countries yet. :disappointed_relieved: ) thing,eh?
I wonder if it reaches all the way to Cata’s Vancouver then? :thinking:


Someone please stop me before I start adding in achievements with the next build


Stop? :joy::beers:
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I just gave up with myself for writing this:

Your reaction to seeing your rival for the first time

You’ve met a lot of douchebags in your life, but you are very certain you have just found their king/queen.

EDIT: Tell you something:
If the part I’m working on gets longer than 10k words (plainstory, no code, no branches) I’ll be in that corner over there and cry


Good news everybody.
The basic test of a certain thing was a success.
My brain feels funny though…

EDIT: Need some sorta-beta tester that can keep a secret. Drop me a note