Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking) (Indefinite Hiatus)



I really need to stop doing the copy-paste method for choices. Apologies, I’ll fix it with the next update.


Also, not buying a paper still says you stash it in your bag


Went and fixed the coffee problem (so gonna make an achievement out of that…) and that error.
Working full time on the big update.
Thanks everyone


I am enjoying the WIP, though the foods are getting me hungry… :smiley:


(filler cause wordcount)


Found a typo. Also found the shout out, which I’d say is innocuous enough that no real trouble would come of it, but that’s me.

Go Speck!


Thanks. Will fix that in the big update.

Also, yay x3


I really really hope that @Eric_Moser will be okay with it (no response to my DM yet, though I saw he’s busy) and maybe even give a name for the team set to play against the Cornucopia Cardinals :wink:


Tiny update on the writing progress: Decided to redo the museum part a bit.

Also I tried writing a possible ending on the kid’s path, and couldn’t get myself to. So I can already promise one thing: No matter how bad things go, Starlight will NOT die.


Found a typo while at the restaurant

Accidental capital in the second option

At “They like to gather as much info as They can”

I’m very worried for Starlight now


Noted :slight_smile: gonna fix it with the big update.

she’ll live. At least…


love the update! i like how you could choose halal dishes. it’s the hardest thing to find when i’m traveling :cry: seeing delicious dishes but told they’re not halal :cry:


add space between &

double a


i choose to keep my eyes open

’The latter’

add full stop


Thank you. All typoes noted.
While at the restaurant what you pick does not yet play a great roll (though, rest assure, all dishes listed there come in vegetarian, vegan, kosher and halaal variants) it will play a roll later on with your café and at the contest.


Known typos fixed, update coming on Friday or Saturday.

Will include:

  • Five new characters
  • A brief history of Cornucopia
  • A glimpse of Gloom

Questions, Suggestions and Feedback welcome and appreciated.



Alright… tell me something about one of the new characters.

Do they wear socks?


For all of them: yes, yes, but probably not matching, possibly, yes, perhaps but better don’t ask


Your question is really going for the jugular. This isnt interrogation you know.


Updated 12/02/2017

  • All three sites (restaurant, museum and hotel) can be visited now
  • Meet a bunch of new characters, some of them potential ROs, learn about the city and acquire a Café
  • Several grammar and typo fixes

NOTE: If you don’t ask Ian anything, him giving you the directions to the cafe might seem lacking a bit of continuity.
I shall fix that in a later build, but atm I am pretty burned out X_x


And try to spot the shout-outs


It says she for the second option, but I made the child a male

Also in the museum scene it says “three main section” instead on sections

After the part with Mr. Montgomery (I think that’s his name) the game says "It could virtually b everything. " I think b should be be

When talking to Ian about the city he says “were I tell you” I think it should be when


Thanks. Once more a leftover from the plainstory text. Will fix it asap (away from computer atm)

Edit : noted. Will be fixed asap. (Missing Es are to blame on my e key kicking the bucket and I dont always notice)

EDIT 2: All fixed, including the tiny issue with Ian’s directions. Enjoy.


Looking forward to more!